This story isn't mine alone, it's our story. Our story of love, loss, and most importantly, life. It's not your typically clich├ęd love story. I'm not a nerd, he's not a jock. I'm not cute and happy, he's not emo and depressed. We are just two people whose lives were intertwined by fate. Just two ordinary people who fell in love. But that's okay, because it makes it our story, a story with meaning, and a story which will forever remain in our hearts.

It started out as an ordinary day, leaving me unaware as to how deeply this day will affect my life, change my destiny. I suppose I was leaving a dull existence, causing fate to intervene and rearrange my life.

The light that came from the sun was blinding, the heat suffocating. All in all, it was a typical Miami summer day. My mother guilt tripped me into taking my sister to the park. I stood at the street corner and waited for the light to change while fanny myself with my hand. The light finally changed and I grabbed my sister's hand to cross, blissfully unaware of the car heading towards us at what must be over the 30 mph speed limit. The car continued to fly down the street at a high speed, not noticing the red light until it was too late. The screeching of tires and the thud of a body hitting the ground will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. The sight of my sister, unmoving, on the ground was the sight that will always come to me when I close my eyes. As though in a trance, I reached to down to my sister, the frantic voices in the background a distant noise. Blindly, I reached for my phone to call my mother while a passing pedestrian called 911. I heard the sirens approaching and felt a hand at my shoulder; my mother sat next to me, her face frozen in shock, while tears fell down from her eyes. I heard a frantic apology coming from a boy who seemed no older than my 18. His words stumbled over one another in his anxiety. He was sorry, he didn't stop in time, foolishly thinking he had enough time before the light changed. I was slowly recovering from my shock, and the tears started pouring. My sister still lay unmoving.

with ought warning, I was pushed to the side as the EMTs carried my sister on to the stretcher and into the ambulance. My mother and I climbed in after them. The sirens wailed as we made our towards the hospital.