One year later:

Things changed since that night my father came up to my room. The house suddenly felt less oppressing, and I felt like we were starting to be a family again. But there was a big empty hole where Sophie was supposed to be. My mother and I have yet to make up. She still resented Trent and, because I was dating him, she resented me.

It's been a year since Sophie died, and life seems impossible her, but i knew that with my memories, she will continue to live on in my heart. And that will have to be enough, it will be enough, to stop from throwing myself over a cliff. We were standing at her grave, feeling the tears cleanse us as we cried without pause. I felt Trent's arms wrap around me as if he read my thoughts, showing me that he is and will always be there for me

And as we stood there, watching Sophie's grave, and catching her up on the goings on of our life, I saw my mother look up with tears streaming down her face. She looked at me for a few seconds, and I felt the urge to turn my eyes away. But then, I saw her making a hesitant step towards me. And then another, and another, until she was standing in front of me. I felt Trent squeeze my hand before moving to stand beside my father. And I saw my mother open her arms out to me. I took a step closer and felt myself enclosed in my mother's comforting arms.

And there, you have it. Our story. Our story of loss and life, of pain joy, but, most importantly, our story of love. We were two lonely people, each unaware of the joy we could have. So sad were we, that fate felt it necessary to intervene. Why did she chose a tragedy? That is something I will never know. Trent still feels guilty, and I still go through phases where I blame him, but these fights, these are what makes us us. These are what our story, and what separates us from the thousands of clich├ęs that happen. We will never forget Sophie, but I know she is smiling from her place in heaven. Trent and I are still on our journey through life. We will have our smooth roads and our speed bumps, but, no matter what happens, we will always be there for each other. And if not, well fate will just come to our aid. After all, we were destined for each other.