Sighing loudly I bent over and re-tied the laces on the shoes I was wearing. After 10 hours of non-stop running from place to place trying to keep up with my Beta and Second my shoe laces had finally decided they couldn't deal anymore much to my own chagrin. Up ahead Raz and Dezzy had noticed my absence and were walking back over to where I had stopped.

Standing upright as they approached I blew my hair out of my face, bits of my hair had fallen out of the messy bun I had put it in and were dangling in front of my face which was incredibly annoying. "So where to next boss?" We had already checked the vampire hangouts we knew of in the region we were in. There were not very many, we had gone to 3 while the other members of our party had gone to 3 more. Small little groups of anywhere from 5-10 is what we'd run into thus far, I didn't know how the others had fared but figured since we were still looking, about the same.

Raz sighed, "No luck on any of our ends; we're meeting up with Stanton, John, Jet, and Killian to go check out the mountains in East County. Up for it or do you wanna sit this one out?" I gave him my best 'You've gotta be fucking kidding me' look and motioned with my arms in the direction we needed to head, "Lead the way captain!" Raz gave me a look and then proceeded to shift.

Raz and Dezzy were both rather large, probably around 300 pound, black wolves. The only reason you could tell them apart was because of their eyes. Raz's bright blue and Dezzy's bright green eyes both turned to look at me, waiting for me to shift myself. I inwardly jumped, Oops… get it together Stag you've seen them shift thousands of times.

I let out a breath and focused my energy on shifting and felt the familiar tingles start, these tingles turned into a kind of buzzing and then the pain started. All of a sudden I was on all fours and looking at Raz and Dezzy from a slightly different vantage point. I let my tongue lol to the side and shook myself. I had always been an incredibly quick shifter, the pack here had always attributed it to my hybrid-tastic-ness. Raz and Dezzy waited for me to finish adjusting and we took off in the direction of the mountains.

I was panting, out of breath, and slightly sweaty by the time we had made it to the clearing that came before the tall trees leading into the mountains, but it was a satisfying feeling. I wolf frowned and realized that I was having far too much fun while my keepers, my parents, could be in serious danger and immediately sobered at the thought.

Upon our arrival I noticed 4 silhouettes in the clearing and figured the other guys had beat us here. They were mid conversation when Raz, Dezzy and I ran up and stopped to incline their heads in our direction. Jesus Chris, Stanton and Jet are so pretty. I internally grinned at my own choice of words and followed Raz and Dezzy's leads and shifted back from the pretty white wolf I was in wolf form to the dirty hooligan I was in reality.

Somehow I managed to finish before Raz and Dezzy and turned to look at the people around me, "Any luck on your end?" I shook my head to help clear the wolf eyes that always seemed to linger. John shook his head, "No… we didn't get anything out of the covens we raided. They didn't recognize the description of either of the guys that attacked you." I frowned and furrowed my brow in thought.

"Also, have you always been able to shift that fast?" this was from Killian and I glanced at him and shrugged, "I'm mean no not when I first shifted but it's gotten a lot easier." Raz finished with his own two cents, "Her shifting ability has sped up pretty significantly this last year. She's almost got you guys beat." He grinned at all of them in his typical cheeky fashion and stretched his arms above his head.

I felt their eyes on me after my Beta's input but I ignored them and instead focused on the forest, "Why are we here Raz? Is there a coven out here somewhere?" Dezzy shook his head in answer and then extrapolated, "There's not really a coven out here per say, more like a bunch of vampires that hang out together sometimes. These are the older ones, they don't like the city and prefer the solitude." I inwardly gulped and outwardly sighed, trying to hide the fear as best I could. Vampires were no joke.

"Alright, so what do we do now? Split up and hope one of the vampires feels like chatting? Do we know where they would likely be hanging out at all?" Dezzy gave me a very pointed 'shut the hell up' look and shifted his attention to Stanton and John. "She has a point. The vampires that live outside of the city don't typically come when you call. All of us put together could more than likely manage to scent them but it could take weeks to find them all."

John nodded and eyed the clearing we were standing in, "Or we could just get right to the point." He let one of his fingernails grow into a claw and with one incredibly swift swipe, blood started dripping from his forearm. He grinned at Raz and then walked over to a tree to drag his arm across it, leaving a trail of red. Stanton, Jet, and Killian followed suit.

I decided to sit this one out because it was really hard for me to justify causing myself pain when they were already doing it already. We don't all have to suffer right?

Raz looked around at the blood scented trees and then glanced over at my eldest brother, "Now we wait I'm assuming?"

Stanton chuckled, "Oh it won't take long."

A minute later a shadow passed behind them off in the distance between some trees. My eyes widened and I felt my heart rate pick up a bit. He was right, that didn't take long at all.