A/N: (Apocalyptic version of the future) In the very near future the government takes control of everything, labeling itself 'The Administration'. Those who disobey the Administrators are either thrown in prison to rot or executed without so much as a question as to why they are being executed. A small band of people known as the Resistance tries to rise up against the Administration to begin what our forefathers wanted for us--community and freedom.

"You can never spend too much time on preparation. The will to prepare to win is far more important than the will to win."--Bobby Knight

~*~ CAST ~*~

Dr. Helga Marie Tenos:

George Tenos:

Gabrielle Tenos: (daughter to be)

Claude Peterson:

Ibrahim "Ib" Mustafa:

Aesop 'Fable':

Roxanne 'Roxy' Jimenez:

Myrtle Perry:

Rabbi Danielle Farkas:

CIA Agents:

President William 'Wilco' Eleazar:

Owl: (male)

Mamba: (male)

Falcon: (male)

Siberian Tiger: (female)

Sifaka: (female)

Scene 1--A Dark Future

Helga: (narrating) We once lived in a utopian world. What is left of that world is ruins. We had the perfect society, exceptional education and a marvelous government. All of that is now a memory. Our group, the Resistance, is the only one known left in the world that worships God. The government made following God illegal along time ago, so our 'lot' had to go into hiding into the underground simply to live 'normal' lives. We survive from the land, but we haven't seen the sun in months. To be honest we want more for ourselves but the corrupt government makes it difficult for us. They control everything, from buying and selling to maintenance of families. There is no freedom any longer. That is where my remnant, the Resistance comes in. I am the weaponry expert. Certainly we are few in number but with my state of the art equipment we can render any armada helpless in minutes. I am unsure as to when we will make our first move as a unit, since we have been planning to begin a revolution from inside the White House. It may be a bit more…challenging, due to the fact that I am a mother to be now. But that shouldn't matter. This little one is my precious star, my raison d'etre and I'm doing this all for her. She may not know it now, but I want her future to be better than this dark one that is before us now. And I Doctor Helga Marie Tenos, will do all I can to insure that my sweet little Gabrielle will have the freedom she and so many children to be deserve. It's our right as Americans and children of the Divine Mind.

(At the base of operations, underground, somewhere below the city of Maryland)

George: Helen, how are you coming along with the amplified soniguns ?

Helen: The amps are really working well. The pitch will subject the enemy to utter helplessness. It doesn't hurt them, mind you. You know I don't condone violence.

George: My genius wife, the pacifist. (hugs her and kisses her from behind) You do realize that we live in a violent society and only predators survive.

Helen: (pats stomach and rubs it expectantly) I know, George. I know. Do not remind me. I'm hoping our little remnant can change that for Gabriella's sake.

She doesn't deserve to live in such a cutthroat environment. I remember when I was young that it wasn't like that at all. We once lived in a land of peace.

Claude: Oh, God. Now she's waxing nostalgic again.

Rabbi: Let her, Claude. It's her coping mechanism. We all have them. Mine is prayer to Yahweh, and yours is creating anesthetic for the upcoming revolution.

Claude: (a bit manic) Oh, yes. My ultimate goal is to slip in unseen to the White House and take the President hostage. We demand the Administration to listen to us and take back the freedom we've lost ! It's foolproof !

Aesop: And a bit insane. Are you daft, Claude ?

Claude: But I have had this blueprinted in my mind since before we even met and became the resistance we are today !

Aesop: I still think you're completely off your rocker, Claude.

Ibrahim: Maybe Claude has a good plan though. But personally I think the amps are a splendid touch. (applauding) I really must hand it to miss Helen. She truly is an evil genius.

George: Evil, no. Genius…Indubitably. Which is why I married her, plus, her green eyes are just so hard to resist. I mean, look at them ! Aren't they splendid ?

Myrtle: Must we get lovey-dovey so early in the morning ? We didn't come to listen to that, in as much as we enjoy seeing a husband and his wife get along so well in the midst of hell all around us.

Ibrahim: Myrtle's right. We should really start focusing on strategy. We have our amps and according to our last briefing on their use, they are glitch free.

Helen: Correct, Ibrahim. (embarrassed) Oops, I mean Ib. Sorry.

Ibrahim: No worries. I answer to either. Just in combat, Ib's easier and less of a hassle, should we, I mean, when we are in the heat of battle.

Myrtle: Which is why we all have nicknames to begin with. (agreeing)

Roxy: Could we get back to the matter at hand ?

Helen: Roxy's right. We've all been deliberating too long. I realize weaponry takes a while to make, and strategy takes time to devise properly. Claude's 'plot' isn't one I necessarily like to initiate.

Claude: (mock disappointment) Oh, but secretly I know you like it somewhere in that warped mind of yours.

Helen: You're thinking of your own twisted psyche, Claude.

Claude: Why, thank you. (bows)

(the others chuckle a bit)

Helen: We know the layout of the White House. It's heavily guarded, however. We can separate and attack with amps on each side.

Roxy: I've developed a way of tracking these soldiers too. (holds up visors) I've been testing these rigorously in our combat room.

Aesop: Once again, your technological knowledge never fails to help us.

Roxy: You're too kind, Aesop. (blushing)

Helen: We've all been working hard, but the question remains how we dismantle the Administration from its iron reign.

Myrtle: You can't just go in and ask them kindly. So many have died for our cause of freedom and community, we're the last that are left. I feel so helpless.

Helen: Don't, Mert. Have heart, everyone. Ib here is our strategy expert.

Ib: I've seen many wars in my time. They're all the same.

Helen: He'll be our guide to figuring out how we can really send the Administration reeling without violence…

Claude: (giddy look on face)

Helen: And without taking the President hostage.

Claude: (crossing arms and pouting a bit) Damn.

Ib: From what I have read on Roxy's labtop, Administration has a power supply, a super energy core from the inside of the White House. This allows them to have direct links to everyone on this planet. Except us.

Roxy: I used to work for the Administration. That is, until I learned their corrupt plot to create a new government and rewrite the Constitution. That's when I realized that the President was nothing more than a totalitarian dictator.

Danielle: What else did you find using the Internet ?

Roxy: There are many tunnels we can take, just as Helen was suggesting with the divide and conquer technique. With amps, my visors and this device here…

Claude: (awed and amazed) Is that what I think it is ?

Roxy: Yes. A bullet shield. Lightweight. Hella effective.

Claude: (extremely impressed) Roxy, that's bad ass !

Helen: I too, have been developing more weaponry to assist us in our coming siege.

These collars are cloaks. They render you invisible to the enemy. And at last, disruptors. They're similar to amps in the fact that they emit sonic energy that diffuse sound from whomever launches it. That means, when we walk, we'll be silent.

George: (kissing her cheek and then on the mouth passionately) See why I love this woman ?

Helen: (purrs at George playfully, and kisses him back for a moment) Down boy. I'm explaining the weaponry for attack. All of these are non-violent. And thanks to Roxy here, we can track the suits in Administration no problem. You're a wonder, Rox.

Roxy: (bashfully) Now you're just flattering me. You're the Einstein in the group !

Myrtle: When do we begin our attack ? I think we have stuck our heads in the sand long enough.

Ib: We've already begun tonight. Rox has shown us the easiest entrances from the underground. With our drills, we'll be through in no time.

Claude: If we get through this alive, what do you plan on doing ?

Danielle: When we do, Claude. The Lord will provide !

Helen: Rabbi Farkas is right. When we infiltrate the White House, we will persuade the government to work with us. Not sure what we'll do with the President. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Ib: For now, we all need to sleep. Then, we'll load up on whatever rations we'll need for the long haul. Inishalla we will be victorious.

Danielle: (hand on his shoulder) Somehow, I have a feeling we will be, brother.

(scene fade)

Scene 2--Infiltrating The White House From the Underground

(Break and Enter by The Prodigy plays as the Resistance begins boring into the underbelly of the White House. One by one, government officials begin to see the light, realizing they were being brainwashed by the President…However, the President doesn't take lightly to being infiltrated)

Eleazar: What is the meaning of this ? How could we be so easily overtaken ?!

Are you men or cowards ?

Agent 1: These people are right, Wilco.

Eleazar: I TOLD you never to use my nickname with outsiders.

Agent 1: Shut up and listen to me for a change.

Eleazar: (stung by the impact of Agent 1's words)

Agent 1: What these people are saying makes sense. We have been living without doctrine for years. We've taken God out of the equation. That's really no way to live. We can't just pretend there isn't a higher being in the Universe.

Agent 2: Besides, what the prophecies say have definitely come true. Either wake up to that or continue the path you've been walking on, Sir.

Eleazar: (beside himself) I've been living this way for as long as I can remember.

How can I change now ? So many come to me for advice, and I'm the one running the country…

Claude: Ptttph. With a friggin' iron fist. We never asked for a totalitarian dictator as a leader. This isn't the pre-Cold War we're living in. This is the 21st Century.

I thought we had at least outgrown those communistic notions.

Ib: Whatever government we've had, they've failed. The only government that worked fairly well was Greece's government back in the Golden Age. Aesop, our local historian can clue you into what that was like and how it can be implemented once again…

Eleazar: What if I don't want to revert to past methods ?

Helga: Then we will have to use other methods to create the country we have visualized. With or without you. Seeing that your secret service agents are thinking for themselves now, it looks like matters weigh in our favor.

Eleazar: (angered) You turncoats think you can barge in here with your super-technology and push me around. William C. Eleazar doesn't take kindly to that.

I didn't want to have to resort to violence, but you leave me no choice.

(pulls out gun, ready to aim and fire at Helga)

George: (quickly kicks it out of his hand, knocking him to the ground) Don't you dare think of shooting my wife and unborn child, you bastard !

Eleazar: (being held down by George) Give me back my gun ! I'll shoot every last one of you !

George: (punches him in the face, knocking him out) So much for reasoning with the man !

Claude: Dude, you are so my hero right now.

Ib: He won't be like that for long though.

Myrtle: So, now what ? Keep him locked in solitary ? Reinstating our 'vision' may take years. You know that eventually he'll try to escape…

Rabbi: We're in a safe environment with these agents. We can trust you, right ?

Agent 4: After your rousing talk with us, we began to see the light.

Agent 6: We were unaware of how veiled our vision truly was. We were pawns in Eleazar's scheme of a world government.

Ib: All prophesied in the ancient books. Sad how no one takes prophets seriously.

Rabbi: Amen, brother.

Roxy: (looking outside, seeing the chaos and melee of anarchy unfolding) How are we going to fix this mess ?

Agent 7: We'll brainstorm and see what ideas stick. Aesop's knowledge on Grecian government should be useful. Right now, we need to get to work. The sooner we start brainstorming, the better.

(Transition scene, classical music in background Society begins to rebuild itself, slowly but surely. Meanwhile the President begins planning to retaliate against the Resistance. There is a group of men he can still count on who believe in his ways, but they are far from him.)

Scene 3--Breakout

(The 'reserve ops' make their way to the White House at night. 'Owl' hacks his way into the system, knocking out the silent alarm and surveillance cameras. Instrumental bit by Savatage plays.)

Owl: (signing) We're in.

Panther: (closed fist, nods, motioning with head to proceed inside)

(They wind their way around the White House until they find the cell where William is being held.)

Siberian Tiger: There he is. Owl, do what you do best.

Owl: (nod) Will do, you sexy she devil you.

Mamba: (groans)

William: Right on schedule. I see you all received my text. How did you bypass security so easily ?

Falcon: Owl here hacked it. We didn't even need to mess with the guards. One he was able to use his electronic map and jacked the system, we found a shortcut to your cell.

Sifaka: The problem now is we have CIA agents to contend with. I'm…a bit rusty with my martial arts skills. Do any of you guys know kung fu ?

(awkward pause)

William: (is not amused) Ladies, gentlemen…You know why I called you. You are the best at what you do and unlike the gullible traitors that holed me up here, you have remained true blue heroes. I don't care if you don't remember any fancy Chinese dance moves or even if you can't shoot straight anymore. You've carried forth phase one without issue. Now, comes phase 2. All I need is entry into the control room, where I have access to the radio. (chuckle) Who would ever imagined such an old fashioned technology would aid me so much in this war of wits ? (laughs evilly for a bit)

(Cut scene. Helga and her friends are sleeping soundly, but her daughter, Gabrielle, wakes her. Gabrielle is only 7 now.)

Gabrielle: Mama, something doesn't feel right. I have knots in my stomach.

Helga: (feels her head) You're certainly not sick. What's wrong ? What do you sense ?

Gabrielle: Close your eyes, and you'll understand.

Helga: (narrating) When my daughter said those words, I knew to what she was referring. I viewed, remotely, some remnant agents that William had on hand in other countries. I saw they had used helicopter transport to arrive here. They had weapons on hand, and I could sense they were dangerous. They would prove to be formidable, but I wasn't about to allow them past our forces.

(Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays in the background as the President's forces make their way inside and are taken aback by a surprise attack. The two forces fight against one another, and even Gabrielle defends herself against the goons. With the weapons they had nearby, they use sonar grenades to 'confuse' and 'subdue'

William's men. Before long, Ibrahim is throwing these men back into cells in the basement until he is knocked out cold by the President, who happens to have a syringe sedative on hand.)

William: Nighty night ! (Ibrahim falls down on the floor beside him)

Scene 4--Listening to Reason

(The President walks into the room and everyone is beginning to celebrate…)

William: Don't you fools know better than to leave a scheming ol' coot like me alone ?

Claude: Where's Ib ? What have you done with him ?

Will: Oh, he's just takin' a nap. Like you're about to do ! (rushes after him with the syringe, but George knocks him down again)

George: It's not wise to charge headlong into danger.

Will: Oh, shut up.

George: When will Ib wake up, and what exactly are you plotting anyway, Mr. President ?

Will: (being held tightly to the ground, hands behind his back, winces in pain) Easy on the hands, will ya ? (grimaces) I was going to infiltrate your radio room and pipe subliminal messages over the radio waves. Many of the remnant of mankind would be swayed by my message. Eventually I'd have an army and you'd be out of luck. But, as you see, my illustrious idea was a bust. (starting to help him up, keeping his hands in a vice grip)

Ib: (waking up and walking back into the room) I see you caught up to the President. I'm normally not the violent type, but… (slaps him across the face) That's for dishonorable conduct. A true gentleman gives his opponent time to defend himself. But seeing you're nothing but jackal offal… Well…need I say more.

Will: (spits on the ground) My team will help me out of my cell again. Just you wait. I wouldn't sleep easy knowing that, either ! (laughs manically)

Aesop: Listen to yourself. You're delusional. You've been in that cell for 7 years now and the outside world isn't the inferno you remember. Your era has come to an end.

Will: (indignant) I won't believe it until I see it for myself !

George: (commanding the visual screens to display a scene of the surroundings of Washington D.C., and the rest of the world)

Helga: (narrating) To see our nemesis with tears running down his face, utterly consumed by failure, defeat and shear hopeless was heartbreaking. I knew that at this point and time, he had cracked. Maybe, just maybe, the crooked politician could be redeemed ? The Rabbi had said that it was possible, but it had to be his decision. Not even George's method of persuasion would cause him to change.

(Transition scene. To some inspirational classic music. The president realizes he has wronged many lives and decides to turn over a new leaf. Aesop and the resistance teach him how to be a leader of integrity, honest, forthright, and willing to turn the nation back to spirituality and a deeper connection with nature.)

(Everything begins to change. Even the once criminals who released the former villain see the world transitioning.)

Helga: (narrating) There is an old Lakota proverb. We can either take the path provided for us by nature and the way will be smooth, or we can forget our ties with Mother Nature and the way will be rough. The latter way is livable, too, but it is much harder than the way of Spirit. Though it has been many years, a decade, in fact, we have seen society begin to flourish. The once decaying world is turning green again and our scientists have diminished the hole in the ozone. We live simpler lives even though technology is a part of them every day. The Resistance force is disbanded, but I still see my friends day by day. Ibrahim works as a guidance counselor in the local school. Rabbi Farkas is preaching back at her synagogue. Aesop, whom we learned is actually named Raffi, comes from a long line of merchants and mariners. He moved back to his homeland of Greece, but Gabrielle and I see him via video conferences and live video chats on our phones. Myrtle, our resident techie, decided to help impoverished countries gain technological advantages by installing network capabilities for them. Her travels take her everywhere, and it seems that she is always on some sort of adventure to 'spread the gospel of technology' as well as the love of our Creator.

Claude, our insane rebel settled down quite a bit by documenting our lives in written form for posterity. He has dedicated his life to chronicling the saga of humanity, and my praise and admiration goes to him. Gabrielle helps him during her days off from school. George and I have returned to assisting the world through the breakthroughs of science. Fortunately, I no longer have to use my ideas for weapons any longer. Now I have methods for alternate energy sources that have been in effect for two years now. We no longer drill for oil or use gas. Our source is plasma. We live in an exciting world full of possibilities. My unborn child, whoever she may come to be, will embark upon all those possibilities in the time to come. Gabrielle is eager to show her the way and I am eager to see what doors she and this little one will open. But for now, being beside my heart and soul is the epitome of elation and serenity. Nothing is closer to paradise than that.

(Roll credits to Dream Theatre, Spock's Beard or Nightwish.)