Biblical references. yay...

so, yes, this one's a bit "raggedy around the edges". It is still immensely difficult for me to write. But I shall try to upload one or two poems a week, ya? I still adore all my darlings here, even if it seems I have forgotten you.

Put your hand beneath my thigh
and swear to me:

Swear that my veins shall become rivers
that my hair shall be sewn from the gold-brown fields
tanned so like the coppery skin of
the native slaves.

Swear that my son shall not
leave this land, for it was born to him
by oaths long buried at the base
of my throat.

Swear that my wife and her
porous bones shall not
be stirred, not by the jactation
of the sleeping earth, nor by its
hot bulimic attitudes.

Swear that my husbands shall rape the land
and burn their own offspring, that they may
use it to fuel their industrious mechanics.

Put your hand beneath my thigh:
listen to me live in that pulse
beek in the tributaries, slip your fingers
into their slick tubules

my ravenous leg shall part wide in celestial acquiescence
to receive your obeisant covenant.