I don't know how good this will be because this is my first story. Hope you will enjoy it and try and understand what's going on. Please post reviews afterwards! :) Thanks

Chapter 1

Evil Minds Think Alike

In the middle of the highly populated town of Rast stood a well which was used by the people. It was mainly used by the people who were poor and was used for many purposes as drinking and washing.

By the well stood a massive Castle which was the home of Cranasd the King of Kur. He had a son who was the heir to the throne who was called Frans. He was a rotten soul who enjoyed persecuting the poor for crimes that he had performed such as burning a person for the price of him burning their home.

For Frans was residing by the well drinking out of it thinking about his next victim that he could see playing beside the well. Whilst he was deep in thought a suspicious person was hiding behind a tree beside the well. He had a dark blue cloak and he had his hood up which covered his face. At the cover of night Frans decided to murder an old widow who lived in the nearest House.

However the hooded figure decided to move from behind the tree and draw his dark blue sword from his sheath. He held it up raised and plunged it straight down into the very centre of Frans cold blooded soul. He screamed loudly and bled on the floor. The hooded man decided to carry him to the well and leave him to drown just in case he survived.

However he was not observant and a guard who was on night duty had seen what had happened and then the chase began. Blood poured from the hooded mans cloak and he ran fast into a nearing village and then there was another sound.


It came from within the castle walls and the villager edge. There were many footsteps that could be heard and the hooded figure just ran and ran until he found a dull deserted village that was overcrowded with the voices of the dead. He knocked on the door of a raggedy building which had many rickety towers.

But however hard he knocked there was no reply.






Looking for the hooded figure with a blooded cloak

And then the big wooden door opened with a black hooded person standing there.

"Master, let me in. I have done what you have wanted me to do." Cried the hooded man.

Louder came the Cries of the people running in the direction of the black house.

"I know" said a voice from beneath the black cloak

And then the door was slammed in the hooded man's face.

Behind him the footsteps stopped.

For the Last sound he hard was the sound of that door as a sword pierced his heart and his blood was sprayed over that door as he thought of the betrayal of his master.

From the tower all you could hear was the evil laughter resonating out through the window for this was only the beginning of the plans to rid of Kur..........