Steam rose above the pool of hot chocolate. I held the foam cup between my gloves and stared at my drink I bought six minutes ago. It's getting cold, so I took a sip. Mmm… warm and sweet. My lips peeled away from the cup as a couple passed by. I pretended to focus on my hot chocolate.

They were two young women. Maybe they were a little older than me by two or three years. A knitted blue cap snuggled cozily on the brunette's head. For some reason, I suspected her girlfriend knitted it for her. She seemed like a knitter.

I felt like a stalker when I observed their movement. They looked so beautiful together holding hands, and I was lost to them in their own world. It was something I would never understand. A world of theirs I would never experience, and it made me feel a little depress. They soon passed me like a brisk breeze, and I became the ghost sitting alone at the park's bench.

A pigeon flapped down by me. It wanted a taste of my warm and sweet hot chocolate. I charitably spilled some on the ground without thinking about the effect. I didn't know if pigeons liked hot chocolate anyway. The bird hobbled toward the puddle and within a few seconds, it flew away.

Perhaps some would never experience the warm and sweet.