To Get to You

Chapter 1

When I was young, I always loved hearing my father singing to my mother right before they go to sleep. Actually, no. He sang to her while they danced in their bedroom. It was at that point in time that I decided that I wanted that kind of love. I remembered the way my father looked at my mother, like he would never let her go for anything. The way those intense amber-hazel eyes bored into her icy blue ones.

They were like my Disney couple come true. My mother had beautiful long glistening blonde hair that complimented a lovely face that would make men weak and breathless. She was also a world famous ballet dancer before she and my father had decided to start a family so she had a tall, slim and graceful frame. She was like a princess to me when she smiled with her full red lips and icy blue eyes. She reminded me of Sleeping Beauty. Her name was Michelle. And my father sang to her name every night for as long as I can remember.

Michelle, ma belle

These are words that go together well,

My Michelle.

Michelle, ma belle.

Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,

Très bien ensemble.

She would sway her body and smile up at him for my father was a very tall man. He had a big muscular frame and I watched as my delicate mother danced with this strong beautiful man. He was at least 6'4 and had bright auburn hair. His eyes were those warm amber-hazel eyes that were filled with so much love for her. His voice was smooth and deep and it always managed to put a smile on my face when I hear him sing. He was a singer, my Dad. He was like the next big thing. Michael Burns. Mr. and Mrs. Burns, the perfect couple, my parents.

I love you, I love you, I love you

That's all I want to say

Until I find a way

I will say the only words I know that

You'll understand.

This was usually the time wherein I walk in their room and join them. My mother plants a soft kiss on my head before my father picks me up and starts to spin me around as I laugh. My mother dances with us and I feel like I am part of their love. They were such a beautiful couple, so perfect for each other. I remember wanting that. I remember wanting that kind of love for myself.

So, that was how I ended up singing in front of my music class, guitar in hand, strumming with a soft smile on my face. I wasn't a singer. I was actually a dancer like my mother, not a ballet dancer though. I took some classes, even have the same talent as her but never really enjoyed it as much as she did, so I was more into street dancing and well those Justin Timberlake/ Michael Jackson moves. I could also drop it low if I want to. Insert insane laughing. Straight face. Seriously, I could.

Anyways.. Back to present time. People say that I have a soft soothing voice. My father told me that if flowing honey ever had a sound, it would sound like my singing. Now, I guess being the professional singer that he was, that maybe he was right. I mean, my father's a nice guy but he's also brutally honest. He would never lie just to spare your feelings. I should know. I cried when I had been in the first grade when I asked him about how my drawing looked. Let's just say that I had never forgiven him for that. I drew a cat and he had asked why the pig had whiskers. I busted out crying then. His face flamed red, a shade brighter than his hair. I had never let him live that down. Ever.

Michelle, ma belle.

Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,

Très bien ensemble.

I see some of my classmates swaying in their seats a bit as they listened to me sing, some even had dreamy looks when I sang the French part. I'm not fluent in French but when I sing it, it makes me seem as if I am actually French. My best guy friend, Archer Blanc, is French through and through so I guess hanging out with him makes me sound fluent. I always love it when he speaks. He has a bit of an accent but everybody will listen when he talks, especially when he talks in French. There's something about the language that makes you think about the wonders of love and romance. Yes, I am a hardcore romantic and I don't care if people say that perfect couples don't exist because I simply won't believe them. I have found a perfect example of such a couple, my parents.

I can't help but feel my parents' love for each other as I sing their song. I adjust my hold on the guitar and didn't look at anybody but just closed my eyes instead as I continued to sing and let my emotions flow out freely.

I need to, I need to, I need to.

I need to make you see,

Oh, what you mean to me

Until I do I'm hoping you will

Know what I mean.

I love you..

I open my eyes to see my Music teacher, Mr. Daniels, gave me a dazed look. I smile at this. Everybody in class knew he had a crush on me. No, he isn't a balding man with a big belly. He's actually quite handsome. In his early twenties, he looks like a toothpaste commercial model when he smiles. Archer convinces me to flirt with him so that I could cut and do whatever I want during music class. Of course, I never listen to Archer's wild and ludicrous ideas. No one does.

The door to the music room swings open. I do not mind this as I continue to sing my song as somebody calls Mr. Daniels for his attention.

I want you, I want you, I want you.

I think you know by now

I'll get to you somehow

Until I do I'm telling you so

You'll understand.

From the corner of my eye, I see Archer flirt with Amanda, the school's resident slut, my sister's best friend. My voice trembles a bit at this, forcing Lizzie, my best girl friend to look at me in concern. We're all in the same grade though I am a year younger than them and supposed to be in my sophomore year. With a deep breath, I close my eyes and shake all thoughts of Archer and Amanda together. They've been at it since the party last week. I didn't love Archer. It wasn't like one of those stories where I fall in love with my best guy friend. I just like him. A little spark of jealousy arises whenever I see him with other girls.

Michelle, ma belle.

Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,

Très bien ensemble.

I will say the only words I know that

You'll understand, my Michelle

When I finish the song, I hear sounds of applause and whistles but I do not feel great like I'm suppose to feel. I just smile softly and nod my head like a tiny bow. The bell rings and I spring from my seat to grab my bag next to Archer's chair.

"So.. See you later at my house?" I hear Amanda say while twirling her blonde hair. She smiles coyly at Archer and I swear I could hear her slutty mind make up dirty scenarios with that invitation. I couldn't help it, I let out a giggle and shake my head at that. Picking out her dirty lingerie and luring Archer into her princess bedroom did it for me. I mean, it's either I resort to humor or I just blow up at her right there.

I see Archer look at me with an odd expression on his face. I didn't have time to know what the hell that was about before I felt an arm loop through mine and guide me outside towards the hall, dragging me and my bag out of the music room.

My arm hurt and I rubbed it as I glared at the offending person, stupid enough to do that to me. I meet hazel eyes and I just wanted to smack the hell outta Lizzie. Her choppy brown hair was slicked back, leaving her sweet face unadorned. She wore no make up, but she doesn't really need to in my opinion. She frowns at me and I could feel my brows draw together in confusion.

"You should just tell him, ya know.. Instead of bitchin' for no reason." She hisses at me. I sigh real long and loud.

"Will you just drop it? I am NEVER going to tell him. It's gonna be so damn awkward and damn well.. Oh, I dunno.. AWKWARD!" I hiss back.

She glares at me and I glare at her in return. We're the same height, the same 5'6 flat, so nobody's looking down or tilting up her head to glare at the other. The glaring lasts so long that we knew Archer's standing beside us already but no one's willing to back down. I feel my amber-hazel eyes start to water from all the glaring. I will not let Lizzie win. I will not let- SHIT. I blinked.

She laughs at me and just like that, the tension's gone and I laugh with her. I could never stay pissed off at Lizzie. She's like my twin. Archer looks back and forth at us and shrugs. " You guys are so weird I don't even know why I consort with you lot." He says in his accented voice.

Lizzie and I look at each other and say, " Ooohhh.. Consort with you lot!"

We bust up laughing and link our arms together leaving behind an annoyed but amused Archer.

I go to my locker first while Lizzie goes to her next class. I got some of my books for the next two periods and hum Michelle, ma belle as I adjust my bag on one shoulder. People say hi to me and I nod in acknowledgment. Some people may say that I'm popular and all but I think otherwise. My sister's the one who runs this school, and I guess by association, people think I'm the same shallow, stupid, bimbo that she is. Not. If we didn't have the same last name, people would never think of us being related.

She has our mother's long beautiful blonde hair and her eyes are that same icy blue ones. Her figure's slender and graceful and every guy in this school wants her. She's almost the exact replica of our mother but a couple of inches smaller. Me? Well, I'm the total opposite and I guess if my father had been born a girl, he'd look like me because I am the exact carbon copy of him. I have the same amber-hazel eyes and my hair is the same bright auburn though sometimes it can even be lighter making it more red and damn noticeable. I'm tall but I do not have the same lean figure my mother has. That's also one of the reasons why I can't be a ballerina or an athlete. My chest is too big. Girls always keep telling me that if they had double d's like mine, they would've flaunted it till evening come dawn. Me? If my father ever knew I had been thinking of doing such a thing, he would've locked me up in the house for a whole month. And that's only because I've been thinking about doing it.

Unlike the typical redhead, I do not have freckles covering my body and I am actually on the tan side. I know, other redheads out there would like to kill me. So here I am, immersed in my thoughts and singing, when I bump into..

"Danielle!" Here comes Ms. Let's all think about me. Olivia Burns. My one and only sibling, my older sister. She's wearing three inch spiked heels and a short white mini ruffled skirt. Take note that I said short and mini in one sentence. I am not being redundant. It's just simply like that. A SHORT MINI skirt. Her top was a red blouse with a deep neckline. Her face is perfectly made up and she looks like a model ready for a photo shoot.

Beside her, was her friends/puppets/frenemies/pretentious conniving buddies/boy toys. I see two of her stupid friends, the Hanson twins. They're so dumb that it's just plain sad. They both have dark brown hair and long scary red nails. They remind me of vultures. I don't know why, they just do. Behind them, Amanda, yes, the same Amanda that had been flirting with Archer a while ago, was clinging next to our school's receiver/jackass also known as Brett. He leers at me and I pretend not to acknowledge this. I mean, come on. I'm wearing a white long sleeved shirt and some black shorts. It isn't exactly a sexy look, you know. On Olivia's left side, I see our school's quarterback and linebacker.

Dylan is a big guy. A BIG guy. He's about as tall as my Dad, who is 6'4 ft tall. His shoulders are broad and I felt sorry for the shirt that he was wearing. It was straining against his chest, practically stretching itself for all it was worth. I smile at him. He was probably the only one I liked in Olivia's group. He's quiet but when he speaks, it forces people to listen to him. He's just that type of guy.. His shaggy bangs cover his warm brown eyes as he smiles back at me.

I feel goose bumps spread over my arms, as I feel somebody's eyes on me. I met stormy blue eyes then. Reagan Hunt, the school's main man, the ultimate jock, the school's quarterback, Olivia's king to her queen in this school. We hardly say anything to each other, though sometimes I get the impression that he doesn't like me. His eyes burn with something, I don't know what the hell it was, as he looks at me. I am officially creeped out so I avert my gaze and meet my sister's expectant face. I realized then that somebodywas missing from their group when I felt myself being lifted up and being slung over a shoulder. I scream and protest.

"Connor! I swear if you don't put me down right now I'll kick your hairy balls!" I say as I pound on his back. I felt his chest rumble with laughter as he shifts my weight and carries me bridal style. I see everybody around me walk towards the school entrance as I struggle.

"How'd ya know his balls are hairy, Danie?" Brett says while smiling at me. I roll my eyes at him and glare at Connor. He was a big idiot but smaller than Dylan. He was the only other red head at our school, so people like to tease us. The flaming duo, they liked to call us.

"Ugh! Via!" I call my sister's name in frustration. She turns her head at my direction then laughs, "Aww.. Danie! You and Connor look so cute together!"

I huff out in annoyance as I see Connor bending down to peck my forehead. I blush madly and hear Brett's guffawing. Amanda and the Hanson twins giggle and titter at this. Dylan and Reagan were silent all throughout this. I couldn't see their expressions clearly but I knew that Dylan wasn't liking this by the way his massive shoulders were tensed. And I guess Reagan was busy being his usual I-don't- care- about- much attitude.

"Via.. Please tell Connor to put me down. I have to get to class. Archer is waiting for me. We have the same-"

Olivia stops walking and abruptly turns to me then smiles a totally fake smile. " Why do you and that Archer guy always hang out? You like him, don't you?" Her icy blue eyes zone in on my amber-hazel eyes.

I feel all their eyes on me as they waited for my answer. Even Reagan managed to look interested with his languid posture. Though he looked bored outside, I could see his eyes trained on my face. I didn't even know why my answer mattered. Connor put me down on the ground this time to look at my face properly. He crosses his arms and waits impatiently.

I clear my throat because its suddenly hard to swallow. We were at the school's parking lot. Amanda gives me a curious and intrigued expression. She liked Archer, so my answer mattered. The Hanson twins looked at me with amusement. They loved gossip.

Brett smirks at me and Dylan just looked neutral. Olivia smiles at me as if she knew my answer all along. Connor looks red with anger, from jealousy. Reagan was himself, bored and handsome.

I shuffle my feet and shift my weight on my left side. If I didn't answer, that was a yes to them. If I did, they would twist and turn my words so that I would admit that I liked Archer. Either way, I was screwed. Connor would probably pummel Archer because I liked him. That would not do. I hesitate but that was all the time it took for Olivia to know that I liked Archer. I see her icy blue eyes twinkle in triumph. A small part of me screams and fears this so I come up with a safe answer.

"Of course I like Archer." Amanda smiles evilly at this while the twins gasp in shock. Reagan even raises his brow. From Dylan's expression, I knew that somebody was behind me, and I somehow knew that it was Archer. " How could I not? He's one of my closest friends."

Connor grins at this as I felt his arms circle around my waist. "I knew it. I knew you've been loyal to me!" He says and shakes my body a bit. I roll my eyes at him.

"Huh, that didn't hurt one bit." I hear Archer say. Hmm.. It's a good thing I knew he was at my back. Gosh, I couldn't even imagine him knowing about how I liked him. My heart was hammering in my chest and I turn in Connor's arms to see him walking towards me with a dazzling smile. His smile then turns into a frown when he sees Connor's arms around me.

"Get your hands off my girl." I wanted to grin stupidly as I hear Archer say this but I fought with all my might not to. I see Dylan eye me at this and knew at that point that he had noticed. I could never seem to get away with anything when it comes to him.

Connor looks about ready to explode when Olivia interrupted. "Wanna join us Archer? We're gonna skip and watch a movie. But Danie here, doesn't want to. I'm sure if you're there she'll come too."

Archer smiles at me and then pulls me to his side. His right arm encircles my waist so that I am now leaning against his right side. He looks down at me and says, "We've been planning on watching a movie anyway. We could always watch that movie you've been wanting to see, yeah?"

I nod my head because Archer's eyes were just that lovely color of honey, sparkling with joy and mischievousness that I loved about him. Whenever that sparkle was there in his eyes, I knew we were headed for trouble. But I didn't care, just as long as I was with him, I knew that we'd have fun and wing it together. I noticed Amanda simmering at the corner of my eye. That was when I realized that Archer had not acknowledged her presence. He was too busy and too intent on me. This made my heart all aflutter. I smiled at him and could have sworn heard Reagan take a ragged gasp of breath from behind him. Archer's eyes stared back at me dazedly. I never smiled like this but when I do, my father tells me it reminded him so much of my mother's smile, heart breaking and lovely.

Somebody cleared their throat and I turned to see the Hanson twins glaring at me. Even Dylan, was blushing when he sees my love struck smile. Nothing makes Dylan blush. No one makes Dylan blush. So the smile on my face must have been something.. intended only for something private and intimate. My cheeks redden just as Connor smiles back at me dumbly. Brett chuckles and that was what made me shake my head and stop smiling.

"If that's how you smile with just plain talking, I would love to see you smile under me." Brett says with a predatory smile.

He moved so fast that I almost didn't see a thing. Dylan struck Brett on the side of his head that made the smaller guy stumble a bit to Connor's side. Connor pushed him aside disgustedly then he sneered at Brett. Connor opened his mouth to say something when,

"Don't talk to her like that." I am surprised to hear Reagan's surprisingly husky voice instead of Connor's.

He was glaring at Brett with such hatred that it made me raise my brows. Archer looked taken aback as well that Reagan said such a thing. Hell, Archer looked shocked that Reagan could and would actually talk. The school hardly heard Reagan talk. Ever. If he would, then it would only be a few muttered responses and grunts. That was the longest thing Reagan ever said in front of Archer. And it was because Reagan was telling Brett to back off from me.

There was a long silence and even Brett looked taken aback with Reagan telling this to him. There was a sudden tension to the air. Reagan's one of the most ill-tempered person I knew of, getting on his bad side wasn't good if you wanted to live a long and happy life. I wondered what Brett had done to piss him off?

"Ugh! Are we going to the movies or are we not?" Olivia complained with a flick of her blonde hair. Her icy blue eyes glared at Brett disgustedly.

Amanda snorted and pierced me with her gaze like she was throwing darts at me. I rolled my eyes at her. God, how I hated that girl.

Olivia draped her arms over Reagan's neck and kissed his lips. Reagan didn't respond at first, like he was suddenly confused on who he was kissing but kissed her back a couple of seconds later. Archer pressed me to his side firmly turning me to the direction of his car but not before he glared at Brett. Dylan headed towards his car driving to the movies alone while Olivia and Reagan headed towards Reagan's BMW. Brett took the Hanson twins and Amanda in his SUV. I could almost hear Amanda's internal shrieking protesting that she go with Archer. I laughed that evil laugh you get when you know that you got the guy while you watch the bitch trying to snag him giving you a very dirty glare. I think I even twirled around a bit. Olivia snickered at me and said under her breath, "Can't believe I'm related to that freak." I could hear her since Reagan's car was parked near Archer's.

I turned to look at her and smiled. "Hey, I don't do normal." I was about to get into Archer's car when I notice him looking at me with a weird expression on his face.

"Something wrong?" I ask him still smiling. He opened his car which was a nice shiny Porsche. French, gorgeous, smart, kind and drives a Porsche. Can you blame me for liking the guy?

Archer shakes his head at me, smiling. "You're just too…" He seemed at a loss for words. "happy. All the time.. Well, every time I see you, you seem to be."

I laugh at this as I get into his car. "Is that a bad thing?"

He shuts the door and turns on the engine and boy could that Porsche of his purr. He was still smiling at me when he says, " Sometimes I can't help but wonder if you're going to burst out into a song anytime."

"Life is depressing enough as it is, and if bursting out into a song anytime makes people around me feel happier then I would gladly subject myself into some embarrassment and some suspicious people probably dialing a mental institution for me to be admitted to."

Archer laughed his rich laugh that always made me feel warm and all tingly inside. Gosh, I never realized how much of a girly girl I really was not until I realized I had a crush on Archer. So, I giggled and tried my best not to smack myself on the head for acting like a nervous schoolgirl, which I am, and tried to compose myself as best as possible. Which I failed terribly anyway.

Archer just found my quirks amusing and cute while I glare at him. We were the last ones to arrive at the theater because I'm always late when it comes to these things, so by being with me, it makes Archer late too. Simple and plain common sense, you know?

Olivia and the gang knew this would happen so they bought us our tickets already. Everybody was lining up to buy some food and drinks while the girls ran towards the ladies room to probably fix their make up. I, being more of a guy's girl than a girly girl( with exception from Archer's presence) lined up next to Dylan. I smiled at the poor guy at the counter who was getting more and more stressed by the guys' orders. Brett makes fun of him and gives him a hard time. Though Connor isn't much of a jerk like Brett was, he makes fun of the guy as well. I roll my eyes at them. Reagan didn't buy anything. He was just there standing over one corner, like a gloomy shadow. A gloomy attractive shadow that attracted a lot of girls and women. Olivia returned just in time to glower at them and I laugh at this. The only thing that was missing was her peeing on Reagan's leg to declare that he was her territory. Very primal stuff. Very primal.

I got bored so I listened to some of Akon's Sexy Bitch in my iPod and started dancing a bit, much to other people's amusement and confusion. I didn't care. I saw Dylan smiling and shaking his head at the corner of my eye. When it was my turn to order, I beamed at the poor guy at the counter and decided to give it to him easy. I ordered some popcorn and one large diet coke. From all the orders he got from the boys, mine was like a walk in the park.

He sighs and offers me a weary smile. I watch him work while I nod my head to the music. He comes back and I immediately pay him and grab some popcorn and ate some.

"Want some?" I asked him while smiling and shaking my popcorn in front of him. He smiles at me and was about to say something when I see Connor fuming at him. Feeling somewhat responsible for the guy's health, I parted ways with him and raced myself over to a disgruntled looking Archer.

"Must you always do that?" He asks me and steers us towards our seats at the movies. I just shrugged, not knowing what he was talking about. They were already showing some trailers while we sat ourselves. The twins and Brett sat together while a pissed off Connor sat next to Amanda. Olivia and Reagan sat next to each other with me and Archer beside them. Dylan sat next to Archer's other side. I was in between Reagan and Archer so I decided to scoot closer to Archer since I wasn't feeling really comfortable with sitting next to Reagan. Sure, we sat much closer than this before but that was a long time ago and the situation was different.

It was a scary zombie flick. Even I had to flinch sometimes when the zombies ate the humans like they were chicken drumsticks and nothing more. I could hear the twins screaming, Amanda's constant whining and Olivia's whispers to Reagan. Though I felt scared, I didn't react like the other girls did. I just munched on some more popcorn and drank my soda. There was this one scene though, the girl was walking around the bedroom when a zombie grabbed her foot from the bed all of a sudden and dragged her down. I was eating popcorn then and I jumped in my seat, forcing some of the popcorn I was eating to fly in all sorts of directions. I hear some chuckling and turned to see Archer laughing at me. I even saw Reagan smile at me when I did this. Huh, haven't seen him smile since that day. I glared at Archer and was about to tell him off when he shushed me, lifted the arm rest between us and pulled me close to his arms. He hugged me and I got to admit that maybe being scared has its advantages. I didn't know when it happened but I fell asleep. I woke up from the sensation of being jostled around. I realized then that Archer was carrying me in his arms while the others were walking in front of us.

I tapped his shoulder to tell him to put me down. He smiled at me and shook his head. "Come on, I must be heavy to carry around." I said glaring at him. People were looking at us and well.. I felt embarrassed.

"You weigh nothing compare to what I bench press." You could practically hear the smugness of his voice there. Boys. Men.

"Yeah, yeah. You're all high and mighty. Still, I'm capable of walking and would like to do so." I say while crossing my arms.

He laughs at me. "What if I just simply want to carry you around? Ever think of that?" His laughter dies then only to be replaced by his gorgeous smile. But soon, that fades away too and his lips forms into something different altogether. I look at him as he looks back at me. His honey colored eyes seemed to be telling me things that I should know but was probably too ignorant to notice in the first place. That was how expressive his eyes were. You could practically see him put his words together there.

We were having a moment when Amanda came bounding our way effectively cutting the 'moment' with her shrill voice.

"Danielle! You're awake now!" Translation: Archer can let you down now, you lucky bitch!

I beam at her and said, "Well, now I am."

Archer lets me down reluctantly. Olivia and Reagan were ahead. The twins were flirting with Brett, and Amanda practically snagged Archer away from me. I see Connor making his way towards me when I made a beeline for Dylan.

"Dylan!" I say loudly and clutched his arm tight enough to probably bust a vein somewhere. " How are you doing, buddy?" I ask enthusiastically and beseech him with my eyes so that he could help me stopConnor's advances. Connor's only afraid of two persons. Dylan and Reagan. Since I wasn't that close to my sister's boyfriend, I always run to Dylan, which is oddly the reason why I became his friend in the first place.

He smiles at me, which manages to confuse everybody every time since the big guy never smiles. Not to anyone. Even his own family. Much like Reagan. But Reagan does smile, an evil smile anyway. So, the fact that I can make the big guy smile miffs everybody.

"I liked the movie." He says in reply. And get this, I am the only one who can manage to make him talk! I know right? I must have this amazing talent to bring people out of their shells or something.

"I did too!" I said nodding happily while we made our way to the food court at the mall.

Dylan laughs at me. Yep, I can make him laugh too! Somebody out there give me a damn medal! Like now!

"You slept halfway through the movie." He says while shaking his head at me. People would probably wonder why Dylan hung out with Olivia's crowd. He wouldn't. If it weren't for his sister, he wouldn't. And who was his sister? Amanduh. Haha. Yeah, I know. I was shocked the first time I heard about it. They were so different but they were twins too. Hmm.. Two sets of twins in one group. Haha. I don't know why I find that funny but I do.

"But I was tired!" I say just as I yawn. Dylan looks at me concerned then rubs my arm up and down. "You've been wearing yourself out again." I lean myself towards him more and feel him hold me tighter. I liked snuggling next to Dylan. He made me feel safe and reminded me of how a big brother should be like.

We found some place to sit down and we were all partnered off. The twins with Brett and now a sulking Connor, Olivia and Reagan, Archer and Amanda, me and Dylan. Oddly though, everyone tuned out of their own conversations to look at Dylan and I talking to each other animatedly.

"I shut the door and didn't know I slammed the door on his face not until I heard something heavy hit the floor." I laughed with tears on my eyes while Dylan told me a story of his cousins and how they spend their summers.

"There was a lot of blood running down the front of my door that I couldn't even lie to my mom about it. The evidence just couldn't be scrubbed away!"

I laughed until I was clutching my stomach. I couldn't even breathe! At my state, Dylan laughed with me merrily. Olivia and the others were just so shocked to hear the big guy laugh that their expressions were on different levels of comical.

Reagan looked flabbergasted. Dylan was his best friend but by the look on his face, I knew he hadn't heard his friend laugh or at least laugh like that. The twins were gaping at me, like I just managed to pull off a magic trick or something of the like. Connor and Brett were dumbfounded. Archer's brows rose up. Amanda seemed surprised to hear her brother laugh. Olivia on the other hand, had that look that seemed to know something I didn't.

It was then that I managed to hiccup. Dylan's laughing ceased and it was suddenly so quiet then a sudden booming laugh echoed throughout the whole mall and I suddenly realized that it was Dylan who was laughing like there was no tomorrow. I was so caught off guard and I'm sure the others were too when I hiccupped again. Dylan's laughed caught the attention of many shoppers and it was then that I realized that he looked more handsome like that. So carefree and happy. I hiccupped again and he still laughed.

I was about to tell him to shove it when he handed me a water bottle for me to drink. I took it but glared at him before I drank.

I waited for a second or two and decided that it was gone. I turned to a still smiling Dylan. "Just because you gave me water doesn't mean-hiccup!- I forgive you for-hiccup! Laughing at me!"

Dylan smiles at me and manages to settle down. My hiccup finally subsides and it was then that Dylan and I noticed that the others were looking at us with unblinking eyes, like we were a spectacle they had yet to see. Dylan quickly reverted to his old self. That is the no speaking, laughing or evoking no emotion old Dylan. Holly, the short haired twin, tried to talk to Dylan but he didn't answer her much less paid attention to her. Haley, the long haired twin tried but failed too. Even Brett tried to talk to the big guy but Dylan wouldn't talk to them.

It seemed like he didn't like the spotlight being on him. I smile sadly at this. And here I thought we were making progress!

It was already late afternoon and I had dance practice. I needed to get back to school. My group isn't going to be ecstatic with my absence. Though we aren't working with a new routine, we are trying to come up with new steps. We had newbies trying to garner a spot for our elite dance group. "The Rewinders" are really known for the die hard practices and auditions. We nail every step and we add a little twist to everything once you think the song will end. I didn't get my spot for nothing. I earned it. So, I probably don't care if I miss most of my classes today, just not dance practice. I jumped in my seat at the same time I hear Mike Posner's Cooler than me blaring from my shorts pocket. Everybody turns to look at me but I hold up a hand at them telling them to be quiet.

I flipped my phone and got greeted with a warming, "Where the fuck are you, Burns?!" I winced and held my cel further away from my deafened ear. Archer frowns at this while Amanda and the twins snigger.

"Ugh, Tell Myers to go suck his dick, Danie!" Olivia says to me with a smirk.

I glare at her because obviously Donnie could hear her from the other end. "You tell that whore of a girl that I can smell her mangina odor from here! Honestly Burns, I like you but I just can't see how you two can be related."

I try to hide my smile but fail when I repeat Donnie's words in my mind. Olivia lunges at me as if to get my cel but I dodge away from her making Brett and Connor laugh. I walk a few steps away from them to talk to Donnie in peace.

"You alone now?" He asks me

I nod but realize he can't see me so I settle with a, "Yeah."

"Where the fuck are you?" He growls again.

I sigh and notice Olivia fuming and ranting about how obnoxious Donnie is and how I hang out with such people. The only reason why she's mad about Donnie is that he doesn't like her and that he embarrassed her in front of everyone before when he told her he didn't' think she was pretty enough for him. That made me laugh and that made me regret it later when I saw my favorite sweater being burned in the fireplace that night. Good times… Good times…

"Would you be mad if I say that I am exactly one hour away from school?" I asked tentatively and bit my lip. There was silence on the other end of the line but I was prepared.


My cel was a good arm's length away and I could still hear Donnie cursing and shouting on the other end. Donnie would kick off any member of the group if they were always late or weren't always present. Fortunately, Donnie needed me. I was his female counterpart in our dance group and nobody out there could ever match my skills so he had to put up with me and my wretched attendance. But in my defense, it's Olivia's fault why I'm always late.

When I was sure Donnie simmered down somewhat, I put my cel reluctantly to my poor ear again. "Give me twenty and I'll be there, Don." I said in a calm but determined voice.

"How are you going to do that, Burns? Grab a bike and speed away?" Donnie said with a snort.

I grinned one of my crazy ass grins when I get one of my dare devil streaks. I look over at the group where I saw Olivia wrapped in Reagan's arms. She saw me looking at her with my crazy ass smile and I could practically see her mouth forming the words, "Fucking hell."

Archer shakes his head at me and Dylan frowns at me. The twins look at me then back at each other. Brett smiles evilly while Connor grins at me. Amanda doesn't know whether to look at me like I was crazy or if she should be scared at me. Making my way towards them, I said to Donnie,

"Count on it, hon." With a smile that can promote world peace I shut my cel and looked at them.

"Whatever you're thinking, I'm not in on it." Olivia said while looking at me warily. Olivia's always scared when she knows my adventurous side takes place. She freaks out with living life on the edge. Me? I live for it.

"Who says you are?" I asked and would you believe my luck when I see a classmate of ours, also skipping class, clad in motorcycle boots?

I looked past at Reagan and see the most intense biker guy in our school. He goes to races and all that jazz and I knew his bike was as sexy as hell like he was. Trent Rock, gray hair and pierced brows and all black ensemble, browsing through one of the shops right in front of me! Would you believe my luck?

With a flick of my long red hair, I donned on another persona that people rarely get to see. I smiled my most beguiling smile and turned on my come hither looks at maximum capacity. Looking at the twins and Amanda gaping at me, I said, "Watch and learn."

Making sure my hips sway in a way that could garner every XY attention at the mall, I sauntered off towards Trent Rock's side. He was window shopping at some gadget shop when I stood beside him and tapped his shoulder. Anticipating some scathing remark, I allowed myself two steps backward from him.

His brows were drawn together in annoyance and he was about to tell me to get the hell out of his way when he shuts his mouth just as easily as he opens it once he sees me.

His eyes were as gray as his hair was and his gaze wandered all over my body. I smirked at him and crossed my arms in front of my chest and leaned against the glass window of the shop standing in front of him.

"I need a favor." I say without any preamble.

He licked his lips at me and I was about tempted to do the same. Why? I don't know. Huh. I guess I never thought I'd be attracted to Goth/biker Trent Rock. Well, that's a first.

He smiles at me charmingly and runs his hand through his messy gray hair. Wow. I never thought coloring your hair gray would be so attractive! Wait, chill Danie. Maintain your cool…

"Depends. What do I gain out of this?" He asks while stepping closer to me. His voice is that husky kind of voice when you know somebody is a chain smoker but somehow it just adds more to his appeal. It doesn't turn me off one bit. It's the exact opposite.

I smile at him and trace circles on his hard chest while looking at him through my thick long lashes. "Wait and see?" I ask coyly.

He chuckles at me and brings one hand up to my face to caress my cheek softly, like a painter with a brush might stroke a canvas lightly. " I'm a bit of an impatient person but may I ask what that favor of yours is?"

I bite my lip and saw his eyes following the movement. "I need a ride on your bike to school right now."

He laughs at me incredulously and shakes his head. I see Dylan glaring at Trent, and Connor being held by Brett. Reagan looked oddly irritated while Archer just looked at me like I was insane. My sister shakes her head at me like I was loco and the twins just stood there shocked that I would even dare approach Trent Rock. Amanda looks at me with some kind of new respect.

"Nobody rides my bike but me." Trent answers with a smile on his handsome face.

I closed the distance between us easily and leaned closer to whisper in his ear. "I ride a lot of things well." Trent shivers as I say that and I felt myself smile while I lick the shell of his ear. " But to make your day entertaining wouldn't you want to see how that statement proves to be true?"

"MMhmm… Never thought you'd be this forward, Burns." Trent murmurs while burying his face in my hair.

"Uhuh." I say just as I twine my fingers through his gray locks. " So? Give me a ride?"

"Better. I'll let you drive." He gets his keys from his back pocket then hands it to me. I smile dazing him a bit and give him a peck on his cheek.

"Oooh! I get to drive. I'll get us there in record time."

"Thirty minutes?" He asks me.

I feel my daredevil streak rising. "Twenty."

He laughs at me and tells me to meet him at the parking lot. I lose the personality and head on over to my sister and her gang with a smile on my face, practically skipping my way there like a kid on her way to an ice cream store.

"I get to drive a bike!" I sang to my older sister with a big grin on my face.

She scowls at me and opens her mouth to reprimand me and my ridiculous behavior but was cut off by somebody I really wasn't expecting to speak up.

"I can drive you there. There is no need to ride with that guy." Reagan says with such authority and intensity.

Everybody gives him a puzzled look while I raise a brow at him. "I promised Donnie I'll be there at school by twenty minutes. By car, I'll never make it. Besides, what's life without a little fun?"

Reagan narrows his eyes at me and I could practically die by the way he was glaring and throwing daggers at me with his eyes.

"What's life when you die riding on a bike?" Archer says fuming.

Dylan shakes his head at me, not approving of my rash decision. The twins and Amanda were looking at me like I was their role model while Brett was glaring at the direction Trent left.

"Why do you have to flirt with the guy anyway?" Connor demanded.

I shrugged. "He's hot. I'm a girl. I find him attractive and I am now wasting time talking to you guys. I had fun. Till tomorrow!" I wave goodbye to them as I made my way to the parking lot of the mall.

I felt somebody's eyes burning my back and when I turned around to look at the group, the most angriest of them all was Reagan. I didn't know why but something tells me that Archer comes close to Reagan's pissed off look. I've never seen the smooth talker so angry before. Both were fuming but I had no time to ponder this. I had to make it back to school. After all, dancing is my life.

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