I'm terribly sorry for having neglected my stories. I will try my best to fix it since I feel like I am no longer the author who wrote this before. I have a different take on things and would like to improve the story line and the characters' depth better. It's complete and utter bull, I know. I remember cursing authors who do this but now that I am in their shoes, I completely understand. I don't know if I will be posting my stories here anymore. FP is no longer what it used to be to me. There are no more works that I used to love here. Whenever I come here to this site, it is to read the old stories I used to love. I think a lot of people are moving on to different writing sites because of the plagiarism authors here complain about. With that, I leave you guys with the stories I have here. I will fix all the stories I have uploaded and will see if I change my mind whether to post my finished stories here. Again, I am so sorry. I hope you guys understand. I feel like there's a big chance I will though since this will always be my first foray into letting strangers read my work. So, wish me luck and continue loving reading as I know I will forever.