Okay then, peeps. Random character conversations, because it's fun lols.


Lance and Tanny, after a bad case.

"Lance? You ever fall in love with somebody?"

"... Yeah. Once or twice."

"You ever tell him?"

"First one, no. Second one ... yeah. I tell him every day. Thing is, he's just too much of a blind idiot to notice."


Benedict 'the chief' Harper on the phone to his wife, discussing their daughter. Her side of the conversation.

"She's fine, Benny. She hasn't fallen off the wagon yet."


"No, you don't need to come home. I've got it."


"They need you too. Benny, I can handle this. Do your job, save people, whatever. We'll both still be here when you get back."


"Yeah, I love you too."


Tanny and Jules being silly and playing poker.

"And that, kids, is why I always win at poker."

"Tanny, you cheat at poker. That's not the same as winning."

"Come on Jules', jealousy will get you nowhere in life. Besides, both Lance and the Chief cheat at poker. I'm better at it, so I always win."

"You're a jerk, Tanny. Now give me the ace I know you have up your sleave."


Lance and the Chief in the aftermath of Tanny and Jules being silly.

"Think we should wake 'em up, Chief?"

"Lance, we're out of coffee. But, if you want too, by all means."

"Let 'em sleep for a little while longer. I'll be back in a minute."


Jules gets shot. Tanny reacts.

"Jules! Jules, I'm gonna need you to listen to me!"

"... Wha-what?"

"Jules! Okay, stay awake, okay? No panic, but you can't really pass out here. Paras' are on their way, so I need you consicious when they get here."

"... You talkin' shit again?"

"No. No Jules, I'm not. I need you awake, okay?"

"Whatever ..."


Lance getting information out of Tanny after Jules gets shot.

"You look like hell."

"Thank you."

"How's Jules?"

"She stopped a bullet with her shoulder, Lance. She's fine."

"Stop with the snippy remarks. Is she okay?"

"... She's fine. Doc's say she'll be fine."

"Are you fine?"



"Shut it."


The Chief and Jules after she gets shot.

"Sorry you got hurt, Jules."

"Chief, I'm fine. Little bit sore, but the doctors say I'll have an awesome scar. One that'll even make Lance jealous."

"Jules ..."

"Mom and Dad are going to kill me."

"If they get here in time. Officer Nathaniel Bennett might just smother you with a pillow. And Officer Lance Greene might just get rid of the remains. And I, Officer Benedict Harper might just let them."

"Nice to know I'm loved."

"Seriously Jules. Don't do that again."

"Yeah Sir. I won't."


Jules and Lance being silly.

"Seriously Lance? You didn't."

"Seriously Jules. Shoulda seen the guys face the next morning. He went into this rant at assembly, swearing he would find out who had done it."

"You're terrible. How could you?"

"Horrified doesn't work when you're laughing, Jules."

"Okay, it's funny, but seriously? You had a pissup in your princibles office? And trashed the place?"

"Damn right. Ah hell, it was funny."


Tanny being mocked by ... somebody? I dunno.

"See thing is, Tanny. Can I call you Tanny?"


"Thing is Tanny, they pity you. Little punk dock boy with no past, they pity you. Never had what they had. You think the public don't notice you and Jules. How your classes clash?"

"Officers Walker and Bennett to you."

"Even you put her first."

"Shut it."


Whole team being silly.

"We get outta this alive, I propose we get blind drunk and forget it ever happened."

"Seconded. But only if you guys promise to scrape me off the floor."

"Thirded. But only if Lance promises to scrape Tanny off the floor."

"I have a wife and daughter to get home to, but I'll allow this if all three of you promise to get home safely."


"Then fourthed."