Chapter 2
May 6, 1862
Somewhere in Kansas

I awoke later in the day to my horse neighing. I pricked up my ears for any tell tale signs of horses hoofs. Not hearing any didn't mean there weren't any. I put my ear to the ground. Yes it was definately shaking.

I pulled up some grass and gave it to our horses to keep them quiet.

"Kate," I said softly. She awoke at once.

"What is it?"

"Horses. Maybe enough for a posse."

I saw Kate's eyes light up. "We're gonna run for it," she said.

"What? No! We need to stay here until they pass us," I exclaimed.

"Come on, where's your sense of adventure?" Kate cajoled. "The longer we stand here arguing, the closer they get." She untied her horse and swung onto it. "Are you part of Kate's gang or not?"

I gave in and climbed onto my horse. Giving a yell, Kate rode out of the trees. The hoofbeats were louder now, and I could clearly see the posse. Kate turned and grinned at me.

"Ready?" she said.

"Ready," I replied.

We yelled and made our horses run. We were relying purely on the fact that they had been riding hard for who knows how long. Our horses ran like crazy. I didn't notice much at first except how glorious it felt to feel the wind hitting my face and blowing on my now bare neck. I was free, just as Kate had promised all those years ago.

I looked over my shoulder and gasped. One of the men in the posse had broken away from the pack and was gaining on us. The rest of the posse was gaining on him.

"How are the catching up?" I yelled to Kate.

"We can't out run them," she shouted back. "We need to confuse them instead."

I didn't see how you could confuse a posse on the open prairies of Kansas, but I was game to try anything.

"We'll split up," Kate said. "We look alike, they won't know who to follow. I'll head North, you continue West. We both have maps, we'll meet up somewhere." With that she wheeled her horse to the North.

I didn't want to split up, but it seemed we had no choice. I urged my horse on faster. From studying maps over the years, I knew that if I continued west I would end up in Independence. While that seemed like the likliest place to lose a posse, it was about another day away. I would hopefully come upon a small town somewhere in between.

I kept riding, looking back every once and a while. Our split up had caused the posse to have to stop and confer for a moment, so we gained another head start. I saw the men that had come after me. I didn't seem to be losing them. My horse was lathered in sweat, and I knew I couldn't push it much farther. The posses' horses should have been almost dead by this point, and I hoped that they would give up soon.

After what seemed like hours, they finally seemed to be slowing down. I pushed my horse just a little bit further until I was sure they had given up. I eased my horse to a stop and slid off of his back. I got a cloth out of my saddle bag and rubbed him down. I walked him until I reached a small town. Outside of town a sort of camp had been set up where many travelers were staying. I figured I might as well try to blend in.

I tied my horse to a hitching post. I was suddenly ravenous, and ate a can of beans. I opened my bed roll and lay on, looking up at the stars. I wondered where Kate was, if she had even managed to get away from the posse. I took out my map and looked at it. There was a town called Hopestown marked on it.

"Hey, is this Hopestown?" I asked a man laying near me.

"Yup," he answered, spitting his tobacco. "Wrongly named town, if you ask me. Full of outlaws."

I took out a pencil and mark Hopestown on the map. Independence was a day's ride away, but I didn't want to stay there. No way would Kate find me in Independence.

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