A/N: I keep imagining what this would sound like if recited by Kira Knightly. . . . . -dreams on-

Optical antics

a novel, scholastic sex appeal, a filthy
unctuous, under the counter, over the rim
glance, able to vellicate with a
once-over; black wires for ropes, hooded
yellow irises for
powder talc gloves.
--- oh, sharp, oh
calculating, sumptuous and
textual sensual, intellectual coitus.
my new optical antics from a
hardwood desk---
cherrywood, not
mahogany, not coffee-functioning but
a maiden amanuensis and i
lap up my new naughty

books, dear? or
paper kisses? scarlet papyrus moths
that put dust on arid lips and parch
narrow throats

oh, yes: it would so appear
that short skirts were made for
office fishnets