I've got a one a street

With a one night stand

With a one track mind

I'm in man's land

` The punishment sometimes don't seem to fit the crime.

Yeah, I've go a hole in my soul

But one thing I learned,

Is a love letter written

Is another burned

So you tell me how its gonna be this time

Is it over?

Is it over?

And I'm blowing out the flames

Take a walk outside your mind

Tell me how it feels to be

The one who turns the knife inside of me?

' Take a look and you will find

There's nothing there girl, yes I swear

I'm telling you girl yeah 'cause there's

A hole in my soul

That's been killing me forever

There's a place where the garden never grows.

(Aerosmith- Hole in my Soul)

Somehow I had this on repeat on my ipod. I can't seem to get this particular song out my head. And every time I hear this song, I t reminds me that there's someone out there like that, who will also have a hole in their soul for me, you know. (If you don't know please I mean please go nodded your head at the computer like some dumbnut.)

"Earth to Dana." I hear my closest friend Latrice tell me. I throw I pillow at her because I know she knows I'm thinking and when I'm thinking, don't interrupt me! I really edgy on the out side and very kind on the inside.(but don't you dare push it)

"Ow! Gurl you are so …" her voiced trailed off. I knew she couldn't think of nothing so a smirk grew on my face. Latrice, is dark chocolate, dark brown almond shaped eyes and short black hair.

"You know I don't like to be interrupted when I thinking!" I said shooting her daggers.

"Blah, Blah I know "she said while rolling her eyes and moving her hand like a puppet to imamate my mouth movements. We later put our jackets on, got in my mom's car(I don't own one yet) and headed out to the party. This actually wasn't just any party, this was the party for the newest sophomores.(whish was basically everyone at the party)

"Ilovethisparty!" Latrice called after me as "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz came on

"Whadidyasay?" I asked with a slur in my mouth. No I wasn't drunk, it just to be a habit of mine.

"Whadidyasay?" Latrice said feeling confused. For the past couple of minutes we had this conflict of what we said. A few minutes, our slowness was finally slowing down.

"That's what you said!" I said while the next song "Like a G6" came in. I'm not sure who's the artist but I know one thing… they're awesome! The next song which was "Mine" by Taylor Swift came on. About every male organism had left the room once the girls started to sing the chorus…

"Do you remember me sitting there by the water

You put your arm around me, for the first time."

Jebbrish, Jebbrish, Jebbrish

You are the best thing that's ever been mine.

The reason I said Jebbrish because basically 99% of the population didn't know what came next, including me and Latrice. We all laughed at the end because the people who knew it, well lets just say they stormed off and listened to their ipod. The party was jumping once the Hispanics came. You should've seen those hip shaking, body vibrating dancers. Don't get me wrong, I am part Hispanic, but nothing beats a true blood Hispanic. Latrice and I wee trying to catch up with the dancers. I decided to take a break and went to the bathroom as Latrice just kept on with the crew. I looked at myself and the mirror. Nothing seem just right. Hair always frizzy, tall, too curvy, braces (I'm getting off in two months ) my pale skin and edgy/rebel attitude. I walked out the bathroom and someone bumped into me.

"Uh…sorry." I said while looking down.

"No problem" the male voice said. I didn't bother to look up. I rushed the bathroom, pass the making out section and made it to Latrice who was out sitting on the car.

"Ready to go?" I said swinging the keys around my index finger.

"Like I'm never."Latrice huffed and got into the car. I turned up the music and we put our hands up in the air as we sang loudly. We pulled in my driveway, went into the house and grabbed us a quick snack.

"Cheers to the best year ever." Latrice said holding her sandwich that had been bitten in to.

"Cheers. For now" I said, not the for now part. I had chills and Goosebumps remember the boy I had ran to. Wondering if he's thinking about me, wondering if he has that hole in his soul.

There's a hole in my soul

Yeah I should have known better.

'Cause you love likes a thorn without a rose

We fell asleep dreaming our happy thought and out nightmares but we've got to love them right?