I slammed her up against the wall, because I couldn't take it any more. Her eyes searched me with an annoyed expression along with dread at what I was going to do next. Though, I was beyond caring about what she wanted at that moment. I needed her and I desperately craved the contact that had been only teased against me. My mind was blank and I grinded my teeth together as I held her there in front of me.

"Don't say anything to me. I need you, Sydney. Now." Before she could make a move, I kissed her hard on the lips. At first she didn't respond, but after a few seconds she began to open her mouth for me. Everything about her tasted so good, it was as if I was making out with the most beautiful flower in the world. Her tongue felt like soft candy inside my mouth, her breath hot and flowing around and through me.

I finally moved my hands and gathered my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me. Hands flew in all directions, with her strong fingers yanking off my clothes and messing up my short hair. We moved back until we reached the bed and then we both collapsed onto the soft covered mattress.

There was no longer any composure. Sydney was now kissing me everywhere possible. Her hands were now covering my chest, which I knew she wanted to do for the longest time. She squeezed one of my pale white boobs and bent down to lick the nipple and take my soft skin into her mouth. I moaned in the process and I felt her make a smile against me. With that, she touched me more and I felt her thin fingertips trail slowly down my small stomach, down to my belly button, and then towards the destination in which I craved her most.

Heat went through my groin and I felt my pussy pulse excitedly at her touch. I was already very wet, as she soon slipped her hand up and down my soft clit and then deep into my entrance. I bucked my hips in response and knew that I wouldn't be able to hold on any longer.

As if she read my mind, Sydney started to slowly slide her thumb and pointer finger in and out of me, to bring me the utmost pleasure. This time I groaned loudly and I moved my body up and down in time with her speed. Suddenly, I couldn't take it and I exploded, with my white liquid coming out of me and onto my inner most thighs. My partner went down on me quickly and soon enough, I felt her tongue touch my clit and around the inside of my legs. Her hot mouth made me grab her by the hair to pull her even closer to me, until all I felt was her contact.

When she was done, she moved up my slim naked body and kissed me hard once again. However, now it was my turn, so I sat up and pushed her down below me, until she was completely at my mercy.