"Oh, Dagon. It's you. It's been a while." The woman behind the counter said, smiling. Dagon, standing in front of her, just nodded.

"I know what you're here for, just go on through." the woman smiled, waving him on. Dagon said thanks and walked in the direction she was waving. There was a hiss as the glass doors slid to the side as he walked through the doorway.

The teenager walked with his head low down the brightly lit hallway, his hands in his pockets. His ears didn't register the noise around him. His eyes barely saw the people around him. He continued to walk straight, making people jump out of his way as he passed.

He blinked when the hallway suddenly became louder, the noise shaking him out of his thoughts. He turned and his eyes widened slightly when a man on a stretcher was rushed past him, blood soaking his clothes, a doctor and nurses surrounded him, the doctor shouting out orders. Dagon stared after them as they dashed down the hallway. After a moment he looked away and took a few steps forward, stopping at a door.

Turning the handle and swinging the door open he stepped inside, a small smile forming on his face as he saw the person sitting in the bed near the window.

"Hey Mom." he greeted. The woman sitting in the bed turned away from the window and smiled warmly at him.

"Dagon, how are you?"


ENTER: The Mysterious Swordswoman

Night started fall over the city. The light of the buildings casting the city in a yellow glow. A man leaned against the back wall of the hospital, his arms crossed and his head hanging down. The area was deserted and quiet, the dull roar of distant traffic in the background. The man's eyes darted to the side when he heard the back door to the hospital open.

A white haired teenager stepped out of the building, rubbing the back of his neck and yawning. Seeing him, a twisted smile crossed the man's face. His tongue fell out of his mouth and he hungrily licked his lips.

Dagon put his hands in his pockets as he let the back door to the hospital swing shut. He glanced up at the night sky before he started walking. His eyes were glued to the ground as he moved, his eyes distant.

Mom's condition isn't getting any worse…but it isn't getting any better either.

It just keeps going up and down. Some days will be good with others aren't.

The doctors say there isn't a cure for what she has. So what does that mean for her?

Is she going to stay in that hospital room forever…?

Dagon paused when he heard footsteps. Blinking he looked up to see a man step in front of him.

"Hey." The man said, a smirk on his face. Dagon didn't say anything back, his face blank.

"I saw you come out of the back there. They don't let many people use the back exit. You must be pretty special. Do you come here often?" The man continued. Again, Dagon stayed silent. The man frowned before taking a step toward the teenager.

"Heeeey…It's rude to ignore people, you know." He stopped two feet in front the teenager, "Come on, what's wrong with you?"

Dagon was silent for another moment before he spoke, "You know…I'm not really in any mood to talk with creepers you. So fuck off." he said angrily, glaring at the man.

"Ahh? That's even more rude." The man continued, unaffected by Dagon's words, "Didn't your mother teach you better?"

Dagon's fist clenched and his gritted his teeth, "Didn't you hear me…?" He growled. His fist suddenly flew through the air, "I said BEAT IT!" His fist slammed into the side of the man's face. Blood flew from the man's mouth, splattering the ground. Stepping back, Dagon's expression changed from angry to shocked.

"W-what the…"

The man's head was twisted sharply to the side as a result of Dagon's blow, but the rest of his body hadn't moved an inch. The man suddenly smiled, spitting out blood.

"Ow ow." he smirked, turning his head back to face Dagon, his neck cracking."That really hurt."

Dagon gaped at him.

What the hell? He took a punch to the face and didn't even flinch!

"I can't believe you just punched me like that." The man continued, the twisted smile still on his face, "And here I was, trying to be nice to talk to you-" his eyes flashed, "-before I kill you,"

Dagon's eyes widened, "What?" He asked, taking a step back, "What was that?'"

"You deaf or something? I said 'kill you," he frowned, "It's nothing personal kid, it's just my job," The man took a step forward, raising his arm, "I've got to get rid of you before you become an annoyance to the other Royals." The skin around his arms suddenly started to dissolve. Dagon watched with wide eyes as the man's arm skin morphed into red scales. Long claws erupted from his fingertips. Grinning hungrily, the man flexed his hand, "So if you could please just die. That'd be nice."

Dagon jumped back as the man lunged forward, swinging his arm downward. The claws missed his chest and bit into the concrete. A tearing sound filled the air as the ground was torn up. Dagon fell back, landing on the ground.

"Ahhhhh…" the man sighed, "Didn't I ask you to just die? Come on, you can't seriously expect me to let you live? A snot nosed brat like you isn't fit to become King of the Afterlife," The man ripped his claws out of the ground.

Dagon fist clenched on the ground.

W-what the hell is this guy? He's not human!

And…he wants to kill me!?


I gotta get the hell outta here!

Grasping the ground, Dagon spun around and dashed toward the end of the back lot of the hospital.

"Aww…you're running now? Seriously? What a pain…" He heard the monster behind him sigh. Dagon didn't look back and continued to run. His feet thundered over the concrete.

What the hell is going here!?

Why does he want to kill me!?

Royalty? King of the afterlife. What's he talking about!?

A wire fence suddenly rose up in front of him. Gritting his teeth he jumped. As he was about to lung himself over the top the monster claws suddenly shredded the metal beneath him.

"Ahhhh!" Dagon cried as he fell. He yelped when he hit the ground. He rolled down the hill on the other side of the fence, coming to a stop in a ditch in a deserted lot.

"Uh-ugh…" He groaned, trying to get to his feet. His eyes widened when a pair of feet stepped in front of him. His eyes slowly traveled upwards. The monster smirked down at him.

"Gotcha now," he said raising his other arm. In a second another scaled arm had replaced his earlier human one. Dagon gritted his teeth in fear and rolled backwards, trying to get to his feet, just as the monster swung his claws at him. The claws tore through his shirt, and blood splattered the ground.

Dagon cried out as he fell back to the ground, clutching his side. Looking down at him, the monster frowned.

"Really...? One hit like that and you're out?" He took a step forward, "You know…I thought you'd be a little stronger than this. Considering your lineage…Oh well, it's not my place to wonder about things like this." He stopped a few feet in front of the teenager, "I just gotta kill you,"

Smirking he raised one of his clawed hands, "Well, that's one down…five to go,"

Suddenly, his eyes widened as blood erupted from his arm.

"Gah…GYAAAAAA!!!" The monster cried as his arm flew away from his body, blood flowing from the stump on his arm.

Dagons eyes widened when someone landed on the ground in front of him.

"Ahhh! Agh!" The monster screamed, "What the-!" Steel flashed in the moonlight and the monster's other arm was cut from his body.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" the monster screamed. A pair of heavy black boots planted themselves firmly between the screaming monster and Dagon.

The white haired teenager stared at the young woman standing in front of him. His eyes widened when she glanced over her shoulder at him, her pale blue eyes piercing his.

"Is this really the descendent of the Samael clan?" She spoke, her eyes narrowed at him. In front, the monster gritted his teeth, blood flowing from his arms.

"A-A Spirt!? What the hell's a Spirit doing here!?" The woman turned back to him and glared at him.

"Demon trash, don't pretend you're worth trading words with me," She raised her blade, red blood dripping from the end. The demons eyes widened in shock.


Metal gleamed in the moonlight as the sword sliced through the air. A moment later a stream of blood sprayed from the demons neck.

Falling back, the demon let out a tortured shriek of pain. Blood turned the earth crimson as the monster hit the ground, it's eyes turning white. A pool of red forming around it, the monsters form twitched slightly before falling still.

Standing above the corpse the woman swung her sword to the side, ridding it of the dripping blood, and sheathed it. Dagon watched in disbelief as the body of the monster started to disappear, evaporating before his eyes. The corpse shattered into millions of tiny particles, disappearing into the air.

The teenagers fingers scraped across the ground as he clenched his fist, staring up at the woman.

"Who…the hell are you?" he whispered hoarsely. The woman turned around to face him. Her face unreadable, she looked down at him.

"My name Miyamoto Musashi." She said coolly, holding out her hand, "Come with me, Dagon Samael."

"How do you know my name?" Dagon asked suspiciously, taking her hand nevertheless. He grunted as he got to his feet, grabbing his side. The woman glanced at his wound.

"Can you walk?" The woman asked. Dagon scowled.

"It's nothing. I can walk fine," he replied.

"Good," Miyamoto replied coldly, "Then follow me. It seems there are some things you need explained to you,"

A soft wind blew the park, rustling the trees surrounding the playground. The last light lamppost was flickering and after a moment the light died, leaving the area to be lit by the moon and stars.

Dagon gritted his teeth as he sat down on one of the parks bench, grabbing his side. Taking a breath he looked up at Miyamoto, standing in front of him. He stared at her suspiciously. The wind was causing her light blond hair to sway. She was dressing entirely in black and wore a sword strapped across her lower back.

"Why did you bring me here?" Dagon demanded, "Just who are you Ma…Mi..M-"

"Miya," She informed him, "And I brought you here, because apparently you are an ignorant fool who can't handle yourself in a fight."

"W-what…?" Dagons eye twitched.

"Your wound," Miya ignored him, "is it still bleeding?"

"Ah…no." Dagon answered, taking his hand away from his side, "I just got scratched."

Miya nodded, "Good." She said. The woman paused for a second, "…Do you know why that demon was after you?"

Dagon looked up at her, his eyes meeting hers, "That thing…that was really a demon?" He asked. Miya sighed.

"It's as I feared." She said, seemingly to herself, "You really know nothing. To think you have been held in the dark so long."

"Oi! Stop spouting random shit and tell me what the hell's going on!" Dagon shouted, "In the past hour I've been attacked by some crazy monster and saved by some weird Goth girl with a sword! Tell me what this is about!"

Miya stared down at him, her face unreadable. After a moment she closed her eyes.

"Very well." She said. Slowly, she raised a hand and pointed directly at him, "You, Dagon Samael, are a descendent of one of the Kings of my world, the Afterlife, and are currently one of the seven heirs to the royal throne. "

"…W-what did you say…?" Dagon's eyes were wide in disbelief, "I'm what?"

"You are the one whose blood of the Samael clan runs strongest in. So you have been chosen." Miya took a breath.

"A long time ago, The Samael family, your family, along with six other clans, ruled over the Afterlife, yet after a war they banished and sent to the world of the living."

"The Afterlife…? You mean the place people go after they die?" Dagon asked. Miya nodded.

"The souls of the once living fill our world. It is supposed to be a paradise where they can forever rest in peace."

"So you're a…Soul?" Miya shook her head.

"I am a higher form of being than a Soul, I am a Spirt, somewhat like yourself,"


"Your ancestors were Spirts, and the power of one flows inside you. You simply haven't unlocked it yet,"

"What about that…thing earlier?" Dagon asked.

"That was what we call a Demon," Miya explained, crossing her arms, "A Soul that has sold itself to gain powers equal to a Spirit,"

"Why was he trying to kill me?"

"Hmph, You haven't figured that out yet?" Miya asked, frowning, "Are you an idiot?"

"Well excuse me for having trouble taking all this in!" Dagon replied angrily. Miya, ignoring his outburst, sighed.

"That demon was trying to kill you because you are a descendent of the Samael clan, one of the rulers of the Afterlife,"

"I…I don't get it," Dagon said in a low voice. Miya took a second to respond.

"Long ago, the seven noble families ruled over the Afterlife because they were the strongest. They were Spirits of great power…perhaps too much," Miya paused and looked up at the stars.

"The seven once caused a great war in the Afterlife. Many Souls and Spirits were sent to Oblivion. In order to stop the ward they were exiled here, and for a time our world has been a happy one," Narrowing her eyes she looked down at Dagon.

"But now a new king must be chosen, and it was decided that one of the descendents of the noble families would take the place as King. That's why the Demon tried to kill you, and more will follow. You are one of the heirs for King of the Afterlife."

The Spirt looked down at the teenager. Dagon's head was titled forward, his hair covering his eyes. The teenager said nothing as he continued to stare down at the ground. A wind blew through the area, rustling his white hair.

"I'm…supposed to be a king…?" His fist clenched, "What the hell is that!?" He shouted, glaring up at Miya, "What the hell is all this? King of the Afterlife? A place full of dead people? Are crazy? You expect me to just accept something like that!?"

"To deny that it's true is to deny your experience with the demon earlier," Miya said coldly, "Even you, could not be that foolish,"

Dagon was silent for a moment. He removed his hand from his side and slid it across the bench, whipping blood on the wood. Gritting his teeth he stood up.

"Che, There's no way I could be king of anything. I'm just a high schooler," He turned away from the Spirt, "I'm not interested in anything like that, so you can forget about it," He took a step forward.

"…You seem to misunderstand," Miya's voice stopped him, "You aren't King, and personally, I don't believe you are even remotely capable of being one,"

Dagon gritted his teeth as she continued, "But that's not how it works. It isn't up to you to decide. I said there were six others like you. There are six others in your same position. However, only one of you can become King,"

Dagon glared at her over his shoulder, "What are you saying?" he demanded.

"I was sent here to protect you from harm until you met the other six. Because, in order to decide the next King, the Council decreed that the seven would battle,"

Dagon narrowed his eyes, his fists clenching at his sides.

"The seven heirs to the throne will fight, and the one left standing after the battle is over…will become King,"