It's been three weeks since my girlfriend had been shot and taken away with a group of hunters. And I missed her badly. All I could ever do was think about her. Everything about her was still in my head. Her Black soft fur, and her beautiful blue eyes. You could lose yourself in those eyes, I'd always tell her that, and she would always smile that smile. The one I loved so much. That was one of the things that kept me remembering her. I loved everything about her and I wasn't about ready to forget her.

"Kuckunniwi." my father said to me, taking me from my thoughts. "You have to get over her. It's been three weeks."

"I know dad, but I can't forget about her." I told my father, looking away from him. "And I know it's been three weeks."

"Well you must forget about her, its not good for you and or anyone else of the pack, Your mothers worried sick about you, all you do is mope around." he told me.

"I know dad." I said with a sigh. He was right. All I ever did was moping around. And I knew everyone in the pack had noticed it too. Even little
Kumari my little sister knew something was wrong with me.

Kumari was 5 years old now and married to Hania. They had 5 kids, and all were cute.

"What do you want me to do?" my father asked me. "How am I suppose to help, I hate seeing you so sad, and I know everyone else here does to."

I looked at him, a bit mad now. Everyone new what I wanted back. Everyone here knew that I wanted my Kanta. "What I want." I started to yell, I never yelled at my father. But I was so upset, and so mad. How could he ask that, when everyone knew that I just wanted her back. "What I want, is Kanta, father. All I want is her. I'd do anything to get her back. I lost everything when she was killed by those hunters. My life, my love and my heart. Everything went with her when she died, and all I want is everything back." I couldn't do anything to stop what happened next. Tears, I was crying. Those tears that I have held for over three weeks after Kanta's death, they finally came out. I couldn't hold them back anymore, like I have tried for the past three weeks.

"I know Kuckunniwi." My father said coming over to me to comfort me. Though he really couldn't comfort me, just knowing that he was there was all I needed. Knowing that someone still loved me and that I was still needed in this pack was everything i ever needed. "There are some things that we never told anyone in the pack, and just seeing you like this. I'm going to tell you."

I looked up at him, wondering what he had never told anyone in the pack. I was curious, but also quite scared at the same time. "What haven't you told anyone, father? You must tell me, I need to know. If it's some way to get my Kanta back, i would do anything." I told him.

"Well you can't tell anyone or everyone would get mad, but you seem to not want to forget her, and everyone else in the pack always forgot about the one they loved about 2 weeks after their death." He told me. "And you, it's been three weeks and nothing. What all do you remember about Kanta?" He then asked.

"I remember everything. Her black soft fur, and those beautiful blue eyes. Ones you can get lose yourself in, and her smile. Boy how I miss her smile." I told him. But I didn't wait for him to say anything I just continued. "I always told her how I loved her smile, and the way she walked.-"

"Okay, I get it." he said. "You remember a lot about her." And I nodded.

"Please tell me father." I told him. "I need to know."

He looked at me for a few minutes before he spoke again. "okay." he said nodding. "There's a place called the lake of life, it's been in our time for over 100 years." As he was talking all I could think of was bringing her back, bringing the one I loved back to me. "Its suppose to bring the one you love back to you, but the catch is, you need memory, and a reason or it wont work. And you see to have a lot of memory of her, but what is your reason to bringing her back?" he looked at me questing.

"Love." I told him. "With all my heart, and my soul."

"Okay, my son." he said. He looked like he was hurting with every word he said. Like some type of force was hurting him for telling me all this information about the Lake of Life. "The lake is in the far north, past the pack of Orange Leaf. But I worn you, they do not like trust passers." he looked at me with concern. Telling me this was all he could do. He knew I loved her, and he would do anything to make his son happy.

I nodded up at him, understanding everything. "Okay my father I told him. I will remember that, and I will be careful. I promise you." I was happy. I knew now that I was going to get my girl back; I was going to get my Kanta back. And with that he told me to wait till dark and go, he told me where the pack was to be in two weeks, because that was all the time I had left to get to her, to save her. And then he left. Left my den and me to thinking of what I had to do. Wait till the moon in the dark. Then I would leave, and go to save my Kanta. I would get her back, if it was the last thing I ever did I would.