Family Ties

Chapter 3


Sam pulled out his laptop and turned it on. "So were heading to Lake Benton, Minnesota." He flipped the computer around to face Dean. "Seems there has been a rash of unexplained deaths, four so far. All single men and all found in their beds."

Setting down the Dew Railean started to reach for the uneaten fries on Dean's plate, "So what makes this something you would look into?"


"Hands off the fries!" He popped a few fries in his mouth, "Girls got a point. What sent up the red flag?"

Sam flipped the screen back to him and started typing. "The coroner's report couldn't find anything wrong with the bodies except that they all had no testosterone present in their systems."

"Testosterone?" Railean asked.

"Well yea. It's what…"

Railean held up her hand to stop him, "I know what testosterone is Sam. Please don't explain."

Sam closed his laptop and reached for his drink, "Not sure what it could…"

"A Succubus." Railean and Dean said at the same time.

Sam looked at his brother and Railean, but it was Railean who answered, "What? A succubus needs testosterone to live or so I've read. And in all cases it kills its victims."

Dean looked shocked, "I know what a succubus is. What I want to know is why you know what one is?"

She just grinned, "What can I say, I is a very learned in all tings weird, fweeky and twue."

"Just to be sure we're going to cheek it out. Rai you can be in charge of looking up more information on Succubus's."

"Sucubi. The pleural form is Sucubi," Railean corrected without thinking about it.

"Right." Dean told her, rolling his eyes.

They finished the meal and then returned to the car. The drive was a little more enjoyable then before. Railean told them a little bit about herself. Then Sam asked the question she had hoped he wouldn't.

"Rai how did your parents die?"

Railean stared out the window, knowing why Sam was asking "You want to know if Azazel killed my mom don't you? Well he didn't. My parents were killed in a car crash. Nothing odd about it, drunk driver."

Sam turned around in his seat. "Who's Azazel?"

She looked at him a little confused, "The demon who killed your mom? You don't know his name?"

A quick glance between Sam and Dean told her she was right. "So let me get this straight, you and Dean are looking for something that you know nothing about? That's a sure way to get yourself killed."

"Hey we don't need to know what it calls itself to kill it," Dean interjected.

"That's not always true Dean. It helps to know what it's called. Makes looking for a way to kill it a little easier."

"Hold on." Sam was even more interested in this conversation then Dean. "How do you know it's called Azazel?"

"Because he came after me when I was six months old and my mom spent the rest of her life trying to figure out what he wanted and how to kill him."

"So if he came after you then why didn't your mom or dad die?"

Railean looked back out the window. "My mom and Mal use to hunt with your dad. Nobody else would after William Harvell died but Mal says my mom trusted him. Anyway," she looked back at Sam and could tell this was news to him, "it was through your dad that my mom learned about Azazel. Not his name mind you, just that he comes when the kid turns six months old. Mal just told me this part, you know, before he left." Railean shook her head the hurt of that still fresh.

The fact that Mal had ditched her was still a raw topic for her. "So when I turned six months my mom was waiting to see if he would come. Needless to say he did."

Sam turned back around in his seat, "So how did your mom defeat him?"

Railean paused. She wasn't sure how to finish this part. Trust is such a big thing to these guys. "She didn't defeat him, she just repealed him." A slight pause. "My mom was a witch Sam."

There was a long pause at this. Railean let the news sink in. When Mal had told her she was more upset that she hadn't known before. Magic was nothing new to her; she and Mal had come across spell users before. But it was clear that Dean and Sam had not yet been exposed to this kind of magic. She gave them time to adjust.

"So Rai," Dean broke the silence. "Was she a good witch or a bad witch?"

Railean grinned at his reference of The Wizard of Oz. "She was a good witch."

Dean nods. "And what house was she in?"

Now Railean was confused. "What house? I don't get it."

"You know at Hogwarts. You think she knew that Potter kid."

A quick slug from Railean just made Dean grin even more. "I'm sorry but the whole witches and magic thing is a little far fetched."

"Given what you and Sam do for a living is it so hard to believe that there is magic in the world? I mean real magic not just demonic magic."

Sam continued to look out the front window, "So let's presume that you're right. Does that make you a witch?"

"I've never done anything big like what my mom did to Azazel. In fact that night at the Roadhouse has been the only time I have used powers like that before."

Dean pulled of the road and into a hotel parking lot. "Well we should hit Lake Benton tomorrow morning. So let's crash here and pick up then."

All three got out of the car and headed to the main office. Dean stopped Railean at the door.

"Now if I wake up a toad, you will be the first one I give warts to. Got it?"

It took Railean a moment to realize that he was joking with her. "I got it."

Sam, Dean and Railean got out of the Impala outside the last victims house and walked up to the door. There was still police tape reading, Crime Scene: Do Not Enter. Like people really listen to that. Railean thought as she ducked under the tape and entered the living room.

Dean started upstairs, while Railean and Sam looked around downstairs. Railean pulled down a photo album from the bookshelf and sat on the couch to look through it. "He had a sister and two brothers, it looks like." She flipped it around so Sam could see. He didn't even glance at it

"That helps us how?"

Railean didn't miss the coldness in Sam's tone. "It doesn't help but it lets us know that he had a family, people who are morning him. It makes him… I don't know, it just makes him seem more real." She turned the album back to her and continued to flip through it. "Less like a case number and more human."

He turned to face her, "How does that help us catch and kill what ever it was that killed him?'"

Railean slammed the album closed, "It's the fact that I know. That I know how they die and that it won't happen to someone else, because of what I did? Don't' you find someway to make sense of all the death that surrounds us?"

Sam turned from her, "Not any more. Now I just kill as many of the son's of bitches as possible."

"Now that sounds familiar." Dean had returned from his search upstairs.

"You find anything?" Railean asked, trying hard to ignore the fact that Sam seemed to be the one annoyed with her now.

"Yea, I think we were right about it being a succubus." He held up a small baggie, inside was a small amount of thick white substance.

"I hope that is not what it looks like," Sam stated looking a little grossed out.

"Not unless this guy found some way for his to glow." Dean flicked out the lights and the stuff lit up. "It's left over from the succubus."

Railean took the bag, "How do you know so much about Succubi's?" Dean snatched it back from her.

"Well I ran into one with an old friend. Had to pull his butt out of that fire too. Little minx nearly had him for main course."

Railean thought to herself, "So let's find her and kill her."

"It sounds good to me. How do we A) find her and B) kill her?" Sam asked

"Well, what do all these guys have in common?" Railean asked. "I mean how is she picking them out?"

Dean stared out of the house and Railean and Sam followed. "Let's try asking the victims families. They should have an idea."

"Well we have the list of them. I'll take the Beach family, Dean you can take the…"

"Wait, beach?" Sam asked in confusion.

Railean nodded to the house they had just walked out of. "Allen. Allen Beach, teacher at Lake Benton Middle School. Sister's name is Alice, works as an RN at the local Nursing Home. Older brother Gary is an architect and younger brother Todd goes to the Collage here in town."

Dean was clearly impressed, "And how do you know all that."

Railean looked right at Sam, "Like I said, it makes him more real." She gets in the car.

Dean looked at Sam. "At lest she's pissed at you now and not me." He gets in the car and starts it. Sam looked back at the house, sighs and then gets in as well.

Railean and Dean sat in Alice Martin's living room. Dean thought it best if Railean didn't go alone, but Railean could tell he was uncomfortable in there, surrounded by smiling pictures of the Beach and Martin family. On the table sat a picture of Alice and her brothers. She was in a wedding dress being held up by them length wise. Railean picked up the frame.

"That was taken at my wedding reception," Alice said as she walked back into the room carrying a tray of drinks. "It was Allen's idea to pose like that. He's always comes up with the goofiest things. I mean…" she set drinks on the table clearly upset by the slip.

Railean set the picture back down. "I know what you mean. I'm sorry."

"So how did you know Allen?" Alice asked as she handed Railean and Dean the drinks. She left hers on the tray.

"I had him as a teacher in eighth grade. I wasn't here for long, Dad was re-stationed and Mom wanted to go with this time. But Mr. Beach made a real impact on me. I was surprised when I came here to see him and learned…well that he had passed."

Alice nodded and Railean saw out of the corner of her eye the look of pure surprise on Dean's face. "Yea Allen loved his job. Gary says that with Allen's love for kids there wouldn't be a girl out there who wouldn't want him."

"Was Mr. Beach seeing anyone?" Railean asked setting her drink down. It seemed Dean was going to let her take point on this one.

Alice nodded, "He was seeing a girl, said he meet her while planning his next lesson. Allen never got around to introducing her to the rest of us, in fact Gary and Todd never knew. He said she worked at the Coffee Hut." She looks at Railean. "You know the one down on Main Street."

Dean crossed his legs, "Yea The Coffee Hut."

Railean tapped his leg, "No the one on Main Street was torn down," she looked back at Alice. "They rebuilt The Coffee Hut on American Legion Blv. Right Alice?"

Alice smiled, "Oh yes that's right."

Railean stood. "Thank you Mrs. Martin." Dean followed her lead and stood as well. "I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. I know how hard it's been."

Alice stood and walked them to the door. "You're welcome and thank you."

As Dean and Railean walked back to the car she could tell he was dying to ask how she knew about the coffee hut. "Go ahead and ask I knew you are dying to."

He opened his door and leaned on the hood of the car, "All right. How did you know she was testing you about the coffee hut?"

"Elementary, my dear Dean," Railean said with a grin. "I didn't till I noticed a picture behind her. It was of the coffee hut being built, it had her brother, Gary, standing in front of it. Figured they torn down the first and let Gary build the new one." She got back in the car.

Dean slid in, "I guess we have our own little Monk, slick very slick. So to the Coffee Hut?" He started the car.

"Yea, I'll call Sam and have him meet us there."

Dean and Railean arrived at the Coffee Hut just as Sam was walking out. Railean figured he had already gotten the info on the girl.

"There's nothing here," he told them with his arms out.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked getting out of the car.

"I mean there is no one here who is claiming to have gone out with the teacher. It's a dead end."

Railean could tell Sam was being snippy. "She may have quit."

"Look I'm telling you, there is no one here who ever dated the teacher. Go cheek for yourself if you don't believe me."

Railean walked up to Sam. He was a good two feet taller then she and to see them together like that a passerby would have found the scene funny. "You know what Sam! I will!" She turned and headed into the building, stopping at the door and spinning around towards Sam. "His name was Allen!" she shouted back to him before entering the hut.

Railean liked the smells coming from the counter. She loved the smell of coffee even if she wasn't a big fan of the taste. There was a kid behind the counter who couldn't have been much older then Railean. As she approached the counter, he barley noticed her. "Welcome to the Coffee Hut. What can I get for you?" His name badge said Chris

"Yea hi Chris. My friend was in here a little bit ago. He was asking about a girl who may have been working here. We think she was seeing Mr. Beach"

Chris looked up and past her. "Is that him standing out there?" He nodded towards Sam and Dean, who seem to be in the middle of a heated argument.

"Ya that would be him, the tall one."

"Sorry, I don't know what he told you but all he did was order a mocha tall. He never asked about Kayla."

"What?" she spun to face Chris. "He never asked for anything but a drink?"

"Yep, had he asked I would have told him that she quite about a week ago. She was a looker all right. Most the high school boys would come to order drinks just to see her. In fact since she quit our sales have gone down."

"Kayla. Have you seen her since?"

"Yep, she came in yesterday to get her finally pay check. Even asked me if I wanted to go out. But I have a girl and I ain't into older woman. Besides Maggie would be ticked if she thought I flirted with anyone here."

"What does Kayla look like?"

"Well she has your color hair, dark brown down to her waist. Likes to let it hang free. But it's her eyes, one a rich hazel and the other a bright blue sapphire. Kind of creepy, like if you look into them your lost forever."

Railean grinned, "And you never flirted with her? You are a one in a million guy Chris." Railean turned to go.

"Oh if you want to find her she hangs out at The Stockyard. It's a bar about three blocks from here."

Railean waved a hand, "Thanks Chris. Tell Maggie she is a lucky girl." She walked out the door and over to Dean. "You brother is a lying ass." She said no more; walked past him and started down the street.

Dean was quick to catch up with her. "So what was that about?"

She turned to him happy that Sam had enough since not to follow, "Dean he didn't even ask about Kayla. Yes that is her name, Kayla. She worked there until a week ago. She was in yesterday to pick up her last pay check and she hangs out at Stockyard. That's where I am heading now. If he wants to be an ass then he can sit this one out. But when you see him remind him it was HIS idea that I come along on this hunt, not mine." She continued walking and ranting, "I mean did I do something to piss him off. He is acting like I am a liability here. Keep in mind I have hunted worse things then a succubus. I mean what is his problem. Ahh!" She stopped and realized that Dean stopped awhile back. "What?"

He walked up to her, "Nothing but I didn't feel like being tossed into the road. You were pretty pissed just now. Feel better?"

She sighed, "Yes a little bit. But really, why is he acting like this?" Her voice was calm but there was hurt in it. "I swear it's like you and he switched personalities."

"You want my honest opinion?" She nodded. "I think he is a little pissed that your mom was able to repeal the demon and ours died."

"But why? It's not like I had anything to do with that."

Dean started walking and Railean kept pace. She could tell that this was not the kind of talk Dean was use to. "I think he blames himself for her death. Figures if he hadn't been born she wouldn't have died. Kind of stupid, I know but I am beginning to understand how he feels."

Railean looked down, "You mean your dad right? He died you lived."

"A little more complicated but that is a good jest of it. And to top it off you're like Glinda's daughter too. Don't think he has gotten his mind around the whole witch thing. Might just need time."

Railean laughed, "You two really are brothers. That is what he told me about you. Give you time to get use to me." She sighed, "Why is this so hard?" They had arrived at The Stockyard. It was closed and had a sign, open at 5:30.

"Cause that's life, can't make it easy. Lose some of the excitement. Come on lets head back." He turned her around and there was the Impala with Sam behind the wheel. "Sam and I can come back here when it opens."

"Nope I'm coming too."

"Last I knew you weren't 21."

Railean turned him back to the bar, "True but tonight is amateurs night. They don't' serve alcohol so they let 18 and over in tonight. Sorry but still stuck with me."

They got back in the car and headed back to the hotel. Sam didn't say a thing. Smart boy