it's just like you (all over again)


by evanescent me and my dreams


he smiles, and for a second (more than that) i see you in his messy hair and stupid words, even if he's darker than you in so many ways. and i know (oh, i know) there's no way i could ever get out again. because my disheveled irrational heart is only patched up,


for someone with scissors to snip up the stiches.

and he seems deliberate in his oh so casual way, just like you did, and i know what should be ancient history is going to replay itself, because the second we spoke a word, my heart jumped out of place (just after it was settling). and in his sentences pouring from his mouth, i hear him laugh that he doesn't have feelings, and i don't doubt it because neither did you, not really.

so i wonder if he's taunting me with his paragraphs setting me up for another summer of misery and crying into my pillow. but maybe he's not. after all, there's always possibilities (not with my luck).

and although i never had the chance to hate him (excepting all those years back) like i did you, it's like a bad remake of the same old movie i already loathed.

oh god, it's just like you, but your blue eyes are some unidentifiable deep color and your hair is so different.

but it's not you. it's him.

maybe this time it'll be better?