The sky was ominous the day I met you

And the thing called friendship was mysterious to me.

You told me that it was fine

And that you were new to this too.

From that day on we became inseparable,

And we both discovered happiness.

Like a flower in full bloom,

We developed beautifully.

You are a good friend.

I wonder where you've been my entire life,

You answer sweetly:

"Wondering where you've been,

But being too afraid to look."

We both smile shyly,

And you said words I'll never forget.

"Let's make a pinky promise,

That no matter what,

We will always be together."

My pinky finger nervously interlocks with yours,

And we make solemn vow.

Never to forget or leave behind,

We smile endlessly.

A quite simple song I wrote but I like it. :)