I remember the path we used to walk down.

I remember it all.

The Lilies always shone bright as stars.

But those are only memories now.

This distance between us is expanding.

Even though you won't look at me,

All I have to say is:

"Thank you." And Goodbye.

I will always treasure our memories,

Even if that seems a bit childish.

All I want is to know that you were there with me during those times.


Thank you for the memories.

I can't hate you anymore,

But it still seems like you hate everyone.

Your nice smile as grown tired,

So, all I see is a frown.

You're fading but I'll never,

You're fading but I'll never….

I still walk down that path you showed me,

Holding tightly to that gift you gave me.

A Lily, brightly yellow, like a star, like you.

It smells strongly of you. It won't let me forget.

The Memories.

The flower has died harshly,

And the scent of you disappears as well.

I feel the memories of you slipping away.

I want to cry right now.

I don't want to forget your voice.

I want to remember your smiling face.

You seem to have a contagious disease.

So, that I'd become like you.

For that,

All the Lilies disappear.

I'm not really proud of this song but I thought I should post it anyways. Someone out there might like it. :)