The words catch in my throat, I'm going to be sick and the world is spinning. I'm being pulled under the water that won't spill, these dams much too strong, the emotion too weak. I've been trained, you can see it in the way I stand, the emotionless way of speaking, you know. I stand tall, military almost, waiting, silently with baited breath. I hear your heart speed, and slow, and skip, I feel mine crack and crumble. This pain is new, nothing like abuse or mistreatment, merely pain, shallow and deep, confusing. I'm dying; my mind screams to my limbs, organs, they don't respond, just hold on.

You turned away, slowly, as if not moving at all, we're motionless. The floor positions us, and we suffer from change. The blinds are shut, the room suddenly stuffy and miserable, the words still trapped in that cage I can't swallow. My hand twitches, balling itself up in pain, wanting to strike but unable to exert the energy. Why the universe keeps spinning, I'll never know. It clicks slowly, I'm waiting, pull me up from the river, I'm hiding behind the dam. I put my trust in you as the world spun away; I put my life in you as the earth crumbled beneath, because you seemed like me.