Chapter 5

Lauren lets Laura finish her snack.

''okay sweetie why don't you go into the livingroom with Spike for a little while and watch tv while I talk to your daddy okay?'' Lauren asks her

''otay cwome spwike!'' Laura tells him

Spike follows Laura into the livingroom.

Lauren watches her leave before she throws her hands up at Peter.

''oh what?!'' Peter questions her

''you can't just be saying all that in front of her like that and expect her to get her hopes up and get her all hyped up and excited that she's going to be staying here and that her daddy is going to be in her life because I don't think it;s going to work out between us!'' Lauren tells him

''what are you saying that you don't want me to be in her life?'' Peter questions her

''I don't know I mean I do but we can't live here!'' Lauren gets angry and looks at the ground

''I'm her father and I want to see her on a regular basis!'' Peter tells her

''well I can't make promises to anything!'' Lauren tells him

''I am her father!'' Peter tells her

''I know and she is the only thing I got and if you take her or fight me for her I will be soo pissed!'' Lauren tells him

''can't we just work something out so that I can see her?'' Peter asks her

''I don't know Peter I don't know!'' Lauren tells him

''we don't exactly have enough money to always be coming up here like this!'' Lauren tells him

Peter sighs angrily rubbing his head

''look maybe I made a mistake of bringing us here and we should just go.'' Lauren tells him

''no you didn't don't go please I want you to stay please?'' Peter asks her

Lauren just looks at him and just can't say no to him because the way he gives her the eyes she still loves a lot.

Lauren sighs ''fine.'' Lauren says

''thank you.'' Peter says and gives her a hug

Lauren just hugs him back tightly.

Peter pulls away after a few minutes ''so what now?'' Peter asks her

Lauren just shrugs running her fingers thru her hair.