So, So many things are able to keep us apart,

Gossip, Change, and Life itself,

But we are determined to keep this bond strong.

Even though these words that escape from my lips,

All seem very cliché to you,

These repeated feelings are true.

Every moment we spend together is like paradise.

Every laugh, every smile, every perverted moment with you.

This seems like my own fairy tale.

With you as the main character.

But soon, reality will break these thoughts.

But when I see you by my side.

It feels as if those thoughts are true.

Please, don't let my fairy tale slip away.

I remember the times we hurt each other thoughtlessly,

And apologized the very next day.

I was able to realize that I didn't want to lose you,

And all the good times we had.

But I think most of all,

Without you there,

I was afraid that this fairy tale would break.

Please, don't let my fairy tale slip away….

Even if the day comes we have to separate,

And my fairy tale shatters like glass.

I wont forget the times with you.

When our faces flushed like mad,

With telling who we liked.

Those memories will never fade away.

It's my perfect fairy tale.

My perfect fairy tale.

Here with you,

Laughing like this,

Crying like this,

Being scared like this.

I believe this fairy tale can't get better.

I wrote this song at the beginning of school for my friends. I hope you love it as much as they did. :)