Hello there, pink dancing cat. Oh, you want my cookie? We'll go halfsies.

Tallyho, pink dancing cat!

Mallory Davis lazily opened her eyes. It was... Mallory couldn't remember what day it was. All she knew was that it was a summer day. A hot one too.

She sat up in her bed and looked at the clock. 10:07 a.m.

What shall I do today? Still sitting on her bed, Mallory studied the contents of her closet. Dress after dress poked out, the sliding doors had stopped closing a while ago.

Shit Mallory though I really stocked up on dresses for this summer.

She swung her legs off her bed and made her way to the closet, stepping over various books and objects.

Mallory picked a light green dress with red and blue umbrellas on it and stuffed her feet into white canvas shoes her sport teacher had a habit of calling 'Ninja Slippers.'

She laughed with pleasure as she looked down at the grey socks with embroidered teddy bears on her feet.

"Enjoy mum."

Mallory descended the stairs and went into the kitchen. Her mother was sitting on the bench, reading the paper. Her sister was probably colour co-ordinating her shoes upstairs.

"Salutations mother!" She said cheerily

"Good morning to you too, Mallo- No" Mallory's mum was staring pointedly at the socks.

"Yes. I like them" Malloy grabbed an apple and played with it. Her mother's reply got cut off by the phone.

"Sexy Everything, how may I help you?" Malloy answered. She waved off her mortified looking mother.

"You. Me. Ice cream at Florals. Fifteen minutes. Ready? Go!" Mallory laughed and put the phone down on the hook. She abandoned the apple she was throwing up and down and grabbed her wallet.

"Going to get ice cream!" Malloy shouted as she made her way to the door.

"What about breakfast?" Her mum called out

"Ice cream!" Mallory shut the door and grabbed her bike from the far end of the veranda. With great difficulty she hauled it down the veranda stairs.

Mallory swung her wallet strap across her body and sat on her bike.

Florals was the best ice cream shop in town. Conveniently only a ten minute bike ride. Pete lived a bit farther away and always challenged Mallory with a time limit to get there. He never won.

Mallory thought hard on the way to Florals. Should she get Licorice Swirl or Chocolate Thunder?

She decided on Licorice Swirl just as she arrived at the shop.

Cautious of Peeping Toms she swung her legs off her bike and chained it to the bike racks.

Pete was nowhere to be seen as usual. Mallory crossed her arms and waited.

After a few minutes she felt an arm circle around her neck.

"Give me your wallet" A gruff voice said. The person's voice hitched at wallet and Mallory knew it was Pete. Mallory turned around to see Pete laughing hysterically.

"It's not going to work if your voice hitches every time. You need to stop laughing" Mallory was unimpressed.

"I'm sorry. I'm trying to perfect it."

As Pete stood in front of her she observed what he was wearing. She approved of the red t-shirt and denim shorts. If it wasn't for her, Pete would dress like a dork.

"Hey, we're wearing the same shoes. Except mine aren't pristine white, five sizes too small and I'm not wearing grey teddy bear socks" Pete playfully nudged Mallory's foot with his own.

"Choices?" He asked.

"Licorice Swirl" Pete nodded

"You?" Mallory asked

"Hmmm. Vanilla. No, no. Rainbow. Ooh no Vanilla. Oh but Rainbow is so nice" Pete had a hand over his chin and was in deep thought.

"Every time" Mallory muttered.

"No, no. I've got it. Rainbow!" Pete looked excited with his choice.

"You do know they're the same flavours just different colours, right?"

"Yeah but Rainbow is so pwetty" Mallory rolled her eyes. She grabbed Pete by the shoulders and steered him into Florals.

"Well I'm getting Licorice Swirl. Decision made"


Five minutes later Mallory came out of Florals with a peppermint and chocolate ice cream. Pete had his Rainbow.

"I can't believe you got that" Pete said with disgust. He hated peppermint. "What happened to Licorice Swirl?"

"Change of heart."

"Beach?" Mallory asked. She didn't have her bathers but it was tradition to sit on the beach with their ice cream.

"Sure thang" They walked along the side walk, eating their ice creams happily.

"So where did you get the teddies from?" Pete asked, looking down at her feet.

"Kids section" Mallory's feet were a size five and a half.

"You're saa indie" Pete said.

"Shut up" Mallory laughed.

"Are you sure you don't want any?" She looked at her ice cream then at Pete, offering.

"I'm pretty sure Mal"

"It's really good though, I'm sure you'll like it. Come on" Malloy stopped walking and held her cone out near Pete's mouth.

A woman with a pram came strolling past. The wheel knocked into Mallory. She fumbled and her ice cream smooshed into Pete's face. The cone dropped from her hand and landed on his shirt before falling to the ground with a splat.

Mallory covered her mouth with her hands to suppress a giggle.

"I'm so, so sorry. I'll buy you another. I-"Mallory didn't get to finish what she was saying because Pete was coming towards her with his Rainbow cone.

He shoved it down the front of her dress, some sliding down her chest. Pete lunged again, this time getting the side of her chin. Some getting in her curly brown hair.

"You bitch!" Mallory screamed. Pete dropped his cone on the sidewalk. He covered his mouth with one hand as if to say "Oops, I didn't mean to"

Mallory lunged with both hands outstretched. Pete bolted down the path, Mallory following.

They sprinted all the way to the beach. Pete abandoned his shoes and went into the water, fully clothed. Mallory did the same.

Mallory spear tackled Pete into the water. Mallory rose from the water and went into a fighting stance.

Both roaring with laughter, they splashed each other.

Pete picked Mallory up bridal style and threw her back in the water, Mallory screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her head popped to the surface. Pete watched cautiously to see what she did next.

They were both facing each other, panting.

"Truce?" Mallory offered her hand. Pete nodded and shook it.

He then scooped her up and put Mallory over his shoulder. Her legs kicking and fists pummelling Pete's chest.

"Put me down! You prick!" she shouted. Pete put her down gently on the sand and lay down next to her. Their chests rose as they lay in silence.

Peals of laughter erupted from the both of them.

"You owe me an ice cream" Pete said.

"So do you" They laughed again and Pete grabbed Mallory's hand.

Mallory then noticed that her soaking wet dress had become slightly transparent. She blushed and Pete noticed too.

"It's not like I haven't seen you in your underwear before Mal."

"Yeah, when we were kids! I'm a lady now Pete" Mallory sniffed indignantly.

"Oh, a lady are you? Is it lady like to call me a prick?"

"On occasion" Pete laughed and sat up. He ran a hand through his hair.

We certainly aren't kids anymore Mallory though as she sat up next to him.

Pete stood up and extended a hand.

"Come one, we'll ride back to my house on your bike. You can balance on the handle bars. I bought Dirty Dancing yesterday" Pete said resentfully.

"So you finally agreed to watch it" She took Pete's hand and stood up.

"Got to give new things a go, I suppose" Mallory picked up her shoes and took off her socks.

"My teddies!" She said frowning

"Oh no! Your saa indie socks!" Pete clapped both hands to his cheeks. Mallory shoved his shoulder.

They laughed and walked up to the sidewalk, both holding their shoes.

Pete grabbed Mallory's hand again. It didn't feel weird.

Pete's right Mallory though giving new things a go isn't bad at all. She smiled up at Pete.

"Ever going to consider watching The O.C.?" Mallory asked

"Not a chance"

A/N: Hello! I write a lot of one-shots for my friends, and myself really.

They're cluttering up my computers so I thought I aught to post them somewhere.

Lots more to come! You'll probably find all the romance sickening.