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"How about this one?" Lorelei asked me as she held a red blouse up to my torso.

"Nope. Not it."

"Um…this one?" She held out a neon green tank top to me.

"Ugh. Hideous, Lorelei. Can't you do any better?" I said, without looking up from my spell book.

I left Lorelei - my twin sister - with the duty of picking out my clothes today. But it seemed like she was having an off day. Lorelei was usually better at this fashion stuff than I am.

"Yes, Kat. I can do better. But the problem is that you're pressuring me, Kat. Pressuring me!" Lorelei's face was pink and priceless but I knew better than to push the wrong buttons.

"Calm down, Lorrie. I was just asking if there's anything better for me to wear. Don't stress out. Please." I sighed as I picked up a pale purple dress out of the tall mountain of discarded clothes. "What about this one, Lorrie?"

My twin's eyes brightened up when she saw me holding the dress and she started bouncing around our bedroom with as much energy as the Energizer bunny high on caffeine and sugar. Why? I had no idea.

"That's it! That's it! That. Is. It!" A grinning Lorelei led me to our decently sized closet and pulled out a pair of black thigh-high boots.

"Kat, grab me your onyx black cotton tights we ordered from the Witch Collections catalogue three months ago! Now! Please? Pretty please? Please with extra spices on the side?"

I had no clue why she was acting this way. Like, sure, it was our first day of human school but still…it doesn't give her any means to act this way. Does it?

I grabbed the tights from our dresser and threw them at my sister's face. She didn't seem to mind - she just keep that cheery aura and that distant-but-still-here look on her face. I watched as she took the boots and tights and arranged them neatly in a stack right beside the dress and started going through our accessories. She pulled out a black heart chain necklace and clasped on a purple 'K' from the charm bracelet I stowed away somewhere. I actually forgot that I even owned a charm bracelet.

Now she was zipping around the room. My best guess was that she was looking for hair and makeup tools. I didn't see much of a deal in dressing up for a lousy human experience. It wasn't like we were going to the National Spells Convention held in Avalon every mid-decade. Now that kind of stuff was black tie fancy - something that you had to dress up for. Not this. Not a normal human school day.

So while Lorrie was buzzing around the room muttering where she had put this and put that, I refocused on my book of spells.

"'To make a person fall in love', 'to find lost things', 'to restore health'…Lorrie, can you quiet down? Please?!" It's frustrating when you're trying to do something but you're unfortunately disturbed. Which was exactly what Lorrie was doing.

Lorrie, who was prancing around the room, jumping on the bed and rolling on the floor screaming "I did it! Whoop! Whoop!" gave one last final 'Whoop!' and sat on her side of the room, head tilted and sly smile still plastered on her porcelain face. Slowly, she motioned me over.

"What is it now Lorrie?" Now I was curious. What did she do to make her this happy?

"Okay, I'll tell you now. I've came up with the most perfectly perfect first-day-of-normal-human-high-school outfit you're ever going to wear. And trust me, you'll love it." Lorelei took my black lacy bra from my dresser and slung it at me.

"Hey! That's an invasion of privacy, Lorrie!"

My sister shot me a goofy grin. "It's called payback, Kat."

"For what exactly?"

"For throwing your - I mean our since we did split the cost - onyx black cotton tights from the Witch Collections catalogue."

"Fine. Let's call it even then." I couldn't help it but I broke through my serious façade with a smile.

"Nuh-uh, Katherine Malina Sparx! You are putting on that bra and the matching undergarments. It'll help with your non-existent so-called 'love life'."

After shooting my sister a serious glare, I changed into the bunch of clothing Lorelei thrust into my arms. The lacy black bra and matching undergarments, the onyx tights, the pale purple dress - which, to my amusement, showed hints of the black lace for cleavage - and the boots. When I came back into our room, there was no funny business. Lorrie instructed me to put on the necklace and hoop earrings while she curled my long brown hair.

It was quite funny, actually, that we were twins. We were practically polar opposites. She was a blond, I was a brunette. She was short and over reactive, and I was half a foot taller and very calm with things. She was green eyed, I was blue eyed.

But aside from our differences, we had our similarities. Like our witch heritage - thus our mystical powers. And our shoe size and skin colour. Basically all our physical features were the same, with the exception of color.

I closed my eyes when Lorrie worked on my make-up and started thinking about what she said about my love life. It was sadly true. I never got around to dating a decent guy - probably because I thought there weren't many 'decent guys' out there. Lorrie, however, had one serious relationship with this guy named Ambrosios. Too bad he broke up with her for a dumb blonde cheerleader called Kandy or whatever her name was.

"Taa-daa! Kat, open your eyes and be prepared to be amazed!" Lorrie's high trilling shook me out of my trance and I came face to face with a different reflection. I hate to say it but Lorrie does a way better job with makeup than me.

My cheekbones were more defined and jaw more contoured, my eyes brought out by the soft neutral eye shadow and black eyeliner. Even my lips looked more fuller with a nude shade of pink. And my skin…my skin looked as porcelain than ever. I opened my mouth to thank my twin but she quickly shushed me.

"Nuh-uh-uh! Thank me later! I've spent way too much time on you that I barely left any time for myself! I only have an hour left to work my magic! Oh dear, oh dear…what am I going to wear?" Lorelei scampered around the room, once again in her own materialistic world.

I returned back to my novel of spells but weirdly, I felt no interest in it anymore. Yeah, weird. So instead, I brought out my bright cyan laptop and logged into my email inbox.

'1 New Message.'

I clicked on it and started reading.

'Dear Katherine,

Forgive me if we haven't officially met but - theoretically speaking - I already know you and you probably won't find out who I am. But anyways, I promised others to track you down and get rid of you. Don't ask why. I just have to. So get ready and say your goodbyes because I'm coming sooner than you think.


No amount of makeup could cover the shock I was in.

I officially had an enemy and I did nothing to deserve it. There is no way I'm going down without a fight.

I closed the laptop and stowed it in my patterned yellow backpack and tried my best to act normal because I know I can't bring anyone - especially Lorrie - into a fight like this.

I'm on my own this time around.

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