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This is a story that was inspired by another FP exclusive. The wonderful and talented usuallyregal wrote this love soaked story that is getting to me more and more, until it actually made me tip right off my chair. I mean it!

This is what started the tremble in my heart...


I had to wonder what she was thinking. Did she care about me a lot too or was she just stringing me along? I didn't know how to talk about my feelings with her, it was so awkward and weird and it made my stomach churn just thinking about that. I hardly felt like me at all when I was trying to talk like that. It just wasn't me.


OMG, this is just how I feel about a special someone. I'm not myself. What makes me act so totally clueless? Even if I have a clue, I can't keep my thoughts straight.

Oh, you people don't now how this feels.

So then usuallyregal, one of my fav FP writers wrote...

Again with the quotes:

I knew she was concerned, and concerned especially because I didn't like talking about it, and I didn't want her to think that I was a closed book. I wasn't, at least not with her. It was just that I didn't want to say something I'd regret later.

Again with the end of quotes.

(I need to sit down)


"I don't want to talk about all the depressing stuff, okay? That was what I wanted to get away from. I just want to escape with you right now."

(Full out fall on the floor)

All I want is to escape with him. Anyway I can, if he wants to run through the cyber night fighting aliens, I'll be right there with him. I'm not anyone's sidekick though, I'm my own wonderwoman. But I wouldn't mind seeing him in tights! What?!? some guys actually look hot in tights, you know.


Run away,

Release me from this hell...if only for short breaths of time.

Talk with me, be with me. How ever we can .

There have been other forbidden romances,

Can you really think it is fair for us two to be staying apart for the feelings of others?

Life is not fair, I know.

But if we stay together,

if we march through the quicksand and not get sucked under,

then we will end up on a beach in the sun

just us.

(Yeah, those words are from me. Now I have to go and feed them, bath them, and put them to bed. Words can be such work)

There is a story here.

Chapter One.

You Open The Door To My Heart

We were meeting at the local diner. It wasn't our first "date," but when I think of that word I still blush. Yes, we have had some friendly dates in the past, but things became complicated. Then our jobs were keeping us busy. But one day I called his cell and he answered rather quickly. My heart rate immediately jumped to , oh, 1 gazillion beats per microsecond.

"Hello?" said Pierre.

"Hi there stranger. How's your day?" I say, trying not to sound nervous. Oops, my mind just emptied like a beer funnel in a frat boy's mouth.

"I'm running right now. I can't wait until this weekend when I can just take a breath. How is your day?" said Pierre.

Now, how do I answer him. Wait, what did my brother tell me? Oh, yeah. What do YOU want.

"My day is the same. But this weekend, now that sounds like a plan. Do you think we can work in some breakfast together?" I ask. I cannot believe I just asked about breakfast. That is too early, too intimate even. Gosh, if I'm asking for breakfast, is that supposed to be after an erotic night of passion? Am I sounding too pushy? Am I asking for him to pay? Holy moly, I am never going to get this right.

"Breakfast on Saturday would be great. Can you make it around 9?" he asked.

"Nine, yeah, nine, nine is good for me." I said. Idiots can have happy moments too. It crosses my mind, that this is not a crush, this is not an attraction, I'm in love and a blanket of warmth came over me that I know who makes my heart feel whole and makes me feel mended and alive.

So, this is the end of Chapter one. It should have been longer I know, but I still have a test to study for and the night is catching up with me. So, I'll go for more tomorrow.

Thanks to anyone who has read this. And here is to love finding a way.