The Rainbow Lounge Chapter 2

Love Did Find A Way

Ever watch those sickly sweet love stories that come out every Valentine's Day. I'll tell you something true about them, if you take the chance, if you move forward, you will take a step closer to finding love. It may not be with who you start out believing is the one for you, but I think those stories are more about opening oneself up to the opportunity.

Now, the switch is to remember, these aren't the same characters, just the same lounge.

They came in looking like they just ran a marathon.

"Hey, where's the fire." said the waitress.

"Beg your pardon. Any tables outside available?" asked the gentleman.

"Yes, go sit anywhere that's open, and I'll bring out menus." said the waitress.

They make their way through the tight configuration of cafe tables and plop down hard into their seats laughing. Their knees touch and they look up into each others eyes. That brief acknowledgment made each of them smirk and look away. They had been running together and they were sweaty, hungry, and tired. They briefly look at their menus when the waitress was back.

"What can I get for you this morning? Would you like any coffee?" asked the waitress.

"I'll have coffee." said the gentleman."And some water please."

"I'll have unsweetened ice tea please." said the woman.

"Sure, would you like to order now too?" asked the waitress.

"Sure" said the woman.

"I'll have the 3 minute eggs and some rye toast." said the woman. "And he'll have an omelet with American cheese ." the woman smiled as he looked at her with surprise. He liked omelette's with American cheese.

"Any potatoes and toast?" asked the waitress as she looked at the gentleman. He just nodded.

"He'll have whatever you think looks best." the woman spoke up. The gentleman was aware that his friend was acting differently. They shared a smile. After the waitress left he gave her a look of suspicion.

"What? " she asked, "You don't think I remember those little details? Why is that, because we haven't spent 3 months waking up together?" asked the woman.

"I guess that was a little presumptuous of you to order for me." he replied.

"Did I get it wrong?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. He thought for a moment how to answer, then he smiled. She was looking at him all bubbly and more alive then he had seen her in a long time. He wasn't going to say anything to make her smile go away.

"No, you got it exactly right. You should hang a shingle as a psychic." he said.

"A psychic, I like that. What should my name be, Madame Knowitall?" she laughed out loud at that name.

"No, I'm thinking Mademoiselle ..." he started but she interrupted him. She had closed her eyes and seemed to be concentrating hard. He watched her performance.

"I have a vision." said the woman. The man turned his body and looked behind himself.

"Is our food coming so soon?" asked the gentleman, always sarcastic.

"Noooo." said the woman, "I see you in danger."

"Oh no, not danger." said the man leaning forward now.

"Wait you are not in danger, but you save someone from danger." said the woman.

"Wait again, " said the woman. At that moment their food did arrive and they broke out laughing at their private joke. The waitress gave them their plates and left.

They ate and did some people watching. They enjoyed making up absurd stories about the strangers around them. Finally they were finished and as they were leaving the woman placed a hand on the gentleman's arm.

"Thank for this day." she said.

"Thank you for the wonderful company on our run." said the gentleman, "We should do this again soon."

" We should do more then just jog around the park." said the woman. He looked into her eyes. She knew now was the moment, so she leaned in and rose onto her toes. She kissed his lips and slowly lowered back down to her heels. He smiled.

"Don't smile so like that or I'll kiss you again." she threatened with a teasing tone.

"Ew, and you're all sweaty." he teased back. She reached her hands to hold his arms and she popped back on her toes and kissed him a second and much longer time. As they kissed, he reached his hands around her back and held her kissing her back. When they finally stopped and separated they were breathless.

"That was..." she started and he finished, "wonderful."

"I do still have some time, it is the weekend." she said.

"What, no meetings? No errands?" he asked feigning surprise.

"I gave up all that this summer, I've become a selfish shut in. Just me and my writing." she said.

"Let's go." he said.

They walked 10 minutes back to his place. As soon as the front door shut she turn and they were drawn to each other. They kissed and pulled off each others clothing and were about half way to the bed when she stopped.

"I think I'd like a shower, would you mind if we?" she tapered off her words. The gentleman misunderstood and tried to calm himself and back away.

"Sure, sure, if you want to shower first." he said.

"Not by myself, silly." she said.

"Oh, well, of course." he said and he kissed her passionately and then led her over to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She closed the door and the room almost immediately steamed up. They finished undressing and didn't take much time to look at each other, just quick peaks. Then he opened the shower door and she entered, he followed and shut the door. The water ran down her body and she tilted her head back to get her hair wet. He reached for her breasts and started to touch her. The electricity of the moment made her straighten back up with a moan. He covered her mouth with his own and started became aware how cool the inside felt with his tongue now that the hot water was heating up the shower. She pulled back and found the bar of soap. She picked it up and turned it in her hands as she held it under the running water. They changed places so he could get wet and as he ran his hands through his hair he felt her small , warm, soapy hands slide down his chest. It sent shivers through his body. He pushed her back against the wall and lifted her up. She barely held onto the soap as she wrapped her arms around his neck and licked his droplets of water off his ear. This sent him over the edge and he bent his knees and moved himself under her teasing her. She gasped and dropped the soap.

He backed away and placed her on her feet. She looked at him in disbelief, why had he stopped? He smiled and rinsed himself off. He changed places with her again and rinsed her.

"I want you." she said.

"What's the rush?" he teased.

"Oh, this is killing me." she replied.

"Good." he smiled back at her. She tried to get a hold of him but he opened the shower and stepped out and left her. She went right after him. And they quickly made it out of the hot bathroom into the cooler bedroom. He jumped into the bed and she followed, soaking wet. They covered their wet bodies with the comforter.

"What are you doing?" she asked as she climbed on top of him and pinning his arms above his head.

"Do you trust me?" he asked her. She nodded yes in response.

"Kiss me" he said and she bent down and kissed him.

"Is this really what you want?" he asked. She thought she was going to lose her mind.

"Yes." was all she could say and she started to kiss him.

He easily flipped her on her back and became more aggressive. He explored her and kissed her driving her to the edge. She begged him to enter her, but he answered ,

"when I'm ready." he said she continued thrusting her body up to his touch until she finally couldn't hold on any longer.

"I'm, I'm" was all she could sputter out. And then her body shook the bed. After she stopped he touched her, starting at her thigh and moving up and in. he hit a spot that made her quiver almost violently.

"Stop" she said. "Too much"

He then said it was his turn and she smiled. He moved off and said,

"Back in a jiffy. Ribbed I think, for your complete enjoyment." he rolled over and back again.

Then he stretched out on top of her and teased her some more. That time was all she needed and when they started again she was recovered and ready to move in rhythm with him. She met every thrust with a pull of her own.

Afterward, She fell asleep on his chest, his arm around her. He went to sleep almost immediately. She smiled for a while, watched his chest as it rose and fell. She had dreamed of being with him for a long time. This day was better then anything she ever came up with in her dreams.

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