Cassandra Freiborg 10/10/10

In the purest depths I first saw you.

Starburst eyes alight

On a stranger and a crux in time

Oh and I loved you already.

Enthralling like a thrall that haunts me still.

Craving for a small taste.

The quickest poison; the strike of a viper.

The crushing weight of eternal bonds.

This terrible lottery I have paid into endlessly and endlessly and…





In the quickest despair I indulged

Drunk deeply of rapturous dreams

And withdrew too quickly the lips from the edge of

Wanton abandon

Spilling the last drops of golden dreams


And powerless to stop.

This useless passion obstructs all reason

And as your young heart did not languish

And now rests your heavy wings far, far from here.

Through time

I have learned to cherish this tomb

Of exhausted memories.

Lay these words at your feet and shed endless tears

For that purity in the first moment

That phantasmal kiss of death as you smiled

And said my name