I trusted you so much.

We were best friends until the end.

[I guess this really is the end]

I can't believe you would turn on me.

Are the memories we share nothing?

I hate you now.

[You've been acting strange. Are you okay?]

[It's you]

[What are you taking about and that look…it scares me]

[You should be]

That day I cried,

Cried until I couldn't breath.

What you did to me,

Will never be forgiven.

I made a promise to myself.

That one day you'll be dead.

I finally realized that those promises back then.

Were all fake and that just infuriated me more.

This knife feels perfect in my hand.


The day I went to meet you.

I had it all planned out perfectly.

[The knife hides in my pocket]

I was ready to carry it out.

That was until you kissed me.

[I'm sorry...]

My face became stunned,

And I couldn't breathe.

The tears wouldn't stop,

And I became scared.

You embraced me gently.

The knife falling from it's perch.

I saw the surprised look in your eyes.

Your tears they wouldn't stop.

The pain I felt was hurting me.

[You were going to kill me weren't you?]

[Yes I was…]

Your figure faded from my eyes.

You had run away.

I suddenly felt empty inside.

Realizing what I had done.

I grabbed the knife painfully,

And started running after you.

I think I knew from the start.

Ever since that day.

I would be the one to die for you.

I would be the one to die for you.

You were hiding in,

The place we use to play.

You looked up at me,

With such scared eyes.

I smiled kindly at you.

You became confused.

I held the knife to my throat.

[Only for you…]

I won't be your burden anymore.

So, I'll just disappear.

The only thing you had were the happy memories.

I only hope that you could find happiness,

Without me being there.

I'm very sorry for being such a burden.

As my other self looked upon you.

I instantly regretted what I did.

You were crying loudly,

Holding my cold body closely.

Also an old song. Though not as old as Ai Think So and I just remembered this other really old songs I wrote. OMG, it's so old. xD I'll have to post that one as well.