I don't understand why

People like to make others cry.

Why are they so rude, so arrogant, so hurtful?

Why do they treat others like big fat fools?

Why do they insult nice people, who are being sweet?

Why do they like to hog other people's spotlight and cheat?

Why do they hate someone just because he/she is different?

Everyone is not same, people's thoughts aren't concurrent!

Why can't they respect other people's views?

Why can't they open their hearts and try something new?

Why do they suppress everyone

They feel is a threat to their position?

Why do they show off their money and power?

Don't they realize every day they're just bowing lower?

Why are they always sarcastic, mocking?

Can't they hear humanism knocking?

How can they shed off their kindness?

How can they be happy by wiping the smile from others' face?

How can they laugh, party and rejoice,

When someone is crying, trying to raise their voice?

Are these people deaf and blind?

They have the dirtiest spot in my mind.

These people are the real idiots, they don't know

That someday they'll be the ones putting on a show.

One day they will meet someone who will humiliate them.

Taunt them, tease them, crumble them into particles of shame.

Someday, these heartless beasts will meet their superiors.

Don't cry, my poor oppressed friends, that day is near.

(A/N: I think we should all be nice and polite. It doesn't cost anything, but it can bring a smile on someone's face. Isn't that what life is for?)