I don't blame you

For not being in love with me.

Cause you see me through a veil-

You don't know the me that's real.

You see me as a stalker with a crush.

One who jumbles her words in a rush.

You don't know the person I'm underneath.

You don't know the morals I live with.

You don't know the dreams I build.

You never see my confidence-shield.

You have no clue how I actually talk.

The self-belief radiating from me when I walk.

You don't know how I like to dress,

When times get rough, how I deal with stress.

You have no clue how I think.

How I never let my hopes sink.

You have never seen me staying strong.

You think I just break down when things go wrong.

But I'm also the girl of girl who turns things around.

I can change situations from dangerous to safe and sound.

I like to encourage everybody.

When they stumble, I try to make them steady.

You've never seen how I care.

You've never seen how I dare

To speak my mind.

To fight injustice of any kind.

You've never seen me take a challenge.

You don't know I'm above revenge.

You've never seen me forgive and forget.

Or how emotions make my eyes wet.

You always see me cry.

You don't know that I DO survive goodbyes.

You've never seen me rebuild my world again and again.

When you see me smiling can you tell I am in pain?

You think I'm fragile little doll.

Yes, I'm sensitive- but I'm not weak at all.

I have that intense spirit to fight,

To make everything alright.

I don't like to lie, I don't like to cheat.

I want relationships to be honest and sweet.

I don't like sappy cliché television romance.

It's angst fiction that I love even at a glance.

I like to write, as much as I like to do Math.

I love singing- You never knew that.

You don't know that I lean on my parents for support.

You have never ever seen our great rapport.

You've never seen me fight for what I believe in.

You've never seen me just sit, self-healing.

You've never seen me smile, never heard me laugh,

Never witnessed my fan-girl rant or squeal.

You've never known anything about me that's real.

You just think that all I do is cry all day and night,

Study like a robot and hog the spotlight.

You don't know that I'm planning to

Grow up and fight for social causes.

To reach out to others, help them out,

To rise above selfish money lust and mundane loses.

You don't see the love and passion blooming in my heart,

The conviction, the yearning, the strong trust.

You don't see me bow my head in prayer.

You think these moments are really rare!

You think I can't live without you.

That I think of you all the time,

I've got nothing better to do.

You think I'm really sad and lonely.

You think you are indispensable,

Without you, I'm always unstable.

You think you're my one and only.

Let me tell you today- none of this is true.

I'm NOTHING like I appear to you.

You don't know this big girl

Who doesn't need a guy to catch her when she falls.

No wonder you don't love me.

I don't blame you at all!

(A/N: Random really. but think about it. If somebody doesn't know you, how can they love you?)