By FreedomInTheStars

A small whispery voice rang through the halls, "Look back. I'm right behind you..."


I stared at my paper in frustration. Around me, it was chaos. One of my classmates was talking gibberish to another. Outside, there was a light drizzle and a huge cloud of darkness was coming closer.

"What's the word?" someone at my table asked, clearly annoyed.

"What word?" I asked absently.

The girl at my table huffed and turned away to talk to someone else.

I continued staring at the unscrambled words on my paper. The words looked like ants crawling on the clean sheet of paper. That was why I never noticed what will happen afterwards.

I looked up and something caught my eye. The window, exposing the black clouds, had a foggy steam covered over them. I looked closer, and jerked back in my seat.

A pale face was scanning the room. I felt chills down my spine as I recognized it: a wraithlike. The spirit met my eyes and its lips curved slightly into a smile. Then, just like that, it vanished.

I blinked. And then the lights flicked off and everything started shaking. The earth I was spinning on its axis wildly. I was thrown to the side of a shelf and winced in pain as something stabbed my palm.

There wasn't silence like I hoped; so I was able to collect my thoughts and try not to freak out. Instead, there were twenty five others freaking out and causing the room to almost tremble.

The spinning s topped abruptly. I collapsed, just like others. And then, everything went black.


I woke up to see everything deserted. Everything was overturned. Everyone was gone. The silence was eerie, and everything looked old and crumbling down. I could feel despondency everywhere.

I craned my neck to see everything else. A flash of red clouded my vision for a while. I felt a moment of panic, even if I knew God was omnipotent and I couldn't be harmed.

I stepped out cautiously and started down the once smooth tile steps. The sounds echoed through the dark hallways. I felt an unusual coat of darkness and fear settle over me.

Every step took effort. I never knew the steps to take so long. I stopped and glanced down the small opening near the stairs. I felt the hairs stand back on the back of my neck. It was incredibly high.

Before I could decide if I should jump down, a small whispery voice rang through the halls, "Look back. I'm right behind you…"

And that was when I lost my control and screamed. My last sight before waking up was a doll turning the corner with a creepy smile.


A/N: My attempt at writing a "horror" one-shot. I understand that it is short; it was meant to be that way. Any feedback would be huggled to death. CCs are love, praises are thanked, and of course, flames are welcome. Thanks much.