I know, it's my first in forever. I've just started uni, so hopefully I'll have more chance/inspiration to write more soon!!

Maybe it is better not to change;
quietly, forever still to stay
so that in time we never will regret
the sour taste of pleasure- pleasure ends
and beauty, once held captured, dies its death.
So maybe it is better to remain
like statues, standing close in love's first throe,
who cannot touch (for they are made of stone)
but linger there for always in the bliss
of keen anticipation of their kiss.
Perhaps if nothing changes, then we might
preserve the passion
and keep the magic alive.

Perhaps if we pretend this is not real
and never say aloud the way we feel
then silent love will secretly sustain
the gorgeous state of love that's drenched in pain
and make this somehow epic, somehow strong
for knowing that we've held it for so long.
We'll never be let down by time's new truths;
I'll never alter my idea of you
as perfect, this idea instead
will go untarnished by discovered flaws-
my heart can go on blindly being yours
and disappointment never rears its head.

So what if I write my heart out on this page
and hope that like these words, we will not change
like characters in well-remembered verse
who never reach the point of no return
and never move past wishing, delicious hope
to having to let this aching feeling go-
will then we be immortalised like this,
on the verge of a first, earth-shaking kiss?
Or will we one day simply cease to care
or notice that the feeling is still there?

I only hope that my life freezes here-
that time will stop and simply cease to pass,
being so very full of this maddening fear
that this great almost-love of mine won't last.