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Texts That Express Love Better Than Talking

And so the journey begins…

Sunday evening, two weeks before school starts, 5.58 pm
Me: heyyy guys. tok! (group chat)

Miranda: ignore her

Simi: dude, if u send her a msg then ur NOT ignorin her

Miranda: oh. yea.

Me: :(

Me: u guys r mean

Simi: hey i've told u guys abt me goin to Cali right?

Miranda: yea. u told me

Me: waaat? NO! u hvnt told ME. wtf, u tell Mir n not ME

Miranda: apparently

Me: meanie

Simi: err guys tom is here

Miranda: owkay. u hve fun kiddo :)

Me: oohhh one last gudbye huh? u ENJOY :) :) :)

Simi: ... Taylor. god. plz. jst... god.

Me: wat?

Simi: nvr mind.

Me: but!

Miranda: shutup n leave her alone T.

Me: :(

Miranda: call me

Me: :)

I call Miranda.

"So…" I say. "You and me. Alone. With nothing to do and…"

"Who said I have nothing to do?" Miranda interrupts me. I stare at the phone, surprised, before remembering that she can't see me and saying, "You have plans?"

"Um, yeah. Tacki's gonna come over tonight." She giggles. I look at the phone in disgust. Then I remember that she can't see me, again.

"Ugh, curse you and Simi for having perfectly perfect love lives," I groan.

"Aww T, you could get a guy too if you would just…"

"Donneven," I say in a bored voice, quoting from one of my favourite books (It's Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever).

"God T, anyone would think you're not a girl!"


"Shut up."

"Stuff you."

"Stuff you?"

"Yup. Stuff you."

Miranda sighs on the other end. I hear the bell ring and her getting up to open the front door. "Hey babe," Tacki's voice says. They kiss. I cough loudly since Miranda obviously forgot about me in a span of millisecond (I mean seriously?) and they break apart with a smacking noise. Ew.

"Sorry T. I gotta go now, 'kay? Love you!" Miranda giggles uncharacteristically. I mean, seriously? Only her boyfriend is able to make her into a babbling, giggling, IDIOT. Oh poor, poor little bitch of mine.

"Fine. Go. Ditch me, your amazingly loving best friend, for your lover. Go. I don't care. I don't." I reply in a haughty manner. Miranda laughs.

"Lover? What's with the choice of vocabulary?" she asks with an I'm-raising-my-eyebrows-in-evident-surprise tone.

"Yea, that's just me," I say, bored. "Bye."

"Bye sweetheart." She rings off. I stare glumly at my TV before calling my mom. Yes. You heard right. My mom. God.

"Hey Mommy," I say glumly when she picks up, letting my gloomy mood seep into my tone. I was expecting her to notice and ask me what's wrong and then I'd tell her how unfair life was and blah, blah, blah. What I did not expect was her being completely thick-skinned and not detect anything.

"Hello darling," Mom giggles. I stare at the phone suspiciously before asking, "Mom? Where are you?"

"Just out darling," Mom replies with another girly laugh. Okay. Something's DEFINITELY going on.

"Mom…" I say carefully. "Are you on a… date?" I slip, and shock becomes clear in my tone.

"And what if I am?" she asks huffily. "I have the womanly charms for it, don't I?"

"Of course you do Mommy," I assure her, "I just didn't think you'd use them."

"Oh you silly-billy," she laughs in a creepy way. Not in a real creepy way, but in the Oh-my-God-my-mom-is-using-the-flirty-laugh-creepy way. *shudder*

"Okay, then bye Mom," I say quickly, sooner to step off her love life. I hang up before she can reply.

I'm bored. Cue sad face: :(. I call my older brother Joseph (older by just FOUR years mind) since I really have nothing better to do.

"Hey Jo." I say dolefully when he picks up his cell. There's something going on in the background and I can hear beeping and a continuous screaming. I wonder what Jo is up to now.

"T-bay?" Joseph asks, obviously distracted.

"Yeah. You busy?"

"Um… yeah. Wait a sec." I hear his voice, slightly fainter, shout, "Hey Mila, shut that crap up!" The screaming stops. "Yeah, I'm back."

"What the hell was that?"

"I think it was metal. Can't be too sure. Too old n' all."

"Ha-ha, old man. Shut up with that crap."


"Jo. Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo, JO."

"Stop saying my name over and over again. I already have people doing that."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah! Fans n' all."

"God, will you please stop your crap?"

"You say crap too much you know that?"

"And you're real stupid, you know that?"

"Ha-ha-ha. Big laugh T. What do you want anyways?"


"Your friends ditched you for their boyfriends again didn't they?"

"What? No."


"And what do you mean by again? They haven't ditched me before for their boyfriends. This is like, their first ever time!"

"November 11th, you call me up because they ditched you with their boyfriends at the library to go make out or something. December 24th, you call me upagain because you're alone at the carnival because your friends were visiting the love canal. February 4th, you…"

"Okay, okay, I get it, they've ditched me before. Jesus."

"Just proving a fact dear sister."

"Shut up. Me no like you."

"T-bay… I gotta go now. I've got to write my Molecular Science paper."

"You don't take Molecular Science."

"Shut up. Can't you let me pretend to be smart in peace?"

"No. No I cannot."

"Well, anyways I really have to go. I have other papers to do. Even if it's not Molecular Science."

"Aw…Can't you stay a little while longer?"

"Nopey-mopey. Bye lovely."

"Bye. Cry face."

"Bye now." He hangs up.

Now I have nothing to do. I flick on the TV (after much crawling around on the floor and cleaning the floor with my ass, knees, and hands, to find the remote control) and surf through the channels, not particularly watching anything. I am actually kind of hoping for one of those TV-show-like moments; you know the ones that the girl or boy is watching TV and up pops an ad that somehow seems the solution to all her or his problems. Unfortunately nothing like that happens to me. This is what I've been reduced to. A couch potato. Oh, if Weird Al could see me now.

And then as I'm watching a stupid infomercial about an oven that beeps while cooking so you know that it's on (seriously? God – I hate infomercials. They are made by completely useless people with no lives at all. God; just… god.) it suddenly strikes me. If my girlfriends and my Mom can get a date, then why the hell am I the one to sit in front of the TV watching infomercials for God's sake? I have enough hormonal urges and flirting abilities to get myself a boyfriend right? Or is it just by chance that I don't have a boyfriend? Clearly I'm retarded since I'm asking all these questions to myself. But anyways, in that moment I decide that no matter what happens, it will be my goal to get a steady boyfriend by the end of the year. A goal I will complete. I will.

You just watch me.

And so, that is how my journey began. Pretty useless. I think completely ineffectual to what happened next. But I wouldn't know. I don't know how the world works and why. Maybe this pathetic decision led to the following series of events. Maybe not.

We will never know…

Sorry. I should stop that.