Oh! How I do adore VENGEANCE

Miranda CrazyTreeHugger Rothwick - Taylor Cheshire: WTF? i called u so many freaking times! PICK UP YOU BITCH
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Simi Travolta - Taylor Cheshire: dude wtf? r u mad at us? It's been three friggin days n each day ur with SEAN!
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Joseph Arthur Cheshire - Taylor Cheshire: I'm guessing that all the angry posts by your friends mean you're getting your revenge? Seriously T-bay, be a bitch much? HOW are you my little sister? :S :P
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Mila Kutrapali - Taylor Cheshire: OMGEEEEEEEE! U R SOOOO DEAD FOR NOT TELLING ME UR WID THAT SEXY HIGH SCHOOL BOY! *sigh* i TOTALLY knew tht u guys were meant to be. but... i was trying to let u figure it out. u knw, goin all wise n shitnot. but weeeeeeeee TAYLA BABY HAS A BOOOOYFRIEND! XD XD XD
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Tucker Wainwright - Taylor Cheshire: um... miranda's pissed. can u like.. make up with her. only, i really want to.. do stuff and she's too pissed. ur ruining our date taylor.
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Thomas Wayne - Taylor Cheshire: TAYLOR. *high five* i probably should be on simi's side, but seriously, u getting revenge... i am TOTALLY wid u on this xD oh and... i was the one who told sean to do that whole confession thing. SO THANK ME xD i rock right? dude u love me xD
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Emma Cheshire - Taylor Cheshire: Your father wants to see this new beau of yours ;) I guess he doesn't remember that we already met him at the wedding. *sigh* Still. Quite a catch sweetheart! :)
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Saturday, 1.35pm
Sean: ur pretty :)

Sean: me u, equals to awesome lovin

Sean: will u come over tonight? i promise u dont have to meet the 'rents yet. they're out tonight

Saturday, 5.58pm
Simi: jo told me about ur whole revenge thingy. jesus taylor, if u minded so much y didn u just TELL us? but i guess i'm not mad at u. stupid idiot of a bff :)

Me: i knew he'd tell u...

Simi: duh. :P ur bro's a bttr person than u r

Me: u stinkypoo

Simi: idiot. god knws y i love u

Me: i'm awesome.

Simi: shut up u egoistical fool. u dont deserve sean

Me: other way around sims. i'm going over to his now. i'll call u later?

Simi: u suck. fine. bye

Me: :)

Saturday, 6.21pm
Miranda: i dont care if sims isnt mad at u, i sure am u bitch. stupid retard. hey come over on friday plz i miss hanging out... TERRI MOVED OUT xD i just wanted to tell u tht. ur still a bitch..

Me: awwwww YEYYYY! sure i'll come over. i just wanted to piss u off. Mission accomplished :P hehe the last three days were AWESOME! tell sims to do friday as well!

Miranda: DUH! and i knoow! u r such a freaking idiot taylor wat wid ur pathetic schemes. well at least now u have a smart bf at hand xD

Me: shut up :3

Miranda: :D :3

Me: bye now


Me: duh. Byeee

Saturday, 6.33pm
Mila: we're leaving next saturday. thanks for calling, i'll ttyl. enjoy tonight ;)

Joseph: i have no idea wat mila said to u but there is no way in hell that u r going to lose ur virginity. UNDERSTAND? good.

Me: chill out Jo, i'm fine n i'm not as irresponsible as u.


Me: shut up

Saturday, 6.56pm
Mom: Bring some milk on the way back Taylor and tell Joseph to stop overreacting. He's been texting me to stop u from going over to that nice boy's house. My Taylor has a BOYFRIEND :)


Mom: my baby :)

When Sean opens his door, I'm laughing as I read my texts and notifications on Facebook. "What's so funny?" he asks me, grinning as he lets me in. Sean is wearing an apron and is covered with brown stains. He leans in and presses a kiss on my forehead before closing the door and leading me to the kitchen, where his sister Bailey is in the middle of surreptitiously tasting some chocolate-y stuff in a bowl. She draws back guiltily as we come in but Sean doesn't notice. When Bailey notices my grin, I wink at her and she grins back, knowing I won't tell. She bounds off of the table.

"Taylor!" she barrels into me with a squeal. I oomph but then laugh as I swing her around. Sean goes to the bowl and starts whisking the contents. I let Bailey down and ask him what he's doing.

"Chocolate cake," he explains, his cheeks turning a little red. I grin and lean on the table.

"Aw. What would the boys say if they knew Sean Spence is a baker-prodigy?"" I tease. Sean glares at me and points the wooden spoon at me. "Shut up Taylor," he warns. I laugh and sidle over beside him, wrapping my arms around his waist. I stand on my toes and kiss him on the cheek lightly.

"Sorry?" I ask innocently. Sean sighs and lays down the spoon, turning around to face me, my arms still around him. He leans in until we're literally nose-to-nose. "Idiot," he smiles before kissing me. I return his kiss eagerly, our lips melding together. We break apart when Jessica coughs.

"Ahem, but I seem to be recalling a certain rule that says, 'No T-rated actions to take place inside the house.'?" She smirks at her little brother while he scowls back. I grin at her.

"Hey Jess. And this isn't T-rated…it's positively K. Right Bailey?" I ask the little girl. She beams up at me and says, "Yeah! I saw Sarah and Mike doing it behind the wall at nap time!" Jessica rolls her eyes at her little sister and steers her out of the kitchen saying, "Yeah, but its gross and you get cooties. Seriously Bail, don't do it." Sean and I laugh as Bailey's high-pitched voice rises up, "Ewww COOTIES!" I look up at him.

"Maybe I should be moving away as well, in fear of said cooties?" I tease. Sean growls and brings me closer to him.

"No cooties are keeping me away from you," he laughs. I laugh too and then move away, into the living room saying, "Finish off the cake and we'll hang out on the balcony."

Twenty minutes later found me and Sean sitting on his balcony, me against Sean and Sean leaning against the wall. He had brought up hot chocolate, seeing as how I love it so much, and we are drinking it quietly. He asks me again why I was laughing when he opened the door and I show him my friends' texts.

"What revenge are they talking about?" he asks me after spending ten minutes laughing.

"Well before they used to ditch me for their boyfriends. Now I'm doing it to them. As they say, karma's a bitch," I say. Sean rolls his eyes.

"Don't you think that's a bit…hmm, I don't know… mean?" he teases me. I laugh.

"Well, you win some, you lose some," I say smugly, leaning into Sean.

"You seem to be more on the winning side this time. A little fond of that?" he smirks into my hair. He kisses my head and then lets me look up at him. I grin.

"Oh definitely. Besides, they asked for it. It's time for my vengeance," I cackle like an evil witch brewing her… evil potion. Sean taps me on the nose reprovingly before leaning in until his lips were centimeters from mine.

"Idiot," he scolds softly, pressing his lips on mine, gently at first, then harder.

Once upon a time, I wouldn't have let any guy get away with insulting me, jokingly or not, but now I simply lean into the kiss eagerly, reveling in the feeling of security, warmth and glee Sean gave me. He is seriously affecting my sense of radical feminism. Ah well.

Fairytales always have happy endings, don't they? Well, I found my one.


Finally. I have finished this ishtufid shtory. This shappy like a showdigger shtory. This adowable little shtory that reminds me of little ol' 11-year-old me, dreaming about boyfriends and kisses and ishtufid romantic sap :P I am glad that that phase is over, along with this story.


Texts That Express Love Better Than Talking will forever be a part of me.

LOTS of love to all those awesome people who reviewed and favourited and alerted. Your support pushed me to NOT leave this hidden among my many unfinished stories. I've finally accomplished in finishing ONE story so THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

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