Crush From Afar

I noticed him by chance,

He caught my eye,

And from then on,

My eyes always looked for him,

He was always on my mind.

Every where I went,

I searched for him,

Hoping to get a glimpse.

And when I did,

My chest tighten

And my dad was better.

I try to dress nice

Just incase he saw me,

Hoping to attract his attention,

That he would know who I was,

Be interested in me,

And look for me in a crowd.

I hoped he was attracted to me

As I was to him,

That he would stop me

So, we could have a nice chat.

I imagined his personality,

What kind of person he was,

Deepening my crush.

I continue to watch him from afar,

Not taking a step closer,

Nor a step away.

For fear kept me away,

Fear that he wasn't what I thought he was,

That he wasn't everything that I imagine,

And that I was a pest attractive to fire.

So, I continue to watch him from afar,

Praying that he would approach me,

That he was everything that I imagine

And nothing I imagine.

I wished that he would be more

Then a crush from afar.