Crush, Like, Love

At first, I had a crush on you.
I didn't know you,
But something about you,
Attracted my attention to you
And from then on,
I couldn't take my eyes off you.

Then I started to like you.
After our first conversation,
I knew this was no longer a crush,
But developing into something more.
Not only was my attention drawn to you,
But I always wanted to talk to you,
To get to know you.

Finally, I fell in love with you.
First you possessed my eyes, my ears,
Calling my attention everywhere you went,
Next, you took my mouth and my mind,
I was always talking or thinking about you.
Then you wiggle your way into my heart,
Where you got comfortable and settled down.

But watch out,
I'll be soon doing the same thing,
And soon we'll be together,
Working our way together,
Together to the next step.
So you better watch out,
You'll soon be wrapped around my finger,
And I, to yours.