Chapter 3

Kelio didn't see the women in front of him. He was too busy looking over her shoulder as his mate approached her. His eyes were focused on his face, everything else around was blurred. He watched the smirk appear on his face and his lips moving, creating words that Kelio could not hear.

His mate was walking away with a woman hanging off his arm, heading for one of the private rooms. Kelio grew confused, couldn't he feel that his mate was right here, and ready for the taking.

He followed them from a safe distance. He watched as they entered a room, before he could enter the room, the door slammed in his face. He didn't have to put his ear to the door to listen to what was going on in there. Kelio slid down the wall next to the door and sat there. He could hear every moan, scream, bed banging against the wall, and slap of skin joining and hitting together. He didn't realize that there were tears streaming down his face or that after a while, the sexing had stopped.

The door suddenly opened, causing Kelio to jump to his feet and face the male that came out. He heard him whisper angrily at himself. "What the fuck, I could have sworn that she was the one."

Jaylin could see movement from the corner of his eye and turned to face the boy, seeing the boy's tears, and felt that feeling from earlier. "What's wrong with you?" He asked.

Kelio didn't know what to say and before he knew it he blurted out, "I'm your mate!" he quickly lowered his head looking at the ground.

Jaylin froze. 'No, it couldn't be.' He pushed it away and stood tall, towering over the boy. "What did you say?"

Kelio shuffled his feet and stuttered out, "T… th… that I'm your mate." He looked up seeing the different emotions passing through Jaylin's eyes and not ones he wanted to see.

Jaylin glared at Kelio in disgust. "I AM NOT GAY!" With that Jaylin stormed off heading towards the mini bar getting stupid drunk.

More tears streamed down Kelio's face, a sob escaping his mouth. He ran to his room, trying to wipe the tears from his face as he did so, but it didn't help they just kept coming down. When he reached his door he went in and slammed the door and through himself onto his bed, burring his face in his pillow as he cried.

A few hours later Kelio heard somebody stumble up the stairs. He got up from his bed and tip toed to his door, cracking it open and peeking out through the crack in in the door.

It was him, stumbling and holding a bottle in his hand. An idea popped in his head. He pushed the maid button on the intercom in his room.

"Yes Alpha?"

"Can you bring me a wig and dress please."

There was a long pause on the other line. "Yes sir, right away."

What he requested was brought up to his room. He put on the wig and the dress, deciding to leave his underwear off, for what he was about to do, he didn't need it. He looked at himself in the mirror, 'Hopefully he's too drunk to notice that I'm not a girl.'

Kelio smoothed out the dress, took in a deep breath, and then let it out. "I can do this, I need to do this." He told himself as he slowly opened the door to the room in which his mate was staying in. He walked into the room and saw him there about to take another sip from the bottle in his hand.

The drunken man smiled at him. "Hi there gorgeous, you lookin' for some one on one with me."

Kelio nodded and walked over to him. He looked him in the eye and took the bottle from his hand and set it on the side table. Jaylin took his shirt and pants off hurriedly, a little too eager. Kelio pushed him back onto the bed. He whispered into his ear. "Why don't you sit back and relax while I ride you all night. " Jaylin shivered, nodded his head and lay back, putting his arms behind his head.

Kelio startled him and held Jaylin's already hardened member at his entrance. He pushed down slowly, hissing at the pain, he knew he should have stretched himself first. When Jaylin's member was buried deep within him he paused, letting himself adjust to his size. The pain soon turned in to utter pleasure and he began to move.

This is not how he wanted his first time to be, but he didn't have any other choice. He wanted somebody to love him unconditionally, but it wasn't going to happen. His mate didn't want him and his family left him, leaving him here to rule over people who also didn't want him. This was his only choice.

Kelio rode him until he grew exhausted and they both came a couple times. When the drunken man finally fell asleep, Kelio got up and walked painfully to the door. He looked back at his mate before leaving the room and walking to his.

Hopefully that was enough to get himself pregnant and in seven short months have a baby of his own to love him unconditionally.

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