Darkness Covers The Land

In fifteen cities I saw the light
Drenched with the fire of velocity
A moment too soon, gone again
A fortune worth nothing to me

When I looked up in paranoia
At the ones who captured me
The elevation understandable
They pointed and spoke bitterly

Of all these days and times
I shut the door on them
I took it out on them
Persistence abounds when I am here
But all around I see the fear
In their eyes, they despise these thoughts
I rip them open and scatter them
On the ground

At dusk I walked on hallowed ground
The gazers watched the sky
I blocked their vision
I slipped and fell in the mud
Overground my mind turns white
With blades that sing
Back to the place and hiding in caves
I look around

The dark is total, I feel the pain
Of the memory
That attacked me last winter
It's back again
This time stronger
All the time I look and see
At the death that I see, a twisted corpse
Lying on the shoreline