While I was writing chapter eight I noticed all the errors in this first chapter so I decided to do some revisions. Chapter eight is coming along, but I still have my mind on that hiatus. I'll see how much drama I can cook up for chapter's eight and nine.


The road stretched about half a mile down surrounded by a thick green forest, as I continued driving faster and faster a sign by the side of the road came into view. Unfortunately I didn't know what the sign said since my eyes were too blurry, my head ached, and I felt an endless dread coursing throughout my body.

As my car sped by the sign my blurry vision barely made out the words 'Welcome to Colorado'. I shivered as my mind flashed back to the funeral, the singing, the crying, my father's picture resting over the coffin. The car revved up and felt myself shift in the seat as my car sped down the empty road.

The sky held dark clouds, droplets of water fell on the windshield, one, two…each droplet making it even harder for me to see the road. The unshed tears in my eyes blurring my vision now made it impossible to see the road.

He raised me, my father's gone but he can't be. He raised me.

It all broke down my body, my head, and my will to live. I sobbed over the stirring wheel causing the car to swerve to the left, my body stilled as I heard the screech of tires. Then reality kicked in and everything happened in slow motion, my car swerved, the road was gone, and I cried out feeling my head connect painfully with the driver window. My eyes fluttered closed and the slick cold of the window was the last thing I felt.

He raised me, my father's gone but he can't be. He raised me.

Crunch, crunch

My body swayed, my head ached, I couldn't see. My hand found my temple, I pulled my hand in front of my eyes. Blood….lots of blood. I looked down closing my eyes, is that snow?

Crunch, crunch

I collapsed onto the snow, and let out a shaky breath as I gazed down my knees. There was snow everywhere. I shivered I looked up… where's my car?... I blink once, twice, my red rental trunk coming into focused briefly. The front of the rental was crush almost completely against a tall tree.

Crunch, crunch

Frowning at my snow covered pants…. Where's that sound coming from?

I smiled feeling the darkness on the edge of my vision, my blurry vision wavering in and out.

Crunch, crunch…grrrr

What was that?...A dog? I looked up towards my car once again my head aching my body failing. Through my burry vision I watched as amber eyes came closer and closer to me. I saw teeth… sharp teeth, and white fur. I watched dumbly as a sharp clawed paw stepped gently yet firmly in front of me. I felt a hot breathe cascading down my face and neck. I blinked as the darkness continued to take over my vision… Not a dog


"Hi wofliee…you gonna eat meeee…w-wait til I die okay?"

I shivered the cold going deep inside me and surrounding me, leaving my face and neck the only part of me not affected by the cold. My vision was nearly all dark, as a tear trailed down my cheek. I saw the amber eyes narrow ….. Why isn't he growling anymore?…my blurry vision caught some more movement..My eyes narrowed to the forest area behind the wolf in front of me…"Hey y-you brought friends", I grinned my body falling back on the snow, I signed contently as the darkness finally took me.

I'm coming home dad.

Warmth, softness…. and a dull ache, I slowly opened my eyes. Even from such a small action I felt an ache resound through me, dark wood panel ceiling filled my vision. I was inside? When did that happen? I tried to think of what happened before I blacked out…then the realization slammed into me… he's gone, my father, he held me when my mom died, he paid for college, he got me through everything…he's gone

I quickly took internal inventory of my body trying to center where the dull ache stemmed from. Feeling no serious injury I brought my hand up to hold my head as I continued to mourn the loss of my father.

What a minute what the…

My finger brushed against some gauze, bring my other hand up I felt a piece of gauze wrapped around my head. My mind flashed quickly back to the red rental trunk, my head hitting the window and…the wolves. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a movement to my right, I gave silent wince as I automatically jerked my head in that direction.

Holy shit

There were three extremely large men surrounding the bed I was laying on. Three pairs of intense, scrutinizing eyes stared right back at me. My focus fell immediately on the large man closes to me…Amber eyes, he was lazily leaning against the wall parallel the bed. He was tall well over 6'0 with board shoulders that lead down to strong, slightly bulging muscles. His torso was cover by a black shirt that stretched over a very defined chest and down to a narrow and presumably flat stomach, narrow hips, and jean clad muscular thighs. My eyes traveled back up to his face when his body shifted under my gaze, there I saw he had a slight frown. I suppose I should have felt embarrassed but I didn't I've never seen a man so big, and handsome he was right out of a romance novel. No. No…scratch that those amber eyes they weren't romantic they were fierce. He was so ….intimidating, and powerful, yet these feelings my aching mind didn't come to realize until the fog cleared from my mind. This man was not to be played with…

His amber eyes


I could no longer hold his gaze, my eyes shifted to the left of him and I saw another tall man lounging in a chair. Judging by the way his legs stretched out in front of him, I'd say he was over 6'0 as well. He had unique olive skin…Italian? Spanish? With long black thick healthy looking black hair that reached his broad shoulders, strong long arms leading down to long fingered hands….artist hands. This man was more lean that the first, and though he was definitely intimidating, the first man…amber eyes…he was dangerous.

"Well damn darlin' don't take to long ta look me ova now, I'm about jealous" came a deep laughing voice in front of me.

My head jerked in the direction of the deep voice. My eyes came in contact first with the biggest, most intense pair of blue eyes I've ever seen. I had to make a conscious effort to focus on other aspects of the man's face, taking in his long straight nose, fill lips. I quickly looked him over feeling my mind wandering dangerously; I saw another tall man over 6'0. His skin was very pale and contrasted with the bright red hair he had cut close to his head. He was muscular; his was bulkier than the …Italian. My scattered mind focused on his big dimpled smile.

"How can someone so pale have a southern accent?" I whisper looking him over again, I remembered myself and winced as my own impulsiveness…why would you say that out loud idiot!

His laughter boom and I heard a quiet chuckle from the lean Italian man lounging, my curiosity told me to look at for a reaction from the amber eyes, but my instinct stomped that immediately and I kept my eyes forward.

As the red head stopped laughing he grinned at me and replied, "Well I never really did fit in with the southern pack little love. And I suppose my pale skin and red head can be explained by my Irish background".

Makes sense… wait southern pack?

"Are the three of you werewolves?" the question escaped my mouth and now hung heavy in the air sounding the bedroom. Why do I keep speaking so compulsively? And werewolves how hard did I hit my head?


Silence, werewolves don't exist

"Yes", came the deep rumble from amber eyes, I shivered.

I found I was looking down after I utter the question, upon hearing the answer I found the courage to look up in front on me again…no one was smiling.

I heard the heavy dark wood door to the bedroom burst open and my head jerked for the third time at the loud sound. There in the door way stood three other tall large men, all staring at me intensely. One was blonde with dark emerald eyes and held a slow easy grin on his face as he came inside the bedroom and leaned against the far wall with his arms crossed. The other two both men had deep chestnut brown hair and intense grey eyes. They were exactly the same height and were over 6'0 tall. They were both very muscled with board shoulder and strong arms…I was starting to detect a theme here.


While staring at me the twin on the right utter a question in the direction of amber eyes, "She knows now Mecca Alpha, does this mean she is ours to keep?"


My eyes widen at his question, keep? They wanted to keep me? My mind flashed to the list of things a group of board shoulder supposed werewolves would want with a woman…there was only one thing on that list.

My body was I felt for my body's reaction…fear? No nothing. My body was still, calm, I slipped quietly into the darkness

.Why aren't I afraid?