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Chapter 14



The trees passed by in a blur as the train sped down the tracks in the direction of New York city. I sighed having watched the same scenery for the pass two hours I was bored and slightly worried about the new tension I sensed around the guys. I awoke two days ago in John's bedroom bathed and refreshed but the pack seemed different...distant. John seemed his normal demanding quiet self execpt when the twins around, with them around he became very quiet and tense. I noticed the others were just as tense and overprotective. I could not go to the train station restroom without one of them standing guard outside the bathroom door. Or if I want to go to a convient store or a clothing shop I would have at least two of my men on my heels, following me eveywhere. I suppose they don't want to let me out of their sight now that we're out of the manor. Maybe they will always be this overbaring and overprotective.

On the other hand I am finally out of the manor and Colorado and now I'm traveling east to New York with the pack. A couple of weeks back on a Friday morning John announced that we're moving back to New York because he and Joe have business to take care of. And here we are packed and on a train heading for New York. I had to admit to myself that I was very nervous about reentering the world, especially now that I was a mate to six men. Apparently six powerful men, each in his own business and here I was a suicidal psychologyist...and the closer we get to New York the more nervous and out of place I felt. My home used in California but now my home is with this pack and wherever they go. But my name, profession and past still follow me so I came to the shaking realization before I boarded this train that I had to reclaim the life I previously planned to destroy. Apart of me feels embarassed at how childish and implusive my thinking was to end my life and another part of me is still so sad and regretful about lost time with my Father. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with determination and obilgation. The past is past and I am reentering my life with six new family members and I need to reclaim who I am and be strong for them. THEM, I owe John, Joe, Rick, Gio, Timothee and Jaimie for giving me a second chance at life and for rescuing me from my temporary insanity. I smiled at my reflection in the window and sighed contently in the knowlegde that I was no longer alone and that I would never be alone again...ever...even to go to the restroom...'What have I gotten myself into.

Although the train ride was very smooth but my bottom was killing me. I excused myself from the private car I shared with John, Joe, and Rick and left in search of the food car. Once out in the narrow corridor that connected the private first class cars I went in search of food while my mind wondered which car the twins shared. As I watched the floors beneath my feet change from hardwood to carpeted I wondered about the strange comment Jaimie shared with me a couple days back as I was packing.

Two days earlier

Hmmm 'Should I take these black boots or these brown boots?' I frowned they were the same design but the black pair were taller than the brown pair.

I sighed, "Why on earth did Joe have to buy me two pairs of boots?" A slient chuckle from my left startled me as I whipped around to face the doorway to John's room.I found Jaimie staring at my every move in the pedatory fashion that only a werewolf could pull off. He walked into the room and stood towering above me. I frowned once again having to remind myself how tall these men really were in comparison to my 5'4. He looked down into my eyes and smiled again but this smile was different from his usual lusty smirks. This smile was certainly a sad strain smile...he looked almost lost.

"Jaimie? Is everything alright do you need to talk about something?" My posture changed and I faced him tensely waiting for a serious conversation.

His mouth formed its usualy lusty smirk and his eyebrows raised suggestively but his eyes stayed sad, "No Mon-aimee I was simply admiring the view. And to answer your previous question Joe is a shopping diva he likes to be spoiled and to spoil others. And he loves to shop. Don't tell him I told you."

I giggled involuntarily at this new information and shook my head, "Deep down I alreaady knew that but he's so manly I didn't want to assume." Realizing I let Jaimie change the subject I stepped closer and placed my hands gingerly on his chest. I couldn't help looking down at where my hands met his chest when my brain registered how toned and hard the muscles were beneath my hands.

I blinked to clear my head and looked up into his grey eyes and in a grim tone I asked, "Jaimie do you need to talk? I will listen and if I can do anything I will." His smirk vainshed and was replaced by a forlorned expression. I rubbed his chest gently and kissed the center of his chest my eyes never leaving his, begging for him to open up to me.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around my waist and crushed my body to his. "Mon-aimee I am stuck between my brother and John." I held back a frown and tilted my head to the side my eyes imploring him to continue. He coughed and turned his head towards the open door, taking the queue I pulled out of his grip and went to close the door. I walked back into the room and sat on the bed and pat the area beside me with a small smile. He sat down next to me and scooped me onto his lap and began to stroke the side of my neck gently.

"Mon frere he wants to leave the pack because John does not trust us. And I do not want to leave this pack or you but I will not be without my mon frere." This time I did frown, "Jaimie why would John not trust you or your brother?...Wait is this because of me?" Jaimie smiled pulling me closer and began to stroke my cheek while he slowly nodded his head, "I am afraid so mon aimee... but it is not just you. You see when Timothee and I were born our father the pack alpha at the time pessured by his pack council to choose which son would be name his predecessor. And while Timothee is a minute younger than me he is my match. We have the same alpha level abilities, speed, strength, etc. But only one of us would be leader so the decision came down to pit us against either in an alpha trial. I thought about stepping down but my was not going to happen and Timothee could not step down either so we were at a stale mate. You see the alpha trial is very vivcious...death is not required but it is a great possibilty." I stroked the side of his face and along his jaw letting his stubble tickle the palm of my hand. I gently brushed my lips against his and nodded my head encouraging him to continue.

He looked down and mumbled, "So we ran...we would not fight each other... we couldn't. We did not say goodbye to our father he...was a very proud man and we knew he would very upset."

I put my finger over his lips, "Wait Jaimie you two just ran away? You didn't say goodbye? Thats your family and you could have left the pack and stayed nearby. What about your mother? What did she think of all this?"

He sighed, "She die shortly after giving birth to us, our father he never said anything out loud but we both know he blames us for her death. And we have no other close family no aunts, uncles, cousins. Its was just the three of us, and the pack. Our pack was...well known with a very long tradition of strong leadership.

I gently caressed his face as he finished speaking and kissed his lips while I whispered, "I am so sorry Jaimie, but you have a new family now and you still have not answered my question." He sighed and leaned his forehead against mine as he spoke, " For some time my brother and I have had some problems following John's orders and for a long time my brother and I have had a hard time keeping our tempers in check...especially in front of humans. This behavior has put the pack in danger of being discovered." I leaned away from his forehand and stared into his eyes and whispered, "Things are different now I am here for everyone in this pack and that includes you and your brother. I have already made a place for you two in my heart and if you or your brother doing anything to jeopardize your position as pack you both will be leaving a hole in this heart. Do you understand?" I watched satifisied as he nodded his head and gave me a small smile. He softly kissed my lips and groaned, "If we were in my room I would take you right now mon-aimee." I smiled seductively and leaned back puting my elbows on the bed, leaving my body laid out for his eyes to devour, "Well we are on a bed right now..." He licked his lips and looked up from my body and into my eyes where I saw a deep hungry. He shook his head and quickly pulled me up into a sitting position on his lap and sighed, " The reason Gio, Rick, and John were able to...take you...was because you were in their territory... their bedrooms. This is John's area and I can't..."; I smiled and rolled my eyes, "I see now why I kept waking up in different bedrooms, it would have to do with you territorial wolves. Well for your information John has decided on his own - with absolutely no convincing on my part - to allow me the use of my very own room once we move back into the home in New York. And that room is my area", I made a grand sweeping gesture in the air, "And I decree that you and your fabulous twin with be allowed in my area anytime you'd like to come cuddle or perhaps something more intimate." I watched as a meladious stream laughter flowed from Jaimie's lips and filled the space of John's bedroom. I smiled contently as he pulled into me a tight hug still laughing. The saddness in his eyes having faded with laughter.


I grinned down at my feet remembering the gorgeous smile on Jaimie's face. "Hmm that man is handsome when he smirks but down right gorgeous when he smiles." I mumbled walking through a pair of doors to the food car. This part of the train was very warm and the air was saturated with the smell of sweets and baked goods. I saw an open seat at the bar area and took a seat. The man behind the bar smiled and asked me what I will be having this afternoon. I smiled ordering a sprite and a meal, he smiled taking down my order then walked to an area behind the bar after handing me my drink in a glass. I took a sip as I turned in my seat to observe the other train patrons as they ate and spoke among themselves.

Suddenly I heard a deep familiar voice ask, "Hello mon-aimee come here often?" I smiled and turned quickly to find Jaimie leaning against the bar grining at me. I laughed and shook me head, "That was real smooth, I bet you say that to all the girls you meet at train car bars." He chuckle, "Only you mon-aimee. Did you not smell us? Timothee and I are at the booth directly over my shoulder." I looked over his shoulder and smiled as his twin waved at me, he was wearing the same grin as his brother. I rolled my eyes and said, "All I can smell is sweets and baked goods... in fact I think thats how I found this area of the train on my own, I didn't even have to look where I was going." He shook his head smiling then leaned in close to my face as if to tell me a secret, "You have to train your senses to detect multiple aspects of your enivornment. If you had concentrated on other smells besides sweets you have smell my brother and I...and the scent of lust that spiked when you entered the car." I smiled shyly shaking my head , "What am I going to do with you two?" He smiled, "Eat with us of course," He caught the bartender's attention and said, "She will be eating with us over at that booth." I automatically gathered my napkin and glass and walked towards Timothee. I slide into the booth under Timothee's waiting arm and smiled at him whispering, "The bartender's going to think I'm a call girl or something." He chuckled, "Or he could be thinking those two are the luckest men in this room." I grinned and smiled shyly at Timothee and turn my smile on Jaimie as he sat down across from us. "Oh you two are a pair clever, sweet horndogs you know that right?" Timothee laughed loudly, "Aww she is onto us mon frere." Jaimie chuckled then his face melted into seriousiness as he said, "She was onto us the moment we first met, mon frere."


She smiled shyly at my brother's comment. Her true beauty came through with that shy smile. My brother and I smiled down at her in fondness as we watched her wiggle and squirm under our gaze.

"You truly do not know the extent of your beauty do you mon-bien aimee." I smiled into her eyes and leaned in close so my lips could brush against her cheek. As I leaned away I could feel my wolf howling to claim her, to take her alone then again with my brother.

I sighed as the wind shifted, "Your food is ready mon-bien aimee."

She looked surprised and asked, "You can tell from here?"

I nodded my head smiling, "You will become better at separating the different scents that surround you, until then we'll watch over you." She smiled up at me and it was all I could not to grab her and pull her onto my lap, she was so sweet and her hips looked so inviting, with one hand under the table I could- "So mon-aimee I told Timothee about the conversation we had in John's room. And the both of us have agreed that we do want to remain in the pack...having you as a pack mate makes us a family." I sighed greatful to use Jaimie's words as a distraction from my raunchy thoughts. I added, "We will control our tempers and curb the number of wolf traits we use when out in public or when around humans."

She frowned swallowing her sip of sprite and shook her head, "No you will not curb your wolf traits in public you will completely stop showing any of your wolf traits in public. That means the wolf eyes during times strong emotions, that means no growling when your annoyed or angry, and you will follow the alpha's orders is that understood?" She questioned looking between my brother and I. I grinned at how demanding she could be and my mind instantly came up with an image of my brother and I on our knees shirtless, wearing black leather pants and rope binding our wrists; and her standing in front of us with a small whip in hand. Jaimie's chuckle shook the image free from my mind and I listen to him promise that we would control our wolf traits while in public and we will follow John's orders.

I adjust myself under the table and nodded my head in agreement with my brother when she looked in my direction. I groaned inwardly at all the wayward thoughts running through my mind, all of them because she was near me.

I sighed in frustration and confessed, "Oh Jasmine if I don't claim you soon I fear I will go insane. My balls are so full and my mind is full of unsavory thoughts." I looked into her wide eyes and watched her mouth open to say something before snapping shut as her plate of food was placed in front of her by a server. My brother and I watched her as she exmined her food. I glanced at her plate and said, "No fear my queen I will be your royal taster, " I leaned forward and picked up a fork and ate a piece of her food, "Hmm let's see tasty, succulant, delicious, a masterpiece of culinary delights."

She laughed behind her hand and lightly slapped my shoulder, "Timothee you jerk, telling me something so detailed and raunchy one instance and then making me laugh." I smiled but it did not reach me eyes, no the things I told her were true I want her so badly, and as I glanced at my brother I saw my thoughts reflected in his eyes. He caught my eyes and gave me a look that said 'Patience brother our time with her will come.' I watched him incline his head in her direction and I read the new look on his face loud and clear it said, 'Be content to share this time with our mate.' I smiled and tapped her shoulder, when she turned her head towards me I opened my mouth and look expectanted. She rolled her eyes and smiled picking up a piece of food and put it my mouth. She took another piece and placed it in Jaimie's mouth. Inwardly I felt an new emotion swell within my heart, and strangely my normally howling wolf was slient. I smiled as I chewed my morsal content to share this time with my brother and my mate.

Mon Frere - My brother

Mon Aimee - My beloved

Mon Bien-Aimee - My sweet heart

Aww that blossoming connection, an agreement between new lovers.

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