Amy stood on a pile of garbage in what looked like a dump, a light breeze played with her hair as she watched her surroundings. The stars twinkled above her giving her plenty of light to see by.

Amy had long black hair with white streaks, her eyes were black and nine stiches sat vertically over her left eye three above and six below, she had a slightly grey skin colour. She wore light blue bootleg jeans with red stains on them, black sneakers, a blood red tee shirt and a black scarf around her neck covering seven stiches across it. Her right arm had stiches criss-crossing along it with slightly varied skin tones, she held a blood covered machete and dagger at her sides.

A rustle came from a pile of bottles next to her, she smirked and jumped down to land next to it. She kicked the pile and it came tumbling down revealing a man covered in cuts and bruises, his light brown hair was stuck to his head with blood. He tried to crawl backwards at the sight of Amy but she grabbed him before he could retreat, she lifted him off the ground and grinned showing her almost perfect white teeth.

In one swift motion she swung the machete, cutting his head clean off, he had no time to make any sound. His head rolled slightly from side to side, Amy left it there discarded, she quickly cut off his limbs and sliced his torso in half. She shoved it all in a bag she had nearby, except for one forearm. She strapped her machete and dagger to her hips and swung the bag over her shoulder, picking up the arm as she did so.

She began to walk off, taking bites out of the arm as she did so, the blood trailing down her chin. She began to sway her hips to some imaginary tune as she walked, with no cares in the world, she had a kill that would last for a week and it was a wanted man at that, she hated killing innocents.

Soon a siren sounded from behind her and lights began to flash, Amy didn't speed up she had no reason to, the police were probably looking for the man she just killed anyway. Voices started talking about the head and the fallen bottles, Amy just shrugged it normally took the police an hour to find the trail of blood she left behind.

Amy took another bite of the arm and continued to walk, a bright light suddenly shined in her face causing her to cover her eyes with the arm she held. She heard voices all around her as men in blue uniforms came out from around the piles of garbage and then a gunshot, without thinking Amy dropped her bag and the arm and bolted. Taking out her machete and dagger as she ran, the police on her tail.

She looked back to see the police still after her, she continued running until she heard another gunshot, this one was louder and more of a bang, before she could think of anything she was covered in a large net. Without wasting a moment she cut through the net with her dagger and continued to run, she saw a man hole in front of her with the cover off, she ran for it and jumped down into the water below she continued running.

She ran until she came to a dead, she leaned against the wall cursing herself for leaving the body behind now she would have to kill again. She looked up at the roof hoping to see another man hole, to her dismay there was none, she had lost the cops but still had to find her way out of the place.

She walked through the tunnels for what seemed an hour before coming finding an exit, she climbed up a few hand rungs and made her way back to the surface, she looked around she was at a dead end in a back alley, she was safe for now. Her stomach growled at her as she looked at the stars above her, she was still trying to figure out why she was still alive.

Amy had been in a car crash with her family, she remembered searing pain and blood everywhere, and when she awoke she was in a coffin underground, buried. She had broken through the top and pulled herself out of the ground, she was wearing a plain white dress with frills that had caught on the coffin and was now torn. She remembered looking around wandering why she was alive, she was her tomb stone and felt tears coming to her eyes, she also remembered how the grave keeper had come over wondering what she was doing there and how she killed him.

She sighed remembering wasn't going to help her figure out her situation, suddenly a dagger whizzed past her head, missing her ear by millimetres. She turned around to see two teenagers behind her, they didn't look quite human.

The one on the left was taller and had emerald green hair that swept over his eyes, black eyes, stitches over his forehead and grey skin. He wore a hoodie the same colour as his hair, dark blue jeans and white and blue sneakers. The one on the right had light brown hair, black eyes and was a head shorter than his friend with the same skin tone. He wore a black jumper, black beanie, grey track pants and black sneakers. The tall one hard a dagger in his left hand and the shorter one had a baseball bat with red stains on it, blood.

The short one smirked and spoke. "Finally some action!" He said, causing Amy to drop her guard in shock, he spoke no one else like her spoke besides her.

He ran at her and swung the bat at her head, she dodged at the last moment and punched him in the guts making him real over. She jumped back hoping to put some distance between her and her attacker, she suddenly roared out in pain turning around she saw the tall one had thrown his dagger at her getting her in the shoulder.

"Bastard!" She yelled, causing the short one to stop his attack mid swing.

"Y-you can talk?!" The tall one said.

"What does it look like, I'm doing." Amy said falling to her knees her stomach growling. "Damn I knew I should have eaten more when I had the chance." She promptly blacked out.

The tall teenager looked to the short one and said. "Grab her Reilly, we should take her back to base."

Reilly nodded and swung Amy onto his back and looked back to the short teenager. "What are we gonna do with her, Link?" He asked.

Link looked at Reilly and then back to Amy. "We're going to take her to prison."

Reilly nodded and picked up Amy's weapons, the two began to walk into the night.