Let me create a poem with you,
never to be written:

Moral structure align to Man's greatest incline...
...and it-s compromise the more you rise,
a coin to fill your cup,
any-'n-all they say 'cause otherwise
I wouldn't have stood up.

No... (never satisfied)...

I'd be lying if ever I said
I've seen a face with finer features...
Her—The beauty
of—true beauty, she is;..
and I reluct to say
I love her in the way—
That my love for the two is the same.

You'd just have to be yourself,
be accepting of me
(assuming those aren't mutually exclusive),
and let me learn to love you.

never mind...

There is always room for advancement;
that's the nature of the universe:
to make Note instruct Book,
living with a word awhile –learning to use it,
getting that last word in on myself.