It's night when you awake,

Red gown to match the roses painted across the walls,

The floor,

Everywhere you walk,

A crimson trail is left behind,

Like a forgotten tale,

And it's tragic end,

You never can forget it,

Much like you,

A perfect mystery.


You taught me words in your foreign tongue,

Only a lonely phrase though,

La mia Stella,

It's all I'll ever need to know,

You've told me so many times before,

I believe every laced word,

Quite like a tragedy.


Now, as the dawn breaks,

And you speak to the roses around you,

Your eyes dark as dried blood,

And smile as kind as a snake,

I speak these crafted words,

La mia Stella,

You stop and grin,

Like a demented doll,

Terrifying as the night,

But beautiful as the stars.


You are the queen of this castle,

Of this land,

Of this man,

No matter how much malice you hold,

Cupped light in your hands,

You are la mia Stella,

My Stella,

My star,

Such a painful star you are.

A/N: In case anyone's wondering, the dashes are there because it wouldn't let me do stanza properly otherwise... so yeah. Ignore them, and you'll be fine.

Also, "La mia Stella" means "My Star" in Italian (at least, I think it does, could be wrong, because -and don't kill me- I used babelfish, since this was just something I did on a whim and for complete fun, I thought it'd be okay to, and it's a short, hard to mess up phrase. That's my reasoning, and I'm sticking to it).

So... yeah, if you liked this minuscule thing, great, if not, oh well. It's a whim.