I used to be just a typical teen-

Just sitting around, studying, singing, chatting, tweeting.,

Living within the four walls of a tiny room.

But when I opened my eyes,

When I looked around.

I saw that we're all headed towards doom.

I can't just sit around and do nothing

While this world is being killed,

While people are hurting, fighting.

I can see people cry-

I'm not gonna ignore it.

They say we can all make a difference.

I'm just gonna do my bit.

And I don't care if it shatters all my life,

My world, my dreams- everything.

I'd be happy to know I made a choice,

Instead of going back and forth like a swing.

I'm gonna stand up for what I believe in.

I can't be scared, I can't hesitate,

I just can't give in!

I'm not gonna back down

Until I see you smile and not frown.

They say you should listen to your heart.

My heart says it's time for a brand new start.

This time, I'm not afraid to fall.

Cause this time, I can hear a call.

I can hear the world calling me,

I can see the world screaming for help,

Trying to be free.

I look around and see that

People are cold,

Selfish, uncaring, ruthless, oppressive,

Living with beliefs centuries old.

These days people are too judgmental,

Too rude, too arrogant, too busy.

I wanna fight against all these,

I feel my heart choking,

My vision is getting hazy.

This has been going on too long-

This needs to change, end.

Let's heal this world with love.

These are so many hearts to mend!

We're gonna let our journey begin.

We'll be strong, cause we know that

In the end, we're gonna win.