The dark green leaves of the towering trees blew almost melodically in the dancing winds of the forest, travelling as if they had somewhere to go. The wind became louder, but gentle, it blew the leaves up into the air and back down to the ground in a repetition of gusts, creating a melancholic night of emotion and serenity. The night was chilling and had the faint smell of a faraway forest, completing the gloomy ambience of the night.

The icy trigger reflected the midnight cold, reminding Hailey of the situation at hand. The night seemed to go still for that one chilling moment, the bullet that laid rest in the long, black barrel of her poised rifle cutting through the night as a hot knife would through butter.

"Why am I doing this?" she asked as if respecting a response.

She lowered her rifle and looked down momentarily, then up again at her target that now lay dead with a thin trail of darkened blood running from the newly made hole in the side of his neck. She closed her eyes momentarily, pushing a crimson strand of hair from in front of her face and opening them again, letting out a faint sigh before turning around and beginning her walk through her surroundings. She breathed in the musty scent of her recently fired rifle, letting its smell embrace her senses for that single moment, thinking about what she did.

"Was it the right thing to do or did I just help a climbing dictator on his way to domination?" Hailey frequently asked herself as she walked; pushing her hair back that always seemed to get in her face at the most annoying of times.

Hailey walked hastily through the empty streets of Dunham, the street lights only allowing enough light for a small observation of surroundings. Hailey's long, crimson hair was lifted only slightly in the wind as she reached her destination, a towering mansion owned by the man that Hailey knew only as her employer.

She pulled the plastic card from the pocket of her slightly torn blue jeans and swiped it through the black box that was attached to one of two marble pillars that held the golden gates in place.

A raspy voice echoed from the speaker and a moment later, the gates opened, leaving just enough room for Hailey to walk through, hearing them close with a loud clank soon after she entered. Hailey approached the doors of white and gold, observing them for just a moment before moving her hand to knock. Before Hailey could knock, a young woman wearing a black and white maid's outfit complemented with bright yellow eyes beckoned Hailey in, closing the door soon after she entered.

"Hello, my name is Maya, I'll guide you in and fetch Master for you~!" Maya said, smiling and quickly guiding Hailey through the winding halls of the mansion.

"Please sit down, Miss Hailey, the Master will be with you shortly," The maid said, letting a small smile cross her face before disappearing into another room.

The room Hailey had been directed to was fully decorated with furniture plastered with red velvet and soft pillows. The walls had pictures of Hailey's employer, his name she did not know. There was always something about the man that reminded her of her father, she was not sure what it was. It always compelled her to carry out each bloody task without question.

After observing the carefully painted portrait of her employer, Hailey seated herself in a chair near the only lamp in the room. The eerie silence and mood of the room made Hailey a little suspicious of the room. It made her wonder how many lives had been lost in the room, how many dreams were crushed.

"Ah, Miss Hailey…it's good to see you…" the rugged looking employer said in a melodic tone, almost as if every word that came from his mouth was part of a song. The employer had pale white skin with a muscular figure and wore a black suit with a blood red tie.

"Alfonzo Rodriquez is dead," Hailey said in a cold tone.

Hailey wasn't one to bother with formalities and when she was meeting with questionable people, especially those who pay her to kill people; she preferred to be in and out in the littlest time possible.

The news of Alfonzo's death brought a smile to The employer's face, the smile itself looked as if it had a deep secret to hide, which was very likely, Hailey wasn't given any information when she was hired to kill someone, it was something she didn't require, this was her profession, she didn't care about these people, they were just pawns in the game of life.

"I knew you would do it, that's why you were hired over the others, Miss Hailey, I hope you enjoy your reward…" the man said before leaving the room.

Almost as soon as he left the room, the maid from earlier had reappeared with a backpack filled with money.

" As promised to you by Master, you are rewarded with the sum of no more than one thousand dollars." the maid said. Hailey took the bag and quickly, yet calmly left the mansion. Working for this man was something that she really wasn't a fan of, his jobs required too much planning and the marks all seemed so innocent, besides the last man of course, he was a werewolf.

As soon as Hailey could no longer see the mansion, she began her journey to the nearby port town of Dublith. Maybe I'll look for work that's just a bit more laid back… Hailey thought to herself as Dunham disappeared into the night.