Chapter 1

One morning Peter and Laurens daughter Kenzi wakes up with a cough and looks over at her alarm clock and groans and gets up and heads down the hall towards the shower and coughs wakes up hearing Kenzi's cough and looks over at her alarm clock in concern and notices that it's only 4am so she gets up carefully not to wake or disturb Peter and heads down the hall to the bathroom and knocks on the door.

''Kenz...'' Lauren says softly but loud enough so Kenzi can hear her

''what Mom?'' Keniz questions

''you okay sweets?'' Lauren asks her

''I'm'' Kenzi tells her and turns the shower on

Lauren opens the door.

''!'' Kenzi says madly weakly

''hunnie you sound terrible.'' Lauren tells her

''tha..cough..nks!'' Kenzi snaps

''hunnie it's 4am go back to bed and back to sleep.'' Lauren tells her

''no I can..cough..'t breathe I to...cough take a sho..cough..wer.'' Kenzi tells her

Lauren looks at her concerned and puts a hand up to her forehead and gasps ''hunnie you are burning up baby!'' Lauren tells her in concern

''No..cough..kidding.'' Keniz says

''okay well get in your shower and then put your pj's back on,take some nyquil, and go back to bed.'' Lauren tells her

''no I have..cough..sch..cough..ool.'' Kenzi tells her

''you're sick you're not going to school today baby you have a fever!'' Lauren tells her

''have'' Kenzi tells her

''hunnie you can barley stand up straight and focus you're staying home. Don't worry I'll call the school.'' Lauren tells her

Kenzi just nods.

''okay get in the shower.'' Lauren tells her and kisses her head and leavesthe bathroom shutting the door behind her and goes back into the bedroom and lays back down next to Peter on the bed again.

''mmm what?'' Peter questions her

''nothing Kenz is just sick go back to bed sweetie g-nite I love you.'' Lauren tells him

''mmm love youtoo.'' Peter tells her and goes back to sleep