What would you do if the person you loved hurt you or your family?
Jace Grayland is an ordinary boy until you look in his past, his Father was killed when he was 6 in a lab and his Mother was killed in a freak accident. Jace is 16 going to high school when he meets Kay a teenage girl who is not as she seems. What happens when he finds out her secret, will he save her before he has time to save his self or will it be too late?


.:Jace Pov :.

Its screams pieced my ears as I walked down the cold metal hallway. I Flinched it the sound, "Dad what was that?" he grunted in response. My Father, never big on words, even after my Mother died, he's still been stone cold.
We walked into the shrieking room. As I looked up I gasped at what I saw.
There was a child, about my age, strapped into a chair with needles in its arms. It looked up and right at me, right into my soul. But it was a she, with long brown hair and the most electro green eyes I have ever seen.

She tried to reach out to me, but one of the scientists pressed a button that sent an electronic shock straight though her. She shook than sagged into the chair. Dead. Suddenly 2 thugs came into the room. They were big and bulky, with no hair on their heads. They started to undo the straps and pull out the needles.

As soon as they were done the girls opened her eyes and jumped out of the chair and attacked thug number 1. She jumped up and grabbed the metal support beam on the roof and swung her legs around his head, twisting her legs she snapped his neck in two.
She then jumped off the corpse to thug number 2. She landed on the floor and swung her leg in a circular motion tripping thug number 2 onto the floor after her. On his way down she struck her palm out straight at his nose, sending the shards of bone right into his brain, killing him slowly and painfully. She got up killing each one of the scientists. Even my Father. Then she stared straight at me, with her green eyes sending a pulse through me, an unnatural one. The she jumped up straight though the roof legs first. As she went thought the roof a shard of metal fell from the roof, cutting down my arm. I gasped and ran. I ran as long as I could. When I got the end of the hallway I pulled the alarm.