Once the bell rang signaling the end of biology class, Curtis was out the door like a rocket. He almost forgot to wait for Alexander to get his stuff…Alexander always took way longer to pack up than Curtis because Curtis did it five minutes before the bell was actually going to ring.

Curtis rolled his eyes at Alexander as he leaned against the lockers, watching Alexander come over to him, still shoving stuff into his messenger bag. "You could do that easier if you didn't try to do it while walking, you know." Curtis pointed out. He acted like it bugged him, but he really thought it was kind of cute, the way Alexander valued school so much.

Alexander frowned. "Well-" He broke off as he dropped all the papers he held onto the floor in his moment of distraction.

Curtis sighed, and stood up straight, motioning with a hand to Alexander. "Come here." He said. He saw Alexander pause, uncertain, because being close to Curtis was intoxicating for Alexander, but Alexander hated to lose control. Another cute aspect of spending time with him.

Alexander, of course, couldn't help himself, and came closer anyway. Curtis looked at Alexander's face before taking the papers from his hands. Alexander was looking at Curtis from the corner of his eye, but trying to make it seem like he wasn't looking at all. Which didn't work, because he was very obvious about it.

Curtis stepped closer to Alexander and started putting his papers neatly into the messenger bag, something he never did for his own papers. He always made changes to the way he did things for Alexander's benefit. "There." He said, closing the bag. He looked at Alexander seriously. "Try to get that done in the classroom, okay? You always take longer when you try to do it while you walk."

"Yeah." Alexander nodded in acknowledgement. "So, where are we going?" He asked, keeping pace with Curtis as they walked to the doors at the end of the hall.

"Well-" Curtis was going to tell Alexander that they were going to the diner with some of Curtis's friends, and he was going to add who they were, but he was cut off unexpectedly by Ajay, hat jock kid who never left Alexander alone. It was annoying, really. Didn't he see that Alexander didn't want to be his friend? Or…anything else, for that matter?

Alexander turned around when Ajay said his name, then turned back to Curtis. "Can I meet you outside?" he asked.

Curtis sighed as if letting Alexander talk to Ajay was some great sacrifice. "Fine. Don't take too long. I'll meet you at the car." He told him, walking away without looking back. He knew what effect this would have on Alexander, but he didn't care. He didn't understand why Alexander tolerated Ajay. They weren't even friends.

* * *

Ajay was really afraid of Curtis, the guy Alexander was always hanging out with. He didn't' seem to like Ajay, and he was always giving him really dirty looks. Not that Ajay couldn't take him in a fight, if it came down to it, but he way very fond of his body staying intact. Curtis was known to fight dirty, doing just about anything in order to win. Ajay didn't really get in fights. So it wasn't exactly fair. Ajay figured he'd rather just stay away from Curtis altogether.

However, there was Alexander, who right now was loking up at Ajay questioningly. "Hey, Ajay." Alexander greeted him. "What's up?"

Ajay didn't know why Alexander ever talked to him. It wasn't like they were friends or anything… Ajay would maybe like to be friends with Alexander, but he felt that Curtis would not be happy with that, and would take it out on Ajay, because to Curtis, Alexander could do no wrong. But, Ajay reasoned, how was their being friends wrong? He looked back at Alexander and said simply, "Would you come to my party?" When Alexander didn't say anything, Ajay went on. "It's a big thing on Saturday, and everyone's going to be there… Will you come?: He didn't know why he was even asking. He didn't think Alexander would go anywhere Curtis wasn't going. Ajay would have invited Curtis, but his friends had convinced him not to. He was definitely reconsidering that now, however, as the look on Alexander's face told him he probably wouldn't go.

"I don't know…what I'm doing Saturday. Curtis might have something planned. I an see though." He told him.

Ajay was disappointed. He should have invited Curtis. But either way, it wasn't likely that Curtis would come… Who was Curtis to plan every moment of Alexander's free time anway? "Oh… Okay." He told Alexander, openly disappointed.

He could see how distraught this made Alexander, someone who couldn't imagine ever making anyone sad. "Well…I'll try to come, okay? I just can't guarantee that I will be able to."

Ajay let himself look hopeful, even though he wasn't really. In Alexander's world, what Curtis said, went. He just wished he knew how to make Curtis approve of Alexander's spending time with him. "Alright. See you later?"

"See you." Alexander said in parting. And then he rushed off to join Curtis.

* * *

Alexander wasn't sure if he even really wanted to go to Ajay's party. He didn't, really. He just didn't want Ajay to be sad. He wanted to go for Ajay's sake, if nothing else. But now he had to ask Curtis if he could go…Or if they were doing something Saturday, as well. Not that Alexander couldn't say no to the things Curtis asked him to do, if he wanted to. He just always wanted to do them.

Alexander saw Curtis watching him, leaned against his car, as he walked up to it. He felt self-conscious, and looked away, at the ground. Of course, this caused him to walk into Curtis. He felt so stupid, he couldn't look up.

Curtis had his hands on Alexander's arms, he'd put them there to stop Alexander from bumping into him any further. "Alexander," Curtis scolded. "Watch where you're walking next time. I mean, I may not mind you walking into me, but some people would take great offense." When Alexander didn't say anything, Curtis moved to put his face in front of Alexander's and said, "Okay?"

Alexander nodded. "Yeah."

Curtis straightened back up. "So are you ready to go?" He asked.

Alexander knew this was the moment he should ask about the party, otherwise he may not get another opportunity, or he'd change his mind. "Curtis? There's a party Saturday and-"

"A party, huh?" Curtis interrupted. "What kind of party?"

Alexander hadn't thought of this. "I'm not exactly sure. I just got invited, and-"

"And you didn't ask?" Curtis sighed. "Well, if Ajay invited you, you must be able to guess as to what kind of party it is, now can't you? You do realize that getting high, drunk, and hooking up with random people is a must at these parties, now don't you?"

Curtis was bating him. Alexander could tell. But he had to go. Ajay wanted him to go. "No. But I'm sure I can avoid all of that." Alexander stated, slightly harshly with his annoyance at Curtis for trying to get him to change his mind for no apparent reason.

"Fine. Go. See if I care."

This comment annoyed Alexander further. He didn't really think Curtis cared, but he didn't need to be baby about it. But he was too deep into it now to back out. Ajay had invited him to the party, he had cleared it with Curtis, and now he had to go…