Alexander and Curtis decided they should take a road trip to the beach to celebrate graduating from high school. Alexander brought Ajay and Rachel, and Curtis brought his new boyfriend of a little over three months, Jayme, and Devin.

"This was a great idea, guys." Rachel told them as they lounged around on blankets and towels, eating various food items.

"Yeah, it was…" Jayme agreed, nuzzling into Curtis's neck and kissing it.

Curtis smiled contentedly. "Especially when he says it like this…" He said, kissing Jayme's cheek as he blushed and pulled away from Curtis's neck. He smiled at him, and added, "You know I love you." He winked.

Jayme blushed again. "I love you too." He whispered.

Alexander was resting back on his arms, Ajay's head in his lap. Ajay appeared to be dozing. "At least yours is awake for the party…" Alexander joked to Curtis.

"I'm awake." Ajay said. "You just can't tell 'cause of my sunglasses." He smiled up at Alexander, and Alexander smiled back. "Wanna go swimming?" He added as an afterthought.

"Sure." Alexander replied.

Once they were gone, Devin asked Curtis, "So are you gonna stay in the dorms at SF state?"

"No, me and Jayme are going to share an apartment." He paused. "Ajay and Alexander said they're probably going to do that too, but in Berkeley, of course. Since that's where they're going to go."

"You okay with the distance between you and your bestie?" Devin wanted to know.

"Yep." Curtis replied, matter-of-factly. "And we can always take BART to see each other whenever we want."

"Good point."

"I'm going to Berkeley, too." Rachel put in. "Where are you going, Devin?"

"Davis." He seemed a little unhappy about this.

"Do you not like Davis? You seem sad…"

Curtis turned to her. "His girlfriend dumped him when he choose Davis because she wants to go to school on the east coast."

"Oh." Rachel said sympathetically.

"Dude, not even bummed about that anymore, that was forever ago. I'm just bummed that I won't really know anyone there." Devin clarified.

"So go to SF State with us." Curtis suggested.

"No, Davis was always my first pick." Devin told him. "I mean, even with applying to Ivy Leagues, I never wanted to go to one. It was always Davis."

"You're going to Davis?" Ajay asked as he and Alexander approached the group again.

"Yeah." Devin replied. "Heard you're going to Berkeley."

"That we are." Alexander confirmed.

"Good school."

"Yours too." Ajay said.

Alexander thought he caught Rachel and Devin making eyes at each other. And later, as the group was packing up to leave, he saw them exchange numbers. He didn't know why, but this made him happy. Devin was a good guy. And from what Alexander knew of Devin, he had a lot in common with Rachel. And Rachel could use a good guy in her life for once. He smiled to himself as he drove the group home in his new suburban. He hoped things could stay this awesome for a long time. He only saw a bright future for all of them. College was going to be the time of their lives.